20. Thirty-Two Divine Qualities Of The Eternal Bride

If the soul-bride does good deeds, and strings them on the thread of her mind,
she obtains the jewel, which cannot be purchased for any price,
strung upon the thread of her consciousness. ||2||

This article is written only with the divine blessings.  Blessings of  the Gur Parsadee Gur Kirpa of the Anant Beyant Agam Agochar Aprampar Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmesar and the Guru.  


Let us pray to God and Guru to give all of us


·         the Eternal Blessings of the Gur Parsadee Naam “Ik Oankar Satnaam”


·         trust,


·         faith,


·         commitment  and


·         belief.


So we may follow the Divine Wisdom and become God’s Bride (Suhagan) and then stay that way always and forever (Sada Suhagan).


A soul becomes a Suhagan when she


·         receives “One Drop Amrit” (Ek Boond Amrit)  in the third eye (Trikuti)


·         and all her internal doors (Bajjar Kappaats) are opened:


The Guru has blessed me with the one drop of Ambrosial Nectar,
I have become stable, unmoving and immortal – I shall not die.


SGGS 612


This happens when the Light of The Supreme (Jyot) inside is ignited.  The following explains this process in more detail :


1.        the Naam Amrit goes in to the mind (Surat),


2.        the mind starts to recite the Naam on a continuous basis,


3.        the Amrit starts to flow in from all divine doors to the body. There are four doors in the head : one in the forehead, one each on sides of the head and one in the rear portion of the head.  All these doors receive the cosmic energy (the Amrit) whenever the mind concentrates on Naam Simran. 


4.        deep meditation (smadhee) occurs within a very short period of time.  I.e As soon as Gurbani or Kirtan is heard, or a very blessed soul comes near to them, that person goes in to Smadhee.  At first this smadhee takes a few minutes to occur but eventually they go into Smadhee instantaneously.


This spiritual state of the soul is called Suhagan.  Every soul that is not a Suhagan is called Duhagan (unmarried woman). The Almighty accepts His Suhagan by giving her eternal blessings (the Gur Parsaad).   At this time of the soul’s journey (Bandgi) the Devotional Love (Bhagti) account is opened directly in the Court of The Immortal Timeless Being (Dargah of Akal Purakh). 


The real Bandgi starts at this stage.   This happens in the realm of Grace (Karam Khand). This is the Fourth Khand out of five.   This is a very high spiritual stage.  The soul is  well on her way to Sach Khand.


When a soul


·         becomes one with the Akal Purakh,


·         merges totally in the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh and


·         reaches the Param Padvi,


Then the soul reaches the Realm Of Truth (Sach Khand).  When this happens the soul goes from Suhagan to being accepted as Sada Suhagan (A Bride Forever).


Going through this process of five stages of Bandgi and more specifically last two stages of Bandgi: Karam Khand and Sach Khand; the Suhagan has to acquire all the divine qualities mandated by the Paar Braham Parmesar.


The Suhagan has to pass all the tests of Bandgi to reach that level of Bandgi.  The Suhagan has to prove all the divine qualities she has developed during the course of her Bandgi to the Almighty.  And what are these divine qualities?  These qualities that :


·         form the criteria of becoming a Suhagan and a Sada Suhagan,


·         become a yardstick for measuring the performance of the Suhagan and Sada Suhagan.


And what are these qualities measured against? The divine qualities are measured on the Scales of Truth (Sach Di Takdi):


You Yourself are the balance, the weights and the scale;
You Yourself are the weigher.

SGGS 731

We will humbly try to explain these divine qualities of a Suhagan and a Sada Suhagan in the following.


God’s soul bride is also called a GUN-VANTI, the virtuous bride.   She has to collect 32 virtues and string each one onto her necklace to please her Husband. Meaning we have to bring each of these into our daily life. (Baba Ji said as soon as you receive new knowledge bring it into your actions right away – when you act upon it , it becomes your wisdom).


These 32 virtuous beads are :


1. Eternal Blessings – Gur Parsaad:


This is the beginning point of the Bandgi in the divine and eternal sense. 

Without Gur Parsaad the following becomes impossible:


·         Bandgi,

·         control over Maya, 

·         the death of Haumai,

·         control over Panj Doot,

·         killing of the desires,

·         elimination of Dubidha – illusions and delusions

·         winning of the mind,

·         Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee

·         earning of all the divine qualities is not possible.


The bottom line is that without Gur Parsaad none of the 32 virtues of a Sada Suhagan are not possible.


