16. Daily Routine Based On What Dassan Dass Ji Himself Did




Ik Oankaar SatNaam SatGurParsaad


Dandauth Bandhna Ji.


Dassan Dass ji always says to the sangat that he only asks them to do what He Himself has done in order to complete his Bandagi.  We have put together a daily routine based on what we have learned from Dassan Dass ji.


Bandagi is waging war on Maya, so God Bless You warriors!!!!


Bhai Nand Lal ji wrote, “Khalsa soi jo karay nit jang – the Khalsa is the one who fights daily.” So fight with your own mind and free it from the Web of Maya, then you will become Pure Divine Light that is the Khalsa, you will become the Infinite Divine Power that is SatNaam.

FROM DASSAN DASS JI – “Remembering God makes you happy“:

“When we did our bandagi then we put everything aside. Then that was the top priority. And then it was only for 6 months. In 6 months it was all completed.   Do you think we still get up at between 1 and 3am and sit and do Simran?  No, we don’t, we don’t do it because simran is continually going on 24 hrs inside us now.  How do I do Simran when it is going on automatically by itself inside us? When our eyes are open simran is going on continuously it never stops.  When we go to sleep at night, we hear divine inner musical sound (anhad naad), even know we can hear it. We hear it and then we fall asleep. That;s it.  Go to sleep. Now you all are young, your bodies can tolerate a lot more, we cannot tolerate physically as much as you all. But if you want us to sit like this all night we will do.

Sangat Laughs…

DD: Practically whatever things are good, help you and are for your benefit do those things only. All other things delete them from your life. And you have the power to do that. Bless you children.  At the start you find it hard to do simran and bandagi but then you start enjoying it. Then you start saying yourself this is happening!   Just focus on your own self for 6 months then see what happens. That is the key to success and it is very simple. It is easy, it is not a hard task. All you have to do is ‘just do it.’  ”



Before starting this Daily Routine, please Make sure you understand “How To Do Naam Simran.”


You can print the Ardases (5A, 5B and 5C) mentioned below on to one A4 sheet  and keep in your meditation area for easy reference.












Wakeup, shower/wash face, get ready for Simran. Do 10 min yoga stretching ( Eg intro and follow along). Do few minutes of KapalBhati breathing exercises to get rid of tiredness and stiffness.

Stand and do this “5C. Ardas Before Starting Naam Simran”


Do Dandauth Bandhna to ten gurus, all sants past and present, to SatGuru Baba Ji and Dassan Dass ji and Sant Sangat and all those who have helped you.

Sit comfortably – on the floor, in a chair, on the bed, on a sofa – whatever suits you.

Play Gurbani CD/ Kirtan / Sukhmani / SatNaam Singing in the background.  Or to make it even easier we have recorded this Guided Meditation in English for doing 2.5hrs of Satnaam Simran.    It starts with ardas and relaxation, then “no ego only You”, then “cut the body joint by join and throw into the fire”, followed by slow “Satnaam SatNaam”   and verses from Gurbani to use as prayers.  At the end there is some Kirtan and Satnaam singing to finish joyously and thanks to SatGuru ji.


Recite with tongue & listen 15 minutes – SatNaam Waheguru (praise Guru), or SatNaam KartaPurakh (overcome ego) , or SatNaam Nirbhau (overcome fear).

Do inner cleansing programme to clear past deeds – 5 minutes.


Recite “haumai nahee tuhee tu / No ego only You” – to get rid of ego, wash others feet in your mind until animosity goes – 5 minutes.


Recite “band band kat aganee meh saray / Cut cut joint by joint – throw it in the fire” – to get out of attachment to body and everything else – 5 mins.


Do silent simran, focus on third eye or even better the hirda, recite satnaam satnaam inside for as long as you can.

Start by doing 30 minutes, increase everyday upto 2.5 hrs and longer upto 6am eventually.


If you fall asleep, that’s ok. When you wake up do ardas and start reciting in third eye again.


