19. Humbleness � A Deep Divine Quality

Humbleness is the key element in the life of a Sikh. 

A person doesn’t deserve to be called a Sikh if he is not full of utmost humbleness and humility.   The mandatory divine quality of a Sikh, a Gursikh and a Gurmukh is :



(The Heart that wears the clothes of spiritual poverty – humbleness)


The humbleness and humility of the mind and soul is the key to the Dargah of Akal Purakh.  Guru Nanak Patshah Ji has called Himself a Neech (lowest):



(Lowly Nanak says this .. )


at many places in Gurbani Guru Nanak Patshah Ji has called Himself a



 (slave of the slaves).


That is the kind of humbleness Guru Nanak Patshah Ji have taught us we should be earning in our soul and mind.  The Gurus envisioned Gursikhi as a Halimi Raj; a society full of love and respect for each other, the utmost humbleness and humility brings in the sense of respect and love for every one in the society and eliminates the feelings of hatred and animosity among the masses.


Ego is the worst enemy of a person, it is also called Haumai or Ahankaar in Gurbani, and this is the deep mental sickness as described in Gurbani:



( ego is a chronic disease )


Ego brings in and promotes anger in our mind and body which is our worst enemy.  Anger leads to hatred, fight, war, revenge and selfishness.  Anger is also a deep mental sickness.  Ego resides in the head of a person, it takes us away from the Almighty, whereas humbleness and humility brings us closer to the Almighty.


·         Love is the essence of the spirituality and divinity,


·         love is the truth,


·         love prevails for ever,


·         love is the language of Akal Purakh:




  Bhakhyeaa          (language,

way of communication,

way of talking to each other,


  Bhao                     (unconditional love,

love with sacrifice,

love for giving,

love for removing others sufferings and pains)

  Apaar                   (who is limitless,

who is unlimited,

who is infinite);


·         love is supreme,


·         love is infinite,


·         love has no dimensions,


·         love has no boundaries,


·         love is the sacrifice,


·         love is selfless living,


·         love is to give,


·         love is to surrender everything to the Akal Purakh,


·         love is to serve others,


·         love is to diminish sufferings and pains of others,


·         love is to give Amrit and take out the poison from the heart of a person,


·         love is to give your heart to the Gur, Guru and Gursangat.


Humbleness and humility will remove ego, anger, revenge, hatred, animosity and adverse feelings and will bring in love – will bring in God inside us. Gurbani says:



(Only those who LOVE the LORD will realise HIM)


Only love can make us realize God.  Our love for God is not complete if we have not loved all His creations as much as we love Him.  Only love can take us out of the shackles of Maya and unite us with Almighty, and that is the purpose of the life of a Sikh.



We should all exercise utmost humility and humbleness in all our deeds, actions, reactions, communications – written or oral.  By doing so we will learn the language of love, sacrifice, faith and trust in the Gur, Guru and Gurbani.  We will become closer and closer to the Almighty by eliminating ego and anger from our soul mind and body.


Dassan Das