Gur Parsaad is a continuous process.  Once you have realized the Gur Parsaad and follow the Bandgi Marag then the Gur Parsaad is prayed for on a continuous basis.  It keeps you going on the Bandgi Marg.  Even after completion of the Bandgi and becoming a Sada Suhagan, Gur Parsaad becomes a permanent part of your soul and mind.  It is the priceless diamond that walks you through the entire process of Bandgi and takes you to the heights of spirituality. Eventually it will make you a dealer of the Gur Parsaad.  It is the Gur Parsaad that will make you:


I am a trader in the Name of the Lord.


SGGS 1123


2. Complete Surrender to the Gur and Guru:


This is the key to the door of God’s Court (the Dargah).  The Sada Suhagan has the priceless jewel of SURRENDER carved in her crown for ever.  She gives everything she has to God (the Gur) and Guru.  This is only made possible due to the Gur Parsaad she is blessed with on a continuous basis.  The spiritual progress of our soul and mind depends upon how much we give to the Gur and Guru.  This is the most powerful divine law which helps you in overcoming your Haumai – ego.  The more you give to the Gur and Guru the rewards are multiplied by tens of millions and returned to you.  This is how the Gur and Guru take all your chronic mental diseases and clean you from inside and make you a Puran Sachyara.  God – The Truth (Sachyaar) can live only in a Completely True person (Puran Sachyara).


3. Faith, Trust, Commitment and Belief in Gur, Guru and Gurbani:


This is another priceless diamond that the Sada Suhagan earns in her crown of jewels of Braham Gyan – Divine Wisdom – Gur Matt.   Bandgi is not possible without the practice of this most important mandatory divine law.  Your spiritual gains are proportionate to your faith, trust, commitment and belief in the Gur, Guru and Gurbani.


These attributes know no boundaries.  These traits of a Sada Suhagans are unlimited like Akal Purakh Himself.  Like God Himself there is no limits.  These qualities are immeasurable and unquantifiable. The higher the faith, trust, commitment and belief the higher is the spiritual condition the soul bride. In fact faith, trust, commitment and belief is the second name of Bandgi.


4. Naam Amrit


This is the Priceless Diamond (Anmolak Rattan Hira).  The Gur Parsaad – “Ik Oankaar Satnaam” as defined in Mool manter.  The journey towards becoming a Suhagan starts with the Gur Parsaad of Naam Amrit.


5. Ek Boond Amrit


The Gur Parsaad brings this divine Amrit inside a soul and then the soul becomes a Suhagan after wearing this jewel in her forehead: Trikuti.   The activation of this spiritual energy center in the forehead takes the Naam Simran into the mind (surat) and converts a Duhagan to a Suhagan.  This is the second eternal gift of Gur Parsaad that the Duhagan gets and becomes a Suhagan. This is that priceless diamond which initiates the advent of Naam Amrit inside and starts to clean her up from inside out.


6. Smadhee


This is the next eternally blessed gift the Suhagan receives from the Almighty.  After Naam Amrit has gone into the Surat, it then goes in to Hirda:


I am lovingly centered on the One Lord forever.

I enshrine the Lord’s Name within my mind. ||4||

SGGS 122


The Amrit starts to come inside.  The inside cleaning process starts.  The eternal happiness and enjoyment starts to flow inside the soul and mind.  This is another priceless diamond the Suhagan is blessed with in her crown.  The moment Kirtan or Gurbani or Simran starts the Suhagan goes in to Smadhee in a few minutes.  The cosmic energy and spiritual energy starts to flow inside the body.  The soul is instituted in Karam Khand; the Bandgi account opens in the Dargah.  The real Bandgi starts.


7. Sunn Smadhee


This is the next highly blessed Gur Parsaad; the state of complete trance – deepest state of meditation.  No thoughts.  No distractions.  This is the next highest state of Naam simran


The Deep Samaadhi”,
“The Supreme Being”,
“The Lord of the three worlds”
– these are Your Names, Lord.


SGGS 634


Most of the spiritual experiences are encountered in long sessions of Sunn Smadhee.  When we do Naam Simran in Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee – first two hours are counted sitting on the earth.  After that the soul goes in to Dargah, the Simran is counted in the Dargah.


8. Inner Doors (Bajjar Kappaats) Open


These are the doors in the Astral Body (Suksham Dehi).  The astral body receives the spiritual energy through these doors:


·         there are four such doors in the head – one in forehead, two on the sides above both ears, and one in the rear above the end point of spinal cord


·         there are two doors in the palm of each hand


·         there are two doors in the souls of our feet.


