16. Believe in Gurmat, not Munnmat

The Shabad “Gurmat” is a divine Shabad and is very frequently misinterpreted and misused in our day today life by the masses all over the globe. Please try to understand that every word that is respectfully called as a “Shabad” is a Guru in itself, because every “Shabad” from Gurbani is a Divine Word and has an element of “SAT” in it, which means the every “Shabad” has an Eternal Truth associated with it, infect every “Shabad” or a group of Shabads is an Eternal Truth in itself, and that is what makes the “Shabad” a Guru and the Gurbani which comprises of a large number of such “Shabads” is called Guru and Nirankaar, the element of Eternal Truth in every “Shabad”  makes it Guru Saroop and Nirankaar Saroop. Every “Shabad” enlightens us from inside with the Divine Wisdom hidden in it, it gives us the purpose of our life, it shows us the path of the Eternal Truth, it helps us in understanding the Paar Braham Parmesar, Sant, Bhagat, Sadh, Gurmukh, Braham Gyani and it explains how we can make our life truthful and how can we reach and merge with Almighty, every “Shabad” is a jewel of Divine Wisdom which if practiced in our daily life will takes us closer to its Creator. The Shabad Gurmat consists of two Shabads Gur and Mat, the divine meaning of  the Gur is the Paar Braham Himself, the Akal Purakh Himself and the divine meaning of the Mat is the wisdom, the divine knowledge, the divine wealth of knowledge, the priceless jewels of the divine wisdom – Braham Gyan, the divine wisdom of the Almighty, the divine wisdom which tells us and lays down the path to the Dargah of Akal Purakh, which tells us how can we merge in Paar Braham Parmesar, how can we make our life completely truthful, how can we clean our inside and relieve us from the shackles of Maya, how can we get salvation and be relieved of the biggest sorrow of the cycle of life and death, the entire Gurbani is the Gurmat, it has come from the Creator and is a complete, pure and pious Eternal Truth, and by bringing these priceless jewels of divine wisdom in to our daily life we can meet our spiritual and divine dreams. 
The Shabad “Munnmat” is also a divine word and comes from Gurbani only, the deep divine meaning of this Shabad is also should be understood the same way as the Shabad Gurmat, it comprises of two Shabads: Munn – which is the mind our own mind our own self, and the Shabad Mat is the knowledge, therefore, the meaning of the Shabad Munnmat is the self wisdom and not the divine wisdom, the wisdom based on our own knowledge and nothing else, the mind is operated by the self wisdom, and this self wisdom in a normal case comes under the net of Maya, whatever we do and perform under the normal and abnormal circumstances as human beings is governed by the three qualities of Maya: Rajo (Desires), Tamo (Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh Ahankaar Nindya Chgli Bakhili etc) and Sato (Daan Daya Dharam Sanjam Santokh and such religious acts), so any thoughts, actions and deeds that are performed by our five senses are done so under the influence of the three qualities of Maya, and so our own wisdom is controlled by the Maya. The practice of Munmat takes us away from the Almighty and deeper and deeper in to the scum of Mya, whereas practicing the Divine Wisdom takes us to a level where we can break through these shackles of Maya and reach the ultimate. The entity who reaches that state becomes a Sant, a Braham Gyani.
Nothing less than Gurbani should be labeled as Gurmat. Only Gurbani is the Gurmat everything else should be regarded as a Munmat or Sansarik Mat -worldly wisdom, the rituals, rules and regulations made by man made bodies and organizations;  or Durmat -bad wisdom which takes us away from the Almighty, such as all the Tamo and Rajo qualities are categorized as Durmat.


Gurbani is the real Gurmat, it is the real Rehat Maryada, anything less than that is not Gurmat.
Dassan Dass