17. Truly Believe in God and Guru

First of all we need faith in God,  to really believe God exists and shows us the right path.  Do ardas every day to meet the saint-satguru and God will show you the right way for you.


Do you have faith in Guru Nanak Dev Ji , that he was pooran satguru?  What about Guru Gobind Singh Ji?   We all are so confident that we know these were pooran and complete Satgurus with the benefit of hindsight.  But what about the poor sikhs at the guru’s times, they did not have the benefit of history like we do.  So what gave them faith?    99% i would say didnt have faith even in Guru Nanak Dev Ji?  Just look at when Guru Sahib did the final tests at the end of his life.   He dressed up as a madman and started shouting and throwing money about as he walked out of Kartarpur – the town he created, full of people who had come from near and far after hearing about Guru ji.   


So who really believed in guru sahib then?   Most of the so called sikhs thought guru sahib was mad and lost their faith, the ones that followed took the copper, silver and gold coins and left the guru, and only bhai lehna ji could see the smoke and mirrors and was prepared to eat the corpse.   So only 1 sikh had real faith, all the others lost theirs.


And who believed in Guru HarGobind Ji?  Bhai Gurdas Ji writes that Sikhs started criticising him, saying he hunts with dogs, he carries weapons, lives like a king,  talks about war, wereas previous Gurus talked about peace, had no weapons and sung kirtan. But Bhai Gurdas ji kept his faith and wrote that so the faithless ones could see.  And what happened to the faith oif the Khalsa in the seige of anandpur?   Even out of  Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s most loyal followers,  40 deserted him in his hour of need and later repented with their blood.


So faith is not an easy thing to have, and even if you think you have it, until you are tested, until your guru starts giving you some slaps and you still are strong in your faith until then no one can say they have any
faith at all.


Instead of living your life doubting all the sants and criticisng them, gurbani says have faith in everyone.  See your satguru in every heart.  Treat everyone as you would treat Guru Nanak Dev Ji if he was standing before you.   Faith doesnt replace doubts by magic.  You have to make effort to trust God and Guru and start serving God and Guru in everyone.  Then God and Guru reveal themselves to you in the true saints.


As Jesus said, “How you have treated the least of men, is how you have treated me.”


And as Yogi Bhajan said, “If you cant see God in all, you cant see God at all.”


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