When a soul becomes a Suhagan, all these doors to the soul are opened and she starts to receive the spiritual energy from these doors inside.  This spiritual energy comes in as a result of Naam Simran in Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee in the beginning.  When the person goes in to higher stages of Naam Simran then there is a continuous flow of spiritual energies in to the body.  This spiritual energy cleans us up completely from inside and we move very fast to the achievement of the ultimate. Opening of these spiritual doors is a major milestone in the Bandgi.  This is another priceless jewel in the crown of a Suhagan.


9. Golden Astral Body (Kanchan Dehi) & Purification of Soul:


When the Suhagans goes in to long deep meditation sessions in Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee every day then her soul starts to clean up.  All the mental sicknesses start to disappear.  All the holes created by these chronic mental sicknesses in the Suksham Dehi are repaired.  The Amrit starts to collect in the Suksham Dehi and eventually the Suksham Dehi becomes pure like 24 carrot gold.  It is then completely filled by the Naam Amrit.  It is completely filled by the spirituality and eventually the Amrit starts to overflow from the Suksham Dehi.   This condition is described in Asa Di Vaar:



My eyes are wet with the Nectar of the Lord,
and my mind is imbued with His Love, O Lord King.
The Lord applied His touch-stone to my mind,
and found it one hundred per cent gold.
As Gurmukh, I am dyed in the deep red of the poppy,
and my mind and body are drenched with His Love.
Servant Nanak is drenched with His Fragrance;

blessed, blessed is his entire life. ||1||

SGGS 448


This is the saturation, super saturation and super super saturation, never ending saturation of Naam Amrit  in the entire body, which is the most priceless diamond carved in the crown of the Sada Suhagan. 


10. Control over Panj Doot


When the Suhagan goes in to long sessions of deep meditations on a daily basis.  Then on a continuous basis thoughout the day and night  (Ajapa Jaap and Rom Rom Naam Simran), then these five thieves: Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar leave the body. When the body is relieved of these five chronic mental sicknesses the Suhagan wins over her mind and earns another priceless jewel in her crown.


11. Control over Asa-Trishna-Mansha


When the Suhagans goes into long deep meditation sessions in Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee every day then all the desires are gone.  The Suhagan wins over her mind and she is blessed and decorated with another priceless jewel in her crown.


12.    Control over Raj Joban Dhan Maal Roop Rus Gandh Sparsh


These are the distraction causing elements in addition to the Panj Doot and desires, which cause the normal person to live under the influence of Maya. But a Suhagan with the Gur Parsaad, and filling herself with Naam Amrit by sitting in Smadhee and Sunn smadhee relieves herself from the influence of these distractions.  Eventually she wins over Panj Doots, desires and distractions.  She overcomes mental sicknesses, wins over the Maya completely and by virtue of this victory wins over her mind completely and becomes one with Almighty. 


13.    No Dubidha


All the illusions, doubts and delusions are replaced by total commitment, belief, faith and trust in the Gur, Guru and Gurbani. The Suhagans and Sada Suhagans rise above all these distracting elements and nothing can cause the unlimited bond of devotion an unconditional love between them and the Almighty. A soul which is blessed with this Gur Parsaad becomes Jivan Mukt.


14. Humbleness


Utmost humbleness (Nimrata) is the key to the Dargah of Akal Purakh.  The Suhagans and Sada Suhagans earn this priceless diamond in their Hirda.  Their Hirda becomes a Garibi Ves Hirda.   They always remain at the Charans of the entire creation.  This keeps them always in Chad Di kala. There is no respect and disrespect for a Sada Suhagan. There is no effect of praise or slandering on a Sada Suhagan.


15.    Kindness


Utmost kindness makes the Hirda of a Suhagan and a Sada Suhagan very large.  The kind heartedness makes them capable of helping the others with all the spiritual powers at their disposal. The Suhagans and Sada Suhagans take the pains of the others and give them the Amrit.  They drink the poison of their Sangat and give them the Amrit.


16.    Unconditional Love with Devotion


There is no limit for these vital qualities of Suhagans and Sada Suhagans.  Sacrifice brings peace.  Where there is peace there is God Himself in His Nirgun Saroop.  That is why the Almighty remains in the Sada Suhagans in His Nirgun Saroop always and forever. This is another very high order of Gur Parsaad that the Suhagans and Sada Suhagans are blessed with.


