14. Controversies in Sikhism

Harjit: Some scholars say that the Waheguru Vaars have been added to Bhai Gurdas ji’s teachings, just as people aslo argue about Raag Mala and say it is not part of Gurbani.  Other people argue about the length of the Mool Manter and wether we can eat meat or not.  Others fill up forums discussing wether one of the 5Ks is Kes or Keski or if they actually got Naam because they weren’t taught the breathing technique.  Others say remember God by any name you like, its all the same.  And there are probably a hundred more arguments and controversies going on as well.  

Dassan Dass Ji: Why do we have to go by what people say?  People say a lot of things.  People practice a lot of things different than what you have been through in past four years.  Do you see any difference between them and you?  Do you see any difference between what you were four years ago and what you are now?  Why do you want to go back into these controversies?  They will do nothing but distract you from the focus.  If you want to read anything, just read Gurbani and practice Gurbani.


Harjit:  At the end of the day I got confused with not knowing the Truth and Baba Ji has said that Sat Naam is everything.   But trying to convince Sikhs otherwise is hard work.

Dassan Dass Ji:  Whatever Baba Ji has said is an absolute divine truth and nothing less then that, so where is there any space left for any confusion, argument, logic, understanding or acceptance?   We are not trying to convince anybody for that matter, we are just trying to bring out the meaning of the Shabads as presented in Gurbani based upon our own practical physical experiences.   Do you think that we can really convince anybody? It would be Haumai to think “I” am doing anything.  In reality, it is a Gur Prasad, it is destiny and nothing else. Our destiny is what we are trying to do and the people stuck in controversies destiny is whatever they are doing.  Whoever is destined to get the Gur Parsaad will get it, whoever is destined to benefit will benefit from it.