12. Some Sants Give Panch Shabads (5 Names) for naam simran

Dear Sardar Ji/Maharaj Ji
I understand gurbani says Panch Shabad, some Sant(s) prescribe special panch shabads, what other shabads are suitable in Naam Simran?
I am pleased with Satnaam.info and it is source of learning for me.
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Ik oankaar sat naam satgur parsaad
Dhan dhan paar braham pita parmesar ji
Dhan dhan gur-guru-satgur-gurbani-sat sangat-sat naam
Guru pyare GSS ji:
Gur fateh parvaan karna ji.
Thanks a zillion times to dhan dhan paar praham pita parmesar ji and dhan dhan guru sahib ji for giving us an opportunity to communicate with you about this divine truth. We hope this helps you and motivate you to dedicate yourself for reaching this divine stage of bandgi where you enjoy the gur parsaad of panch shabad anhad naad  – divine music.
Panch shabad anhad naad – is a nonstop divine music that is heard in the dassam duaar after the opening of the dassam duaar. Panch – means five sounds of divine music – like five instruments of music playing and their combination makes it panch shabad – when the dassam duaar opens then a direct contact is made with the nirgun saroop of dhan dhan paar braham pita parmesar and when that happens then one starts hearing this divine music in the dassam duaar – it sounds like being heard in the ears, but that is not true, in the divine sense this anhad – the one which has no boundary, non stop, never stops, infinite – is heard in the dassam duaar and not in the ears. This is also the akhand kirtan –  the divine music that never stops, this divine music originates from the origin – ik oankaar sat naam  and is the real divine amrit – anhad shabad dassam duaar wajjyeaa taa amrit naam chuaayeaa thaa (gurbani). This divine music never stops – and so is gurbani – it never stops, infact gurbani comes from this music – in plain words this divine music and gurbani is constantly flowing from akal purakh ji and those who are blessed with the gur parsaad of dassam duaar opened get this gur parsaad of anhad naad or panch shabad anhad naad, or anhad shabad, or akhand kirtan. This is a divine blessing of a very high order. Some of the people who go very high in their bandgi start to hear the gurbani as well, that is what happened to the guru sahibans – they were blessed with this divine capability, they experienced the gurbani before they sung it or they wrote it in the current form. This divine music keeps on becoming sharper and clearer and more and more prominent as your status of mind keeps on moving towards higher levels of silence – more peaceful you are from inside your hirda more prominent will be this music become. This divine music is very hard to explain in words and can only be experienced physically by those who are fortunate to have this gur parsaad.
Please feel free to communicate as you like.
God bless you with the gur parsaad.
Dassan dass


Satgur Ji thank you.