17.    Forgiveness


Forgiveness and kindness are complementary to each other.  These are the deep divine qualities that take a deep place in the Hirda of a Sada Suhagan and makes her Hirda large and unbounded. Where there is forgiveness there is no anger.  Where there is no anger there is no ego. Where there is no ego there is God Himself in His Nirgun Saroop.  This is the Gur Parsaad that is available to the Sada Suhagans.


18.    Fearless


Fearlessness is another priceless jewel in the crown of a Sada Suhagan. She has no enemies, everyone is a friend for her.  She loves the entire creation as much as she loves the Almighty Himself.  She is beyond the fear of death.  Being fearless allows her to be a totally truthful person.  She is never afraid of promoting “SAT” – the Eternal Truth.


19.    Contentment


This is another divine attribute.  A completely contented state of mind and soul.  Always in Hukam.  Always accepting everything as the Will of Almighty.   No desires.  Completely balanced state of mind.  No greed at all.  No cravings for any worldly comforts or materials.  Always absorbed in the Eternal Bliss.  Peaceful, calm and full of eternal joy and happiness.


20.    Continuous Simran (Ajapa Jaap, Rom Rom)


These are higher stages of Naam Simran that the Suhagans and Sada Suhagans are eternally blessed with.  This is a Gur Parsaad of a very high spiritual order available to them.   Their entire body pulses with the Naam Simran.  They are always filled with the Naam Amrit on a continuous basis, they are always in state of Smadhee.


21.    Atum Rus Amrit (Param Jyot Puran Parkash Nirgun Saroop)


Atum Ras is the highest Amrit available to the Sada Suhagans:


Braham Gyani Sagal Ki Reena

Atam Rus Braham Gyani Cheena;


Atam Rus Jeh Janye So Hi Khalas Dev;


This is the purest form of God’s Nirgun Saroop that the Sada Suhagan remains absorbed in on a continuous basis and for ever.  There is no description for this Amrit, it can only be experienced and felt and seen with spiritual eye. This is the highest level Gur Parsaad available to the Sada Suhagans.


22.    Dassam Duaar


This is the spiritual door situated in the upper portion of the human skull (soft spot in a baby).  When it opens it connects the Suhagan to Akal Purakh in a continuous basis.  This continuously keeps on bringing Amrit into the body:


Dassam Duaara Agam Apara Param Purakh Ki Ghati


This Gur Parsaad is available to the Suhagans and Sada Suhagans on a continuous basis.


The divine wisdom stars to pour into our brain once the Dassam Duaar opens. The Gurbani starts to come inside after the Dassam Duaar opens. The functionality of the brain starts to increase with the opening of the Dassam Duaar.


23.    Anhad Naad Shabad


Anhad Shabad Dassam Duaar Vajjyeaa

Taa Amrit Naam Chuaayea Thaa


After the Dassam Duaar  is open there is a continuous connection formed between a Suhagan and Akal Purakh.  There is a continuous flow of Amrit from the Dassam Duaar to the body.  And at the same time there is divine music that starts to sound in the Dassam Duaar.  This divine music is the Amrit and continuous divine Kirtan coming directly from Akal Purakh.   It is heard in the form of music being played by five different musical instruments. 


Some of the Sada Suhagans are blessed to be able to listen to it as Kirtan and to write it and play it in this world.  This is what six of the Guru Masters did and the 15 Bhagats in Gurbani.   They sung those divine verses from God and then wrote them down.  That was compiled in what now is commonly known as Shri Guru Granth Sahib.   This is another high level of Gur Parsaad available to the Sada Suhagans.


24.    Sat Sarovar (Seven Lakes Of Amrit)


These are seven centers of spiritual energy within human body. These are located at:


·         forehead,

·         throat,

·         middle of the chest towards the spine,

·         belly button,

·         above the sexual organ,

·         bottom of the spine (Kundlini) and

·         one more on the spine


They are activated by the Naam Amrit.   Once that happens then there is an internal generation of the spiritual energy in the human body. This Gur Parsaad is available to the Suhagans and Sada Suhagns.


25.    Braham Gyan


This is the complete divine knowledge about Paar Braham Parmesar required for completing the Bandgi.  You need complete divine knowledge (Puran Gyan) for completing the journey (Puran Bandgi). 


