14. Who Is Sahib?

This head of the lowest bows at your feet.

Sahib is a frequently used word in our daily life and religious circles.  For example in punjabi circles it is a title of respect for a person:
Sardar sahib,
Mem Sahib, 
Major Sahib 


And in religious cirlces word is used for people, places and prayers such as


Bhai  Sahib,
Singh Sahib
Manji Sahib, 
Nishan Sahib,
Anandpur Sahib,
Harmandir Sahib,
Japuji Sahib etc..

Let us have a close examination of the Gurbani to see how  the Great Gurus made use of this word:

Great is the SAHIB (Master), Great is His Name.
Whatever happens is according to His Will.

 He alone sings Your Ambrosial Naam,
who is pleasing to Your Mind, O my SAHIB (Lord and Master).
SGGS 100

If at all times, at each and every moment, they live in the fear of  God
O Nanak, the SAHIB (Lord) dwells within their minds, and their cleansing  bath is true.
SGGS 145

From the above it is clear that word Sahib is primarily used for the Supreme Trancendent Lord (Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshar). Everything happens according to His  Hukam/will and only those who are pleasing to Him sings His  praise/Naam. Then Gurbani goes on to say:

Peace is enjoyed, meeting the Guru, the Spiritual Teacher.
The Lord is the only SAHIB (Master); He is the only Minister.
SGGS 412

The Master and the servant have become one, with no sense of  separation.
By Guru’s Grace, Nanak is absorbed in the True Lord.
SGGS 524

I carry the water, wave the fan, and grind the grain for the servant  of my Lord and Master.
That which belongs to the Lord and Master, belongs to His servant.
The servant becomes distinguished in association with his Lord and  Master.
SGGS 101

That servant who enshrines the Lord’s Will within his mind,
becomes  just like his SAHIB (Lord and Master).
SGGS 1287

Meaning the servant who has the Light Of God (Jyot) revealed inside them and who has become one with Him and always lives by His Hukam and truth, is the living  representative of Sahib and is no less than the Lord.


Actually  Gurbani says Dhan Dhan Parmesher is Himself in search of such  Saints. Such a person does not pray to give him more. He is content  and happy with whatever the Lord has given. He has Parmesher  enshrined in his spiritual heart (Hirdhey) and love Him so much that he sacrifices  himself every moment of the time. If one keep asking for more then  there is no longing or love for Him.

Dharmi Dharam Kare Gwawhe Mange Mokh Dwar
The righteous waste their righteousness, by asking for the door of  salvation.
SGGS 469

Only a Brahmgiani or Sant Satguru is such a person. How we can  associate Sahib with the people who do not understand the essentials  of Bhagti or have not received Naam from a Puran(complete) Sant,  have not served the Puran(complete) Guru, have not controlled their  five doots/vices and do not live & die for the Truth.

All His creation is great – Dhan Dhan – not a particular object and place.  Sacred is the place where your Living Sant Satguru resides now. Do not get stuck in the past, it is the present which you have to make  good on.

Rehni Rahe Soi Sikh Mera; Oh Sahib Mein Uska Chera
The one who lives committed to God is my Sikh
That Sikh is my Master and I am his servant.


Guru Gobind Singh


So to be a Sahib one must be living in total commitment to the Parbrahm Purmesher. One must not be belonging to a particular  sect/cult/panth, which considers them to be better than others  (that’s ego). One has to be truthful in Kathni(whatever you say) and  Karni(whatever you do). One can not be Sahib just by wearing  religious dress, they are simply reminding you to follow certain  basic principles. Similarly an individual can not become Sahib by  merely reciting Bani without the internal cleansing with Naam Amrit.  One has to be completely enlightened from inside, be of single  vision, completely surrendered with body, mind/soul and wealth.   One can not have the complete enlightenment without a Living Sant  Satguru for He implants the Naam into the Hirdha and gives His  blessings & Kamai so the disciple/learner or sikh can move forward  on the Bhagti Marg. He keeps a close eye on the disciple and takes  him through various tests to see his progress.  