Go to sleep – this will reduce as you do more simran and go into Samadhi. Will feel like sleep but is Samadhi.




Work with humble attitude of seva, boss is guru, colleagues are sangat


Everyone you meet or see, keep washing their feet with your mind and keep blessing them.


Keep doing this ardas “5B. Ardas To Repeat”  for forgiveness every 5-10 minutes, whenever you can

Concentrate on your work. When you are free then take mind back to satnaam simran


Have quick lunch – Dassan Dass ji used to eat packed lunch and then do simran for rest of lunch time.


Practise bringing in the divine qualities – Truth, Love, Compassion, Service, Humility, Giving, giving, giving Attitude to all.


If you get struck by Maya eg the 5 thieves eg blow up in anger or get lustful, then do ardas to confess and ask for forgiveness and wash other person feet in your mind.






Freshen up, get changed if needed. Stand and do ardas. Dandauth Bandhna. Sit comfortably. Play your CD if you like.

Do self-evaluation of your deeds . Measure yourself against benchmark of Truth.


As in the morning start with tongue then do silent simran, focus on third eye or hirdha, recite satnaam satnaam inside for as long as you can.

Start by doing 30 minutes, try and carry on for an hour or so.

Exercise, eat, spend time with family, TV – 30 to 60 min etc


Read some of the “The Explanation of Sri Sukhmani” by Dassan Dass ji for inspiration and blessings.


Do this Ardas to wake up early “5A Ardas Before Going to Sleep” , start doing NaamSimran as you fall asleep.







Try and attend a sangat once or preferably twice a week. (if no local sangat, go to the Gurdwara with same attitude it is Baba ji’s sangat). Company Of Sants is essential.

At sangat don’t get into gossiping and just socialising.

Wash the sangats feet in your mind at least or for real.

Dust the shoes of the sangat with your beard/hair if you can.


Make/take something for sangat out of love for them – they are Guru Ke Pyare – beloved of the Guru.


Go to sangat with attitude of giving and serving, not attitude of getting spiritual buzz/experiences – that will happen as he wills, not as we want.

Do open confession at the sangat and your simran will be super all week long.


Recite haumai nahee tuhi tu to delete ego and “band band kat aganee meh saray – to delete attachment.











Make simran number one priority in life – “prabh ka simran sabh te ucha – Simran is the Highest”.


SURRENDER EVERYTHING FOR NAAM – mind, body, wealth. Give Daswand to the Guru – don’t think about it, just do it.


Don’t miss one morning or evening session for 6 months. Otherwise you start again from day one.


Give up desires for anything and everything – including desires for spirtual experiences as well.

Do simran to cultivate an attitude of loving devotion for satguru ji’s lotus feet.


Remember highest reward is to hear “satnaam satnaam” going on inside you and then it will go automatic and he will be doing his own simran then.


Read Gurbani, sing Gurbani. Read the website. Take part in the yahoogroup – use it to discuss problems, make confessions, ask for blessings, pray for others, inspire others by sharing experiences.

Have a positive attitude all day long.

Remember Bandagi is Waging War against Maya and you are God’s warrior.


Do some charity work, and/or if you go to the Gurdwara, go to wipe the shoes and do seva, seva, seva – eat little.




Cant sit for long – surrender completely.

Control wandering mind

Tips for amritvela

Q&A About Naam Simran


You will need at least 4hrs continuous sleep before getting up for AmritVela Naam Simran, otherwise you will become exhausted. Its OK to go to sleep afterwards as well. Or you may find in the beginning it is easier to sleep at 9pm, get up at 3am and do Simran until 6am/7am. Important thing is find what works for you and to keep praying to SatGuru Ji to keep blessing you with more amritvela, as we have to be a beggar and not think we are able to do it. Guess who is doing Naam Simran? Not you, but Him, so don’t get ego of it.

Dealing With Unfulfilled Desires

Falling back after going forward spiritually – be aware of Maya’s tests.