18. My Guru is Perfect and Complete

A greatly blessed spiritual person I know said to me that once she was wondering how Gurbani came to the Guru’s.  And then many times in her life a shabad would come into her mind and she would just keep reciting it in her mind for days or weeks.  And all of a sudden it would go again and she would struggle to even remember it.  But it served its purpose for that stage in her life.     I love the following shabad, it is so beautiful, it has been going around in my soul for the last couple of months.  It is so perfect so humble it contains everything my heart yearns for, I feel like I am listening to Guru Arjun Dev ji himself when I hear it or sing it (in my croaky voice!) .   Everytime my mind had any doubts about Baba ji being able to be Satguru then this shabad has given me mind faith and strength.  Everything I read in this shabad has been experienced and explained in articles by Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves) and others from the Guru’s sangat.   The key points of the shabad are


  • Serve the Satguru and recieve your hearts desires
  • Dont have any doubts – the Satguru is perfect
  • The real pool of nectar in the body, Amritsar is overflowing —–   and it is overflowing in the satnaam sangat
  • Gods feet reside in the heart,  the beloved of God, Raam Piaray have the manifested light in them
  • the unstruck melody resounds inside
  • when the guru is pleased one meets the God the True King and has a peaceful life.


That is everything my heart desires, that is everything that Baba Ji’s sangat has experienced and been blessed with


I thank God for my destiny to find the true sangat in the darkness of the world and religion.


Aasaa, Fifth Mehl:
When God shows His Mercy, then this mind is focused on Him.
Serving the True Guru, all rewards are obtained. ||1||
O my mind, why are you so sad? My True Guru is Perfect.
He is the Giver of blessings, the treasure of all comforts; His Ambrosial Pool of Nectar is always overflowing. ||1||Pause||
One who enshrines His Lotus Feet within the heart,
meets the Beloved Lord; the Divine Light is revealed to him. ||2||
The five companions have met together to sing the songs of joy.
The unstruck melody, the sound current of the Naad, vibrates and resounds. ||3||
O Nanak, when the Guru is totally pleased, one meets the Lord, the King.
Then, the night of one’s life passes in peace and natural ease. ||4||17||

SGGS 375



Dust of your feet