9. Can Akhand Paat Liberate You From Evil Spirits?


These days people are seen having Akhand Paaths done so that their souls can be liberated from evil spirits (excorcism). Lots of other religious actions (Dharam Karams) are also done in addition to Akhand Paath. But does this all help eventually? As most of you know, the answer is “No”. Let us explore this subject briefly in the light of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS).


Why do evil spirits attach to some souls?


This universe is full of all kinds of living beings and also full of a lot of stray souls of dead people.  We call these stray souls ghosts (pooth), evil spirits (prehth). Actually, the stray souls out number the living beings. These stray souls are in that condition because of their deeds done when they were alive in human form. These stray souls then cling to the souls of living beings, who :-


  • are deeply engrossed in Maya,


  • have weakened their souls by over indulgence in the  five vices (Lust, Anger, Anger, Greed, Attachment,  emotional attachment, out of control Ego),


  • have utter lack of Truth (i.e. God’s name, God’s worship)


  • lack good deeds (such as selfless service of others).


  • live the life of duality and doubts in God and Guru (Dubidha).


The stray souls eat away the souls of these weak living beings and make them like dry wood. They cling to the souls of living beings so they can fulfill their desires, which remained unfulfilled while they were living.  This is the punishment of dying with desires!!


You do not practice truth, abstinence, self-discipline or humility;
the evil spirit (prehth)  within your skeleton has turned you into dry wood.

SGGS 906


Sant Kabir ji says, the ones who do not keep the company of Saints, do not worship the Lord (One and only one God), their homes are like cemeteries and evil spirits cling to their souls.


How do Souls get liberated?


As a living being you have to get Gurparsadi Naam (Satnaam) from a Brahmgiani Sant Satguru. Then do your Bhagti and win over the Maya and five vices. Once your bhagti reaches a certain level, you are liberated from the cycle of birth and death. The ones who do utmost Bhagti eventually become Sant Satguru’s and become capable of liberating souls of living beings, souls of dead and even animals.


The Beej Mantra, the Seed Mantra, is spiritual wisdom for everyone.
Anyone, from any class, may chant the Naam.
Whoever chants it, is emancipated.
And yet, rare are those who attain it, in the Company of the Holy.
By His Grace, He enshrines it within.
Even beasts, evil spirits (prehths) and the stone-hearted are saved.
The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills.
Singing the Glory of God is the embodiment of bliss and emancipation.
It cannot be obtained by any religious rituals.
O Nanak, he alone obtains it, whose karma is so pre-ordained. ||5||


SGGS 274


As described beautifully above, Gurparsadi Naam  can be obtained through a Sant Satguru. You can’t obtain it through any other method or through any religion, and,  the ones who get it, do so because it is ordained from the Dargah (i.e. it is written in your destiny by the God himself).


After getting Gurparsadi Naam  as you do your Bandagi (Bhagati), you liberate yourself. The Gurparsadi Naam  is the medicine for all ailments mental or physical. Also, with Satguru’s grace, when your Hirda is completely saturated with Gurparsadi Naam , then you become capable of liberating animals, stray souls, and living beings who have hearts just like stones and also the ones who are ignorant (Mughad) to the existence of God.


Is there any other method of liberating souls?


The wisdom of Saints of all ages and SGGS says “No”.


In each and every age, the Gurmukhs know the One Lord;
without the Name, liberation is not attained. ||1||Pause||

SGGS 1131


An exalted Saint can liberate the evil spirits by the unlimited power of Gurparsadi Naam. No other method or ritual can. Akhand Paath, Puja, Saraadhs, charity in the name of dead-all these rituals are useless and only a waste of time and money. It is good business for the Preachers and management committees of the religious places.


With deception in their hearts, the fools read sacred texts to fill their bellies.

SGGS 1246



The Preacher who is doing paath, is doing so to earn his living, his heart is full of kapat (deceit, lies, cunningness), and in doing path he is making a fool of himself and befooling others.


If anyone is interested, we have excorcism videos of people who wear the 5Ks, have Guru Granth Sahib in their home but have been possessed by evil spirits  for decades. Only, the exalted Saint has liberated those people from the stray souls. The stray souls were sent to Dargah, and thus, liberated as well.


So, all of us, must pay attention to what SGGS says. We should absorb the knowledge and then apply it. If we do not follow it practically then it is of no use. Without its practical application SGGS has no supernatural good effect in your home as lot of people tend to think.  So, get Gurparsadi Naam, do bandagi, liberate your soul, liberate others’ souls. Then you are a true son of God and you have done true service. Without that, you are just another zero in a big number of souls, wasting their lives under the influence of Maya and you are merely the food for the grinding mill of Death and Birth.


The author sincerely prays to God that this article may enlighten lot of people who are suffering in the ignorance and wasting their money and time and are being given false sense of assurance by the illusion of rituals (Dharam Karam Paakhand).


This article was written with the grace of God and my Sant Satguru. Everything described here, has been seen by the author and is well documented as well, on video tapes, if anyone has the desire to see it.



A Humble Servant