12. Thankyou Note

Sep 7th, 2010:


Thankyou note to SATNAAM in the form of dhan dhan Preeto (Harjit) ji who united us with our SAT Paarbraham parmeshwar SATGURU ji.


Ek OanKaar SatNaam Satgur Parsaad,


Our dearest Satnaam Harjit ji, divine preeto ji.


Dandaut bandhana ji, kiss your feet ji, lick your feet ji.


Thankyou from the bottom of our heart for always being there for all of us as a SATNAAM appointed sevak, helping the wandering souls to attach them to the feet of SAT paarbraham Babaji, SAT paarbraham Dassan Dass ji and the SAT paarbraham SatNaam sat sangat parivaar ji. 


We always feel we haven’t been able to fully express our thanks to you in helping us to find our satguru, our beloved, our lord, our pita, our truest friend. 


You are dhan dhan, your niskaam seva is dhan dhan, your heart is dhan dhan, your lotus feet is dhan dhan, your presence in SatNaam parivaar is dhan dhan. 


Even if we cut our body in to million pieces and offer to you still then it would be less, we can’t thank you enough our dear brother your upkaar on us is priceless and we think its the same many of us in the sangat feel like.


We pray to SAT paarbraham with folded hands that


He bless you with all the eternal treasures,

bless you with sada suhag,

bless you with atam ras amrit,

bless you with braham gyan amrit,

bless you with all the sukhs in life and give all your dukhs to us,

make you a pargetyo jyot of SAT,

make you SAT,

Make you Ek ang sat sat sat for ever.


And make us your dog licking your feet forever ji,


Thank you for everything, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you dhan dhan Harjit ji, thank you SAT ji.