15. Divine Importance Of Our Deeds



Forget the past, don’t worry about future and seize the current moment.


The happenings, deeds and actions of our earlier life and previous lives are responsible for the situation we are in right now. All that is happening currently in our lives is a result of what we have done in our earlier  life and all the previous lives.  Whatever we have sowed previously we are reaping currently, and whatever actions and deeds we do now, we will be rewarded accordingly in the future.  If we are engaged in the negative actions and deeds (Asat Karams) currently then obviously our future will be painful and full of sufferings, and if we are engaged in good deeds, true deeds (Sat Karams) in the present time then we will be rewarded accordingly in our future.


This is the reason why we are different from others in our personality, education, health, financials, family relations, business and every situation we face on a daily basis in our present time. This is the reason that every one of us has a unique situation. It is an Eternal Truth that we are ourselves responsible for the situation we are in at the present time. We are the builders of our own destiny, we are the builders of our own future, the Creator is sitting right inside us warning us every moment to do only true deeds and make our destiny and future peaceful, joyful and prosperous.


The irony is that we don’t care about the right conscious while engaging ourselves in the untrue deeds, and the untrue deeds are performed under the influence of untrue mind and untrue wisdom.  But, if we do pay a little bit of attention and ask our inside Creator before doing anything then we are sure to get a good answer.  Then follow that answer and all our deeds will turn out to be true and not harmful in anyway.  Even if by chance we hit a wrong button the we just ask for His forgiveness.  And in order to stay absolutely clean and clear from all sins why not ask for His forgiveness on a regular basis anyway?  If we apologise from inside with a true heart then He will forgive us for sure.


Imagine when all your deeds start to be true and continue to be so, then your future will be so peaceful, full of true deeds, full of truth, prosperous, full of joy and eternal happiness. And then you will reach a stage  where you will be blessed with Gur Parsaad (God’s Grace) and the door to Bandgi, Seva and salvation will open for you.


So please seize the current moment, watch your present and conduct yourself in a truthful manner and perform only true deeds, a true deed is the one which will not hurt anyone, is within your means, and is performed with utmost truth, honesty and commitment keeping the fear of God inside you.


 Do it as if you are in obedience of the Divine Will, do it with a feeling of sacrifice, do it in such a way that it will be fruitful for all affected, do it with sincerity and honesty keeping fear of God inside you, do it as a duty of yours without expecting any rewards, the rewards will be obvious.


 The untrue deeds will be the one that will hurt others, will be based on cheating, lying, deceiving, corruption, unfair means, abuse, misconduct, hatred, selfishness and extortion etc. Your deeds (karni) are your future builders.  Your deeds will decide your destiny.  Your deeds will make you happy or bring sorrows in your life.  Your deeds will bring prosperity or poverty in your life.  Your deeds will bring smoothness or roughness in your life.  And finally, your deeds will decide your fortune or misfortune.


So in a nutshell the word of divine wisdom is:


Forget the past, don’t worry about future and seize the current moment.


If your current moment is a true deed, it will wash all your sins away and your future will be full of prosperity, happiness and above all Eternal Peace. Naam Simran and Seva will bring all your deeds under the influence of Eternal Truth and will make all your deeds truthful. Remember this will bring in you tremendous spirituality and divinity.


Dassan Dass