12. Personal Problems

Ik oankaar satnaam satgur parsaad
Dhan dhan paar braham parmesar
Dhan dhan gur-guru-satgur-gurbani-sat sangat

Kottan kot dandaut parvaan karna ji; ik oankaar shri satnaam ji ki fateh parvaan karna ji, shukrana parvaan karna ji, apney charna di Dhool bakshna ji, aap sabh dhan dhan ho, tey dhan dhan raho, chad di
Kala vich raho, naam vich raho, sat vich raho, sat vich smaoo ji, sat Saroop ban jaaoo ji, amrit ishnan karo ji.


Bhajee has asked some questions, it is all the gur kirpa and gur parsaad that make things happen, a continuous prayer is the key  to success, concentration on naam simran and seva and by doing so  bringing in all the divine qualities is the key to the dargah, the  complete  dedication and , surrender to the gur and guru is the key to  the dargah and winning over maya, we have tried to answer his questions, please don’t hesitate to add to it, you are all dhan dhan and by doing so will be serving the truth and helping everyone else,  your spiritual experiences and words of divine wisdom will help everyone. Our (dassan dass) responses are in capitals for your convenience.


Dhan Dhan Ik Oan Kar Sat Naam sri Vaheguru
dhan dhan Sat Sat naam Sat guru, Gurbani


Dear Sat naam ji,


ap ji charna vich dandaut..


You are dhan  dhan, and the true one. I am false and foolish and dirty and gunda. please forgive this gunda paapi for all his sins and paapi thoughts towards you and the sat naam parivaar sangat Hari.


We are nothing, we don’t deserve any praise, all the dandaut and praise goes to the gur and guru, we are just another worthless creature on the face of this earth capable of doing nothing, there is no existence of me, my mine in this universe, only thing that exists is the ik oankaar satnaam, that is the only and only eternal truth, rest is all garbage, he is the only karta purakh, he is the only doer, he does everything, he is one supreme power that makes thing happen, it is all his gur parsaad that makes things happen.


Everything is under his hukam – his supreme command, even his naam is
In his supreme command, the supreme hukam, the supreme command is ik
Oankaar satnaam, and only this naam’s simran with shardhaa, preet, humility, garibi ves in hirda, the full and complete belief and commitment to him, the full and complete trust and faith in him can make things happen, can fill us with the gur parsaad.


Only our prayers to him can make things happen for us, can straighten our
Minds, can transform our minds from the control of maya to the control of param jyot, only a continuous prayer from the inside most part of the heart, the prayer that comes from concentrated mind, the prayer that comes out with full belief, devotion and love, the prayer that comes with the full sense of completely sacrificing ourselves to him, a complete surrender to him, surrendering everything we do or perform at his shree charans can bring the gur parsaad of divine control  to our mischievous  mind.


Let us all pray to him on a continuous basis, repeating this prayer every five minutes inside us, and continue to do so until our mind stops the mischief and gets absorbed in him completely and is replaced by  param jyot and wins over maya. We have very humbly requested at the charans of all of you many a times and will repeat this prayer – ardaas once again, and it is our dargahi promise to you all that whosoever does this ardaas on a continuous basis will win over maya and be free from the bandhans – shackles of maya forever.


There is an article that was written on cleaning of the mind – spiritual cleaning – explaining how to get rid of the previously committed asat karams, please keep on reading that article every week to remind every one to do the practice explained in this article, and again we need to put all this divine wisdom in to practice with love, devotion, faith and trust then only we will be able to cleanup our inside and reach at the stability stage.


We have to keep on accepting our misdeeds on a continuous basis to stay
Unaffected by maya until maya is completely defeated.




Hum neechan key neech gunehgaar kood kapati loonharami hum maha paapi
Hain, maha pakhandi hain, maha kaami hain maha krodhi hain maha lobhi
Hain maha mohi hain maha ahankaari hain, asee  apney sarey gunah tey
Awgun kabool kardey haan kirpa karkey sadhey gunah baksh dey.


The moment you repeat this ardas your concious and mind will become
Clear, your attention will go back in to naam, your mind will stay focused on naam all through the day (this ardaas is very rewarding during the  day time, while at work, driving, shopping, or doing other things) it will keep you focused on the sat karams, and when you start repeating this ardaas then whenever you get any distracting thought you will be absorbed in this ardaas right away and your chitergupt will be cleaned, the only thing is that it should be performed with the real thirst of cleaning you from inside, with belief, trust and faith, with love and devotion.


Dass needs your help, past few weeks we’ve been kinda struggling, simran has been difficult in the sense that we’ve had bad thoughts, and found it hard to get peace, we’ve also been Struggling in personal and work life. Please help us in explaining what we need to do.


We will stress again and again on longer sessions of naam simran, infact when you sit for simran it takes a few minutes – depending upon individual’s state of mind and spiritual state of soul, it might take only a few minutes or it might take half an hour or more for arriving at concentration of the mind, and after the concentration have been achieved and you start to feel the intensity of the amrit increasing then its continuation for long hours will be very rewarding, when we sit down for naam simran, the first two hours are counted on earth and the third hour onwards the simran is counted in the dargah, imagine when we give 10% – dasvandh, he puts in remaining 90%, when we give 20% he puts in 180%, when we give 30% he puts in
360%, the reward keeps on multiplying like that, that is why gurbani


Satgur kot penda aagey hoye leyt hai,


You go one step and he will take ten million steps towards you, so would you like to collect only 90% or 1000% or higher it all depends on your love and devotion.  The more time you put in, the more you will gain in terms of
Concentration, amrit and winning over maya. Everything have been explained in the gur parsaadi writings, this will happen only when you earn it, when you perform, when you practically do and experience the change, then only the divine wisdom and divinity will come inside you, just by reading books and articles you don’t gain much, these things are there to motivate you and tell you what happens when you perform in the real life, and unless you perform and experience you will not be able to earn the rewards. 


