13. Does praying to past Gurus work?

H is Harjit asking questions.
DD is Dassan Dass Ji replying.

H: What I am really trying to understand is when people believe in a past Master / Prophet / Guru and offer their prayers to them – does it work?  Those people seem to believe it does, and the example of Yogi Bhajan ji is that he saw his beloved Guru Ram Das ji in light form and was blessed.   You also have prayed in the past for Darshan of Guru ji’s Charan in your Hirda and have been blessed with accordingly.   Myself too, I always used to pray to Guru Nanak Ji and felt he was guiding me.  I think it is the same for Christians too, and Hindus with their Devi-Devtas.   Everybody is praying to some aspect of God represented by their past master.  


DD: Who wouldn’t like to have Darshans of the Guru Sahibans, Brahmgianis and Sants and Bhagats?  But, we also know that all the Ten Guru Sahibans used to be sitting above our head when we used to sit in long Smadhis early on in the Bandgi stages.  These kinds of experiences bring in confidence and trust in your Bandgi and you get more and more motivated to move ahead with enhancing devotion, love, trust, commitment, belief and faith, which helps a lot.


H: So what I understand is that those prayers do work.   Do you agree? 

DD: It all depends on how dedicated you are, how much you have surrendered yourself to the Guru with respect to the Tunn Munn and Dhan, His advancement towards you depends upon your own self.  But, one thing for sure is that  if you take one step he will take 10 million steps towards you.  So  imagine if you take all the steps towards Hm by giving Tunn Munn and Dhan to Him, complete surrender to Him – that is what is Dhiaanaa, then what will happen to you?


H: But what is missing is that you wont get salvation that way.  For that you need Naam from the living light of God in the heart of the saint.  Do you agree? 

DD: That is an absolute truth, all Guru Sahibans have been through the same passage, except Guru Nanak Patshah Ji who was blessed by the God – God was His Guru, and there is one in ages who is so fortunate to be born to be blessed directly by the God, and the Dassam Patshah Ji who was blessed by the God as well – Ab Hum Apni Katha Bakhano Tap Sadhat Kin Vidh Mohey Aano, He also had the eternal blessings of Guru Tegh Bahadur Patshah Ji as well being His father.

With the Satguru the Bandgi becomes very easy and faster provided you completely surrender yourself to the Satgur and there are some fortunate ones who go through the Puran Bandgi and become Puran Braham Gyanis. It is not only the Naam, it is the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Puran Bandgi and Seva that are most important aspects of the Puran Bandgi.


H: I did ask Prtam Anand Ji something similar, that all kinds of people see the light, have spiritual experiences and the like, so what is the difference between them and us?   He said they dont get Mukti.  Which made it very clear.  

DD: The real Mukti is achieving Jivan Mukti whilst being alive and living on this earth.  Then as you live everyday life you help others achieve Jivan Mukti too.  Mukti doesn’t come after the body dies, it has to come while you are breathing.  There is no Mukti after death of the body.  Winning over Maya has to be done whilst we are still  breathing and living in the world and not after death.  One more very important point to mention here is that we should not look at others, but should concentrate on our ownself, because that is what matters the most.