1. What is Gur , Guru and Gurbani?

GUR   The Shabad ( divine word) “Gur” means   the Braham (Absolute God), the Almighty, the Creator, the Doer, Paar Braham (Supreme Transcendent Being), Akal Purakh (Deathless Timeless Being), Param Jyot Puran Parkash (Supreme Light Fully Bright), Nirgun Saroop … Read More

3. The Shabad Guru and the Satguru

 The one who knows the True Lord God, is called the True Guru. SGGS 286   There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding among the Sangat about the place and role of a Sant, Satguru, Sadh, and Brahmgiani in … Read More

4. What is a Brahm Giani ?

Let us make a very humble and sincere effort to understand what a Brahmgiani (God-conscious being) is. Here it is extremely important to mention that if we the Sangat are able to understand and believe what Gurbani says about a … Read More

6. Do I have a Guru?

This head of the lowest of the lowest bows at the feet of everyone.   GURMAT   Gurmat means to follow the Divine knowledge of the GURU. Before we explore if one has gurmat or not let us ask ourselves … Read More


jina mastak dhur hari likhai, tina satgur milia ram raje Those who are blessed with God’s GraceFind a spiritual teacher – the Truth Guru, the SatGuru. Guru Ramdas – Asa.   Meray Satguraa ma tujh bin avar na koeee. Ma … Read More

10. A Word On Sada Suhagan And Suhagan

There is only one “Nar” (Husband)  or  “Pati Parmesar” (God The Husband) and all of us are the “Nari” soul-brides.  We all have been departed from Pati Parmesar, so we should be making efforts to go back to Pati Parmesar … Read More