16. Me, My and Mine

 kabeer maeraa mujh mehi kishh nehee jo kishh hai so thaeraa ||
thaeraa thujh ko soupathae kiaa laagai maeraa ||203||
 Kabeer, nothing is mine. Whatever there is, is Yours, O Lord.
If I surrender to You what is already Yours, what does it cost me? ||203||

Let us pray to the Gur and Guru for giving us the Gur Parsaad of understanding the Non-Truth element behind the meaning of "Me, My and Mine" which is the biggest source of ego generation in our mind and body.


"Me, My and Mine" is the physical representation (it is physically reflected in our deeds, actions, reactions and thoughts) of the ego-Ahankaar-Haumai, which is the most serious and chronic & poisonous virus which has infected the entire human race. This virus is so serious and dangerous that it keeps the masses involved in the cycle of death and birth for an unimaginably long period in time and space. The "Me My and Mine" has created a dark screen between the eternal truth (Param Jyot Atma) and the non-truth (Maya) element. So if we can understand the "Me My and Mine” aspect of our behavior then it will become easier to eliminate our ego or Haumai, because this is the root of the Haumai – ego – Ahankaar.


The biggest source of ego generation is the body of the person.  And the mind controls the body.  In this way it effects the mind.  In other words we can also say that there is no difference between the mind and the body.  The existence of the mind is due to the body.  And ego lives in the brain part of the body.  In more simpler and practical way we can say that mind is body and body is mind. 


Let us look at the "Me" first of all, what is "Me"? 


When we say "Me" we refer to our physical body.  Tis body is made from five elements: air, water, earth, fire and sky.  Now look at these five elements are these your body’s creation or the body is created from these elements?  The answer is the body is created with the combination of these five elements. So the next question is who is the creator of these five elements?  Are you as "Me" the physical body creator of these five elements or there is some other super power behind the creation of these five elements?  The answer is obviously the super power is the creator of these five elements.  And if these five elements are not your creation and they are created by the superpower then who is the creator of the body?  Obviously the superpower is the creator of the body.   Then how does this body becomes "Me" – it should be His (God’s) because He is the creator.


Let us look at it further.  The body is created by the combination of five elements: air, water, earth, fire and sky.  Now can you take these five elements physically and combine them?  Can you mix all of them together?  The fire will burn everything, the water will dissolve everything, the air will blow away everything, the sky is not accessible to you, in other words is it physically possible to combine these five elements by a normal human being?  The answer is obviously NO.  These elements are physically not compatible with each other, their physical properties don’t let them be together in any circumstances. But in spite of the non compatibility of these five elements in the human body these five elements are held together, and what is it that is holding these five elements together ? The answer is the Super Power is holding them together.  What is that Super Power that is holding these five non compatible substances together in the form of your body?  The Super Power is the Param Jyot Atma, the life element.  It keeps the body going by breathing.  It is the Jyot (Supreme Light) that keeps these five non compatible elements together and this Jyot is the God Himself.  There is no difference between Atma (individual soul) and Param Atma (God, Supreme Soul).  The soul that goes beyond the three-sided maya (Trihu Gun Tey Parey) becomes Param Atma.  This body is only a house for this Param Atma to live and spend some time in.  Like we buy a house or a car and then after using it for a number of years we sell the old home and buy a new home or sell the old car and buy a new car.  In the same way this Param Atma lives in the body for a life time and then leaves it and enters in a new home to live another life.  And this cycle continues until this Param Atma recognizes Himself and distinguishes Himself from the rest of this play of Maya and detaches itself from the Maya and finds His Eternal Home – the Nirgun Saroop.  Like a drop of ocean goes back to the ocean.


This wonderful act of holding these five non compatible elements together in the form of the body is the "KUDRAT KA KRISHMA", it is a miracle and this miracle happens due to the Hukam, the will of Akal Purakh, there is no parallel power that can perform this miracle.


So in the real eternal sense the real "Me" is this Krishma, the "Me" is this Super Power, the Param Atma, the Param Jyot, the Life and not the physical body, and the physical body belongs to the creator and not the "Me" that is normally understood by the masses as the physical body.


Since the body is mind and mind is body and that is what is normally understood in the physical sense as "Me" by the human beings, is replaced by the Super Power, the Param Atma, the Param Jyot, the Life in the real eternal sense.   In the end there is no "Me", there is only the Super Power, the Param Atma, the Param Jyot, the Life. 


Similarly let us look at "My and Mine", which again for all practical purposes on the physical planes of the Maya World is understood as the stuff belonging to your physical body.  Such as your clothes, your house, your car and so on.  Let us take an example of a brick used for building the home – which is made by mixing the clay with water then molding it in to the proper shape and then baked in the fire before it is used for building the home for you. Now think for a moment – does the earth or the clay belong to you or created by you, the answer is no the Creator has created this element and by virtue of that this is the property of the Creator. 


The second element that goes into making the brick is the water – does the water belong to you? Are you the Creator of the water?  The answer is obviously no.  The Creator has created the water so the water belongs to the Creator.  So the brick,  the clay mixed with water, belongs to the Creator.  Then the fire is used to bake the brick.  Again the question is who created the fire?  Was it not created by the Hukam of the God, the only Creator?  Then where is the question of you claiming that the brick belongs to you and how can you claim that the home built of these bricks belongs to you?  Will it be wrong if we say that everything is created by the Creator and so everything belongs to the Creator and not "My and Mine".


Understand this divine wisdom that every thing belongs to the Creator and there is nothing that belongs to you – the soul.   The physical body doesn’t belong to you so detach yourself ( your soul) from all these physical elements whatsoever they may be – house, clothes, household goods, family members and so on. For that matter everything that is physically seen with human body eyes is not yours (not the souls, not the Param Atma the Jyot inside you).  Then you will be able to win over your ego – Haumai – Ahankaar and by doing so you will be able to win over your mind completely and win over Maya completely.


Once that happens then you (soul) will go beyond the three attributes (Raj – desire, Tam – darkness, Sat – goodness ) of Maya and go back to your (the soul’s) eternal home and never be born again to live in the house made from these five non compatible elements – your physical body.  You, the soul, will find your eternal home – the Dargah (Supreme Court) of Akal Purakh and stay there forever and enjoy the highest and most blissful place in time and space. 


The above description explains what is meant by:


Kabeer, nothing is mine. Whatever there is, is Yours, O Lord.
If I surrender to You what is already Yours, what does it cost me? ||203||


The person who understand this wonderful piece of divine wisdom given in the Gurbani will be able to achieve the Jivan Mukti (salvation while alive).  Because Jivan Mukti is the Mukti (freedom) from Haumai (ego).  Jivan Mukti is Mukti (freedom)  from Maya (mammon).  And by deleting "Me, My and Mine" from your inside you will be able to do so.


Just an understanding and acceptance of this piece of divine wisdom will make you go beyond the three-parts of Maya (Trihu Gun Tey Parey) and merge your soul back in to the Nirgun Saroop (Suprem Light of God).   Please delete the "Me, My and Mine" from your speech, mind and Hirda and you will reach heights of the spiritual world. 


Dassan Das