19. Sant Attar Singh Ji And SATNAAM

Do you know who the first enlightened person to emerge after guru gobind singh ji was?  It was Sant Attar Singh ji.  He was first SANT titled person in Sikhism.  He used to promote doing SATNAAM.  And also gives the meaning of PREM …premee_kaur jee!…Read below, and also some tips for staying awake:


"Advancement of Sikhs will take concrete shape only when all get up at 3am and perform worship as ordered by the Satgurus”


Sant ji used to observe, "All have got great desire that the Sikhs should make advancement in all directions.  But please do remember and firmly believe that this can be possible only when in the first place, each day, early morning at 3am you all get up from your beds, and sounds of taking baths on the wells etc, of the village and cities are heard and then melodious sounds of "Sat Naam " are heard on all sides…..


To attach one’s mind constantly with the Name just as the clock goes on striking "tick, tick" is the only best job to be done by the mortal


Sant ji used to observe, "The primary Religous duty of every man is to repeat the Name just as the clock goes on striking "tick, tick." Every Sikh should attach his mind with each breath with the Name." Again, again, and again remember God.  Drink this Nectar (of the Naam) and satiate the thirst of the mind and the body.  Please take care of every breath.  Do not allow any breath to go waste."


The meaning of Prem (Love) for God and Guru explained


Sant ji Maharaj observed: ’The word ‘Prem’ means that the devotee "leave I-am-ness".  He leaves his self and gets fully absorbed in the object of love.  Such should be the love of the devotee for the Satguru. Such love attracts the attention of the beloved automatically, without using any words or outwardly ways of communication.  The Satguru, then comes to the assistance of the true devotee.


How to become a saint explained


One…singh…submitted before Sant Ji Maharaj, "How can we become like you?" Sant Ji Maharaj obsereved, "all of you are like me.  The features, the parts of the body, etc., of you are like me….Again submitted, kindly tell us how we can attain Spiritual Status like you?" Sant Ji Maharaj replied, Please get up early morning and take bath. Then recite Gurbani."  He again said, "If we still feel sleepy, then what should be done?"  Sant Ji Maharaj replied, Wash your face with water, again."  He again enquired, "Maharahj, if again the feeling of sleep continues, then what should be done?"  Sant Ji Maharaj observed, "Read Gurbani as loudly as you can."  Then the Prof. said, "What will be the result of this?" Sant Ji Maharaj replied, "Do all this and then you will yourself come to know the results."


This one has noticed some singhs (Bhai Jiwan singh ji and others) Who will stand up, pace, run in place, do yoga, drink water, etc. while doing simran, and reading or reciting nitnem to overcome sleepiness. Of course stillness is nicest, but, our purpose here to fight giving in to sleep.  This one has found giving in to sleep a seduction of the mind, because then it always want to sleep. Every morning is will say sleep, sleep, the nice, