13. Sat Santokh – Contentment With Truth

Contentment is a very important divine quality, it is a deep divine priceless jewel, which is acquired from the Mansarovar (Universal Mind Ocean)  by those souls who move on the path to the Sach Khand.


In the Gurbani it has been defined in the Shabad (divine words) “Sat Santokh”.


“Sat” : signifies and defines the Paar Braham’s Nirgun Saroop (Supreme God as Spirit)
“Santokh”  : contentment.   


In the true sense where there is “Sat” there is “Santokh”.   In other words, “Santokh”  represents


·         the presence of “Sat”,


·         the presence of the Eternal Truth,


·         the presence of the Amrit.


 “Sat” is the Amrit, because it never dies, it is the Nirgun Saroop of Paar Braham that never dies.  Everything else is perishable and can be measured and has an end to it, only Braham is infinite.


Wherever there is “Santokh” there is “Sat”.  Meaning wherever there is contentment the Almighty is present in that Hirda.  Such a soul is enlightened with Param Jyot where there is contentment. When all the desires vanish the state of full contentment is reached, the state of “Sat Santokh” is acquired.


Desires are a reason for our sorrows and pains.   Getting desires fulfilled gives momentary happiness, unfulfilled desires bring disappointment.  A continuous disappointment leads to depression and to mental and physical sicknesses.


Desires lead to mental and physical distortion and sicknesses.  Whereas contentment bring in peace and control of mind.   It brings us closer to the Almighty, because where there is complete peace there is the Akal Purakh.
Therefore, we should try to stay contented with whatever we have or try to live within our means :


·         When we concentrate on Gurbani and do Naam Simran then we are bound to see prosperity in our life. 


·         When we give Dasvandh of our time and earnings to the Guru then we are bound to become prosperous.


·         When we completely surrender ourselves to the Gur and Guru then we are bound to see the divinity and prosperity.


So please concentrate on Naam Simran and your desires will be diminished and slowly and slowly you will reach a stage of full contentment.

Dassan Dass