13. Stealing Is A Dargahi Crime

These writings are in continuation of this sevak’s Benti for disseminating the wealth of divine wisdom accumulated during the readings from the books written by Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji and on Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji and Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji. In fact nothing belongs to this bishta ka kira, everything is Guru’s property, all the praise is for the Gur and Guru, for the Guru Sahibans, Sants and Bhagats, Braham Gyanis and Sant Satgurus who have taken on their shoulders the weight of the entire Kalyug’s operations and made this earth a livable place from time to time in the past and those who are currently doing the same Seva for the betterment of the mankind.


This is a divine wealth of divine qualities which you all can practice in your daily life and become a part and parcel of the divinity by doing so.  Become one with the eternity by losing your own identity – the body and mind, your own wisdom and replace it with Puran Param Jyot Parkash.  These divine qualities are a fuel of the Puran Param Jyot and the assimilation of these qualities will make your Jyot more powerful and brighter, will enhance your Amrit, will enhance your Bandgi and will make your Hirda a Sant Hirda.  


With the Gur Parsaadi Gurkirpa of Dhan Dhan Gur and Guru let us pray to understand the stealing part of the human nature. Stealing is a major distracting element of the human brain and mind and takes us away from the Almighty and closer to the hell. Stealing of anything is an ASAT KARAM and will never bring happiness and peace to your mind body and soul. There is a portion of the human brain that is called the reptilian brain. The function of this reptilian brain is to prompt you to snatch and run. This part of the brain prompts you to be jealous about the possessions of the others and develops in you a sense of owning other people’s possessions. This also develops in you the feelings of why the others are in possession and you are not. This takes you away from the contentment (divine quality) and prompts you to adopt foul means like extortion, bribery, black marketing, stealing, snatching, killing, cheating, deceiving, discrimination, to strive yourself to possess the things you don’t have but the others known to you have. All these foul means are Asaat Karams and make your mind, brain, soul and body a Dargahi Criminal for sure.


Anything earned by foul means will never be rewarding, it will spoil your future of the current life as well as the future lives. All these foul means adopted and practiced for increasing your possessions are prompted by the LOBH – Greed, which lives in the chest portion of your body. Lobh – greed is very dangerous, and even more dangerous is LABH – the greed to accumulate the possessions such as money, property for that matter anything in your possession which is extra to your needs including the food is counted as possessed under LABH. 


Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji never build a permanent place for himself. He never accumulated anything for Himself and His close followers. Whenever He used to move from one spot to the other spot He will destroy the place (by burning) being left and build a new temporary shed or Zhuggi for Himself at the new place. So much so He would only carry a couple of clothes only with Him and no food either, the left overs were either distributed among poor people or thrown away.


Once TATA (owner of the famous TATA Group of Industries in India) came to see Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji when He was visiting Delhi and offered Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji to build a Gurudwara for Him, obviously TATA was a very rich man and could easily build a place for Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji, but He refused to do so. And when TATA insisted and said that He (Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji) can’t find a donator like TATA then Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji refused to take any donation from TATA and told that he cant find a TYAAGI (person who has sacrificed everything) like Him (Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji). 


There is another famous story in the history of India – Mohammad Gajnavi was a Moghul Empror who attacked India 17 times and looted all the wealth from India (India was a very rich country in those times and was known as Golden Bird), including the wealth from the famous temples of India and accumulated a unimaginable quantity of wealth (diamonds and jewelry) in his capital – Gajni (which is some place in the middle east). This was the height of his LABH, and when he did so the last time and went back to Gajni, his body got paralyzed and he was handicapped physically. His sons were not successful rulers and were not able to protect the wealth accumulated by Gajnvi, and when he realized that then he repented a lot but what could be done, he had to bear the rewards of his Asat Karams. But when he realized his mistake he wanted to correct it but his physical condition was very poor and he could not do much. But he did come out openly to the public and criticized himself for his bad deeds and told his countrymen to learn a lesson from his deeds. 


There are couple more examples of LABH in the history of the world – Alexander the Great and Hitler. These two people are famous for their LABH for acquiring more and more land to rule over. When Alexander (Sikandar – known as in Punjabi) was returning home (after facing a strong resistance from the Indian King) he got sick on his way back and with all the land and wealth accumulated by him could not save his life, he was desperate to see his mother but could not get a few weeks or months of life extended even when he was prepared to give half of his kingdom in lieu of his death. Hitler met even a worse end of his life by being forced by the circumstances to commit a suicide. 


LOBH leads to the LABH – greed leads to the accumulation of the wealth by foul means. Nothing except Naam Bandgi and Seva goes with you at the end. We need to concentrate only on collecting the eternal treasure of Naam by doing Bandgi and Seva. 


There is another form of stealing that needs to be watched. Stealing somebody’s writings and words and presenting them as your own words or writings. This kind of a stealing is dangerous because this is done to achieve false public praise and any kind of praise will bring in the element of ego in you.  Never steal anybody’s writings and present it as your own writings, however, you can quote the writer while using others writings to communicate with others.  So any kind of stealing is a Dargahi Crime and leads to the destruction of the soul mind and body.

Dassan Das