1. Ardas for forgiveness: please advise us on where we are going wrong, as we are getting stuck in when we do a sin, other sins can come and we can end up being in a while in asking for forgiveness,  also we are getting in rituals when asking for forgiveness.. please  advise us of the best procedure..?  Lets say x, y, and z sins  happened.. what do we do/say next in the mind..?


Please re-read the articles pertaining to the ardaas and spiritual cleaning and controlling the mind, and please keep on repeating them, let us start publishing at least one article every other day, it seems like people are forgetting and we need to keep on sending the reminders to them.  We will once again stress on reading the article on spiritual cleaning again and again and put that in to practice, that is the only fastest way of cleaning your mind of the effects of the previous life as well the previous janams.


1.        Do you need to repeat God’s name 5 times after you have sinned, is once enough, or is it not even required.?


It is not repeating the naam, it is the naam simran with shardha, preet, devotion, love, faith and trust, you should be doing naam simran all the time, you should not let your mind stay idle even for a second, as soon as your mind gets free from the work you are performing, you should automatically switch to the satnaam inside you, then where is the chance of committing a sin, and even if you did committ a sin it will be washed  right away: hari kaa naam kot paap par harey.


3. What is causing our problems in not getting peace and our problems in simran?


Your inadequate commitment, belief, trust and faith are the reasons
For your distractions, your lack of practising the gurbani in the real life is the cause of problems, your not spending enough time in naam simran is causing you the problems, your dubidha is causing you the problems, your illusions and delusions are causing you the problems, your not complete surrender to the gur and guru is the root cause of the problems, the lack of complete surrender is causing the problems, if you want to do puran bandgi then you have to surrender yourself completely and come under his hukam, unless there is me, my, mine the problems will remain, you have to stop doing me, my and mine and remove all delusions and illusions from your mind, as long as you are in dubidha you will keep on facing such problems.


4. Why are we getting so many negative thoughts towards other people and in our mind (e.g. sometimes the Rape word comes into our mind)… what can we do overcome these problems..? please give us light in
terms of wisdom what we should be doing..


There is a lot of divine wisdom given to you, the lack of practicing
The divine wisdom  is the cause of the bad thoughts, we keep on getting more and more divine wisdom in the form of articles and words, there is every kind of divine wisdom, on every topic that has been sent to you all from time to time, bhajee has now very kindly put them in to the form of books as well, but it seems like there is a lack of reading the words of divine wisdom and practicing them in our day today life, these are not mere articles or a piefe of writing, it is all gur parsaad based on the actual physical experiences, if you treat it as mere articles or reading material then nothing happens, if you bring it inside you by putting it in to practice then only you will be advancing on this spiritual path – karni is very important, unless you bring the divine wisdom in your karni and make it a sat ki karni nothing will happen – sat karni sat jaaki rehit.


5. You know when a negative thought comes into our mind.. is it ok not to ask for forgiveness i.e. just God you did that.. thank you for that thought.. whatever comes in the mind, you are doing.. are we surrendering in this way?.. or is this not a good approach to use for negative words?


The negative thoughts are under the rajo and tamo control of maya,
They are not created by the divinity, god doesn’t tell you to bring bad thoughts inside you, maya does, the panj doot do that to you, the desires do that, the feeling of roop, rus, gandh, sparsh do that to you, these are the distraction causing elements, god doesn’t tell you to do asat karams, he tells you to do sat ki karni, don’t blame god for your bad thoughts, blame yourselves, your own karni, surrendering is by munn, tan and dhan – not by holding him responsible for your asat karni, you are the one who write your own future by  virtue of your own good or bad karni, you write your own fortune by virtue of your karni, if your karni is sat, the furute will be sat too, if your karni is asat, the future will be full of sorrows, sat karni will bring in peace, love, devotion, faith, trust, eternal happiness and comforts, the asat karni will bring sorrows and depressions, distractions and illusions, disruptions and dubidha. 


6. Does giving Maya (i.e. money) to charity give any peace or positivity to the mind, what are the benefits to the mind of giving dhan to charity in the form of money..?


Giving dasvandh is a mandatory divine law, there is a lot of divine wisdom available in the form of the written material published so far. We should not be looking for any benefits, the love and devotion have to be unconditional, if we say if we give to charity this or that should or will happen to me is foolishness, there is no value for the naam, bandgi and seva, the divinity is not weighed in these terms, you have to do it and then without asking for any rewards the rewards will come by themselves,
The rewards will depend upon your love and devotion, humility and humbleness, garibi in hirda means utmost humbleness nimrata, it all depends upon how much you dedicate yourself, how much you surrender
Or give up yourself to the gur and guru, the rewards are proportional.


ps Thanks so much for the Amrit water (in the bottle given) and thanks for all your blessings .. always thanks to you ji..  please bless us so that we may be at your charans… sat naam. i am nothing,
I cannot do nothing..


you are sada dhan dhan dhan.


Thanks to you all for being so kind and patient, we pray for you all To win over maya completely and be in chad di kal on a continuous basis.


Dassan Das