11. Kindness – A Divine Quality

Utmost kindness is a deep divine quality.  In fact, there is no limit of kindness. It cannot be measured.  It is without boundaries.  That is why it is called a deep divine quality.
Utmost kindness promotes true eternal love and is a divine quality of supreme lord who is beyond boundaries of universe (“Paar Braham Parmesar”) –
·         Dana Dina,
·         Supreme kind (“Param Dyaloo”),
·        Kind full forgiver  (“Dayal Bakshind”),
·        Always forgiving (“ Bakshanhara”).
That is what makes Him without any enmity (“ Nirvair”).  That is what makes Him  (“Mith Bolra”) – always soft and sweet spoken.   He never hurts anybody; our sorrows and troubles are due to our own deeds in the past lives.  He always overlooks at our bad deeds and always forgives us for all our bad deeds and actions as well as habits and gives us a chance after chance to reform ourselves.
Utmost kindness is a mandatory deep divine quality of a saint, (“Sant”), a lover of God (“Bhagat”), a true disciple of God-Guru (“Gurmukh”), a Truth Guru (“Satgur”) and a Knower of Universal Wisdom (“Braham Gyani”).  This is what makes such an entity (“Ik Drisht”) – single vision.  For such a soul all are equal.  There is no discrimination, no hatred no duality in a person who is kind, as kind as Timeless Lord (“Akal Purakh”) Himself.
Forgiveness is His nature, forgiveness is the religion (“Dharam”), kindness is the religion (“Dharam”), being without any enmity (“Nirvair”) is the religion  (“Dharam”). All these things promote true love and compassion for others, which is unlimited like God (“Braham”) Himself.
Kindness and forgiveness go hand in hand and are very powerful as far as divinity and spirituality is concerned.  They bring in us eternal peace.  They take us closer to Almighty, and remove ego from within.  They promote sacrifice and service of others, feeling the pain of others and work towards relieving the pain of others, thereby promoting true service of the humanity and so of Timeless being (“Akal Purakh”). 
Therefore, we should all try to practice this divine quality in our daily life, only by doing so we will be able to reach a level where we will be able to realize the Almighty.
Slave of slaves
(“Dassan Dass”)

Question From Beloved Lady (“Bibi Ji”) :
Is someone who is very soft and sweet spoken, but trying to hurt other people feelings more kind than someone who speaks what they feel without sugar coated words?
Lowly in lowest
(“neech di neech”)

Sugar coated words are no good and don’t do any good to anyone, the truth is the essence of the sweet and soft spoken words, there should not be any element of cheating, deceiving and lying in the words, if these elements are present then the words don’t meet the criteria according to the Almighty’s wisdom (“Gurmat”). The story (“Katha”) here is of the Timeless Being (“Akal Purakh”) and His Saints, the story (“Katha”) here is of becoming without any enmity (“Nirvair”), the story  (“Katha”) here is of becoming Single vision (“Ek Drisht”) and no duality, and there is no place for cheating, deceiving and lying in this story (“Katha”) of untold (“ Akath”), it is the story (“Katha”) of true love, unconditional love, loving devotional worship (“Prema Bhagtee”), the language of unconditional love is the language of Timeless eternal Love being  (“Akal Purakh”), the language of devotion and sacrifice is the true language of communication, and that is what we are trying to explain over here.
Slave of slaves
“Dassan Dass”