Brahm Gian  is also known as

·         the Tatt Gyan (the divine knowledge about the essence of the Akal Purakh),

·         the Param Tatt (essence of the Supreme);

·         the infinite,

·         the Eternal Truth,

·         the Amrit,

·         Param Jyot,

·         Puran Parkash,

·         Nirgun Saroop


This very high level of Gur Parsaad is available to the Sada Suhagans. All the diamonds and jewels of divine knowledge are available and carved in to the crown to the Sada Suhagans.


26.    Winning of Mind, winning of Maya, Trihu Gun Tey Parey


This is the hardest part of the Bandgi to win completely over Maya. Bandgi is basically winning a war against Maya.  A Suhagan becomes a Sada Suhagan when she wins this fight with the Maya and goes beyond the three qualities of Maya.  Then she becomes one with Akal Purakh.  She merges in to the Paar Braham Parmesar, into His Nirgun Saroop.

This is again a very high level of Gur Parsaad the Sada Suhagans are blessed with and by virtue of this Gur Parsaad the Maya becomes a servant of Sada Suhagans.


27.    Ek Drisht – Single Vision


A Sada Suhagan is blessed with the Gur Parsaad of single vision.  This means that all are equal for her.  There is no duality in her vision.  She sees every body with a single vision.  There is no discrimination in her vision.  For a Sada Suhagan there is no difference between worldly sorrow and happiness.  There is no difference between sand and gold for her.  There is no difference for her between her own family and the entire world, she belongs to the entire creation.


28.    Nirvair – No Anmosity


A Sada Suhagan is blessed with the Gur Parsaad of having no animosity with anybody.  She has no enemies, she has no hatred for anybody, no feeling of revenge.  She loves all as much as she loves the Almighty.


29.    Param Padvi (Supreme Status)


A Sada Suhagan is eternally blessed with this highest spiritual position in the Dargah of Akal Purakh.  She stays in Hukam and follows the Hukam on a continuous basis.  All her deeds, actions and service is in Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh.   After being blessed by Akal Purakh with the Param Padvi she becomes the Giver of Amrit, giver Of Naam and the Giver of  Gur Parsaad.  She becomes a Puran Sant and a Puran Braham Gyani.   Then her job becomes to disseminate Braham Gyan.  To distribute the Amrit to the Sangat and lead them on to the Bandgi Marg to Sach Khand.


30.    Soft and Sweet Spoken – Mith Bolra


Sada Suhagans are all very sweet spoken.  All their words are Amrit Vachans (each word is full of Amrit and people go into smadhi just listening to them).  They never hurt anybody’s heart.  They will always absorb the sorrows of the others and give them Amrit.


31.    Doing Good To Others (Parupkaari), Living totally for others (Maha Parupkaari)


A Sada Suhagan’s job is to help others become like her by giving them Gur Parsaad and motivating them to move on the bandgi Marg to Sach Khand.  They do this by


·         blessing others with the Gur Parsaadi Naam “Ik Oankaar Satnaam”,

·         giving them Amrit

·         helping them earn all the Gur Parsaads as described earlier and

·         bringing them Jivan Mukti.


Uniting a person with Naam thus giving them Jivan Mukti is the greatest selfless deed one can do.  That is called Maha Parupkaar:


Dhan Dhan Dhan Jan Aayeaa

Jis Parsaad Sabh Jagat Tarayeaa


Parupkar (Philanthropy) is

·         Diminishing the sorrows of others,

·         diminishing their mental sicknesses,

·         helping them win over their minds,

·         winning over Maya,

·         giving Naam, Bandgi, Seva and

·         Jivan Mukti is the highest level of the service of humanity. 


Philanthrapy is the job of a Sada Suhagan


32.    Completely Truthful


The Sada Suhagans always See, Speak, Hear, Deliver and Serve the Eternal Truth.  They always remains absorbed in the Eternal Truth. Delivering and serving the Eternal Truth is the highest service to mankind.


The Mahima (description), the divine qualities and the spiritual powers of the Sada Suhagan are beyond description.  This was just an attempt to give a  glimpse of some of the divine qualities of a Sada Suhagan. These qualities can only be felt and experienced when we move on this Bandgi Marg and get blessed with these kinds of divine qualities through Gur Parsaad.  If you are destined and pre ordained for achieving these qualities you will make it for sure.  But don’t sit idlly, start your efforts now.  Start praying for Gur Parsaad.  Start surrendering to the Gur and Guru.  Develop faith, trust, commitment and belief in Gur, Guru and Gurbani.


Start doing Naam Simran and you will make it happen to you.


Dassan Das