When the current Guru  was on the throne, people were not asking the previous Guru for the  blessings instead they went to the Guru sitting on the  throne/Padhvi and served Him and His congregation. Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji can not read  what is written on a persons forehead but a Puran Sant can do it and  change it also if wishes to do so.    Such Saintly persons do not care what the world thinks about them.  If they were afraid of the world, new religions/sects would not have  come into existence.


Dhan Dhan Purmesher Himself is the creator and  destroyer. Sikhy way of life would not be here if Guru Nanak Ji have not fought with the religious elite of that time. New religious  movements always stir the muddied waters of the stagnant religion,  which gets stuck in the past. People always forget the essence of  true religion and get themselves trapped in the web of the physical  rituals portrayed by the Preachers.


One must not forget that a vast  majority of these people earn the money by asking from congregation  for singing/reading/reciting or lecturing(Katha).  Consequently  enforcing the requirements of true religion works against them. They  do not want the people to know the real truth, as they will loose  positions of influence and their income. Sahib’s are the people who  bring about the necessary changes and keep the faith in Lord alive.   



They give instructions to others, and then walk away,
but they deal  in Maya themselves.


Do not forget that God the SAHIB is manifesting Himself inside new saints everyday:


 My SAHIB (Lord and Master) is forever new;
He is the Giver, forever and ever. ||1||Pause||
SGGS 660


New times bring in new Sahib’s. One can not be Sahib without the  blessings of Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Purmesher. Are you going to let this  precious human life run by others or read and understand the divine  wisdom scattered in the Gurbani. Dhan Dhan Great Gurus showed you  the way of life by actually doing the service to their Living Gurus (Sahib’s of their times), living the truthful and humble life. They  showed that one’s deeds are real stuff, not the symbols.   If one is  still stuck in the caste system instead of embracing everyone,    their mind is still  under the control of five vices, does not live according to His  Will/Hukam and keep praying for more worldly possessions, not for  His Priceless Naam how you can be a Sahib.  One has to walk in their footsteps if want to become a real Sahib  not the fake sahib. But do not think that their is a easy way out.   


If after three centuries of hard work and truthful living Guru  Gobind Singh Ji could find only five out of ninety thousand who were  willing to sacrifice themselves for their Sahib, figure out where  you stand.  


Most of the so called religious followers just talk, can not or won’t act. Do not live in past and forget about the future,  it is the present you have to make truthful, humble, desireless and  free of five vices.   The Supreme Lord does not reside in Gurudwara, Mosque, Temple or  Church, He lives inside you.


However to be one with Him, to open  connection with Him; you have to become compatible by cleansing your  inside. For that one needs Naam which is Gurparshadi, a desire-free  truthful life and complete submissiveness.    


So really their are really two Sahib’s, Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Purmesher  and Puran Sant/Brahmgianni/Sant Satguru/puran Khalsa. There is no  other Sahib beside the them.  


Don’t be name-sake Sikh/Khalsa/Sahib or  have a name-sake Guru. Become a real Sikh/Khalsa and believe and do  what as the Guru says and become a real Sahib. 




They listen to the words of the Guru, but do not adopt loving devotion in their heart.
They are blind and deaf though they have eyes and ears.
Vaars Bhai Gurdaas Page: 17





Become the dust of the Saints; renounce your selfishness and conceit
No one is my enemy, and no one is a stranger. I get along with  everyone.
SGGS 468

Some do not understand their origins,
and without cause, they  display their self-conceit.
I (Guru Nanak) am the Lord`s minstrel, of low social status;
others call  themselves high caste.


This article has been written for the purpose of  sharing knowledge of Truth and is not aimed at hurting anyone. Dass once again prostrates (dandaout bandhana) to  everybody.  The above has been written with the blessing’s of my SAHIB : Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeswar) and my Dhan Dhan Sant Satguru Baba Ji.  


 Lowest of the lower, Servant of the servants