11. Darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sep 6th 2010


Darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the sword lesson and the divine meaning of SWORD.


Ek OanKaar SatNaam Satgur Parsaad,


Dandaut a million times at the feet of dhan dhan paar braham pita parmeshwar ji, Gur, Guru, Satgur, Gurbani, Sat Sangat and SatNaam ji.


With SatNaam paar braham satguru pita ji’s blessing we would like to share the gyan with everyone that was showered on us by our satguru ji.


While in Canada in the physical presence of paar braham Babaji, Dassan Dass ji, Naam jeevan ji and dhan dhan SatNaam parivaar ji and after coming back to our place with guru’s blessing we have been getting darshans of dhan dhan Guru Gobind singh ji maharaj, Guru Amar Dass ji, Guru Arjun Dev ji maharaj and other dhan dhan guru’s/saints like Jesus Christ ji and Swami Rama krishna parmahensa (Guru of Swami Vivekananda ji).


While walking on the path of SAT and with gurparsaad getting blessed with darshans of these SAT roops from different religions and belief system it is very clear that GOD is beyond the so called man made religion and looks only at the heart of the bhagat, the love, the trust, the faith, the believe, the dedication, the devotion, the commitment, the surrender to the gur and guru which as dhan dhan satguru ji always says are qualities of infinite nature of infinite SAT Paarbraham himself.

So, please it is our humble benti to everyone who is reading this gurparsaadi writing that please come out of the shackles of the religions and rituals and see GOD as one and only one. And this one omnipresent GOD who is beyond religion, beyond caste, color or creed is SAT and only SAT.  This is what the first line (mool manter) or the first commandment of our dhan dhan guru granth sahib ji is for all of us.


With paar braham babaji, paarbraham dassan dass ji and paarbraham naamjeevan ji’s kirpa we have been blessed with darshan’s of guru Gobind Singh ji many times, its like he is always with us now. Amazing, isn’t it, a mona with no-hairs or beard is getting blessed with the darshan of dhan dhan Guru Gobind singh ji maharaj. The answer is very simple Guru Gobind singh ji only looks at the heart, the love in the heart for the paar braham, for the guru, for the sat sangat for SAT. He is SAT and only looks at how much SAT is being saturated in the hirda in the form of qualities as mentioned above like the love, the trust, the faith, the believe, the dedication, the devotion, the commitment, the surrender to the gur and guru. The most important thing here is or the key here is GURPARSAAD, these qualities can saturate in the hirda of the bhagat by only SATGuru’s GURPARSAAD. So, what we can do is only benti, ardaas, jodadi, pray, humble request at the SAT charans of SAT paarbraham pita parmeshwar ji and guru ji to bless us with this GURPARSAAD for the SAT to saturate in the hirda, the GURPARSAAD of SAT.


In one of the blessed visions Guru Gobind singh ji came in front of us and threw his sword towards us and started to teach us how to fight with the sword. There was a pure white ball of light between is when we were practicing the sword fight.  At the end we kissed his feet, he is like our true friend now, always there with us whenever we really need him.


Next time when we were blessed with his darshans and as per of Satguru ji’s hukam, we did benti to him to give his blessed darshan to our father in-law ji who is a amritdhari sikh and to put him in the track of SAT.


The problem is we say guru granth sahib ji is our guru but we don’t do what the guru says us to do, what the bani in the guru granth sahib say us to do. We only treat him as a guru by doing matha takena to him in the guru dwara, do chaur on him, only read and sing his bani. All this is only superficial, the real amrit is in obeying the commands of the guru granth sahib ji, which is by doing what the bani is telling us to do. Guru Granth Saheb ji – Jap Ji Saheb Ji says “Manne Ki Gat Kahi Na Jaai”. 


When we told about the darshan and the sword fighting vision to dhan dhan paarbraham babaji and dhan dhan paarbraham dassan dass ji they gave us the following gyan.


They said the sword symbolizes the tongue here. He was teaching us to use our tongue to speak TRUTH, SAT and only SAT. Deliver SAT with utmost humbleness, by becoming charan dhool of the entire creation. He said SAT with humility will ultimately win. There may be situations were people around you will not agree to SAT but you have to always be humble. SAT with humbleness will win finally in the matter of time and space. He said to use the real sword fight only to help the weak and the downtrodden.


We also asked paarbraham babaji and paarbraham dassan dass ji that we are blessed with so many darshans of the guru’s and saints but they never speak to us, what is the reason.


They said even darshan itself is complete in all senses. They said to do dandaut to them, kiss there feet, kiss the feet on the lower side/base and they will speak as and when needed as per hukam, keep doing your bhagati, expect for nothing, never ask for anything from anyone during these darshans. Why, because we already have everything, the highest thing SATNAAM, SAT.


This writing is all gurparsaad and it’s only the Satguru in us that is writing this.

Please enjoy this amrit drink of SAT from our SATGURU JI.

Dust of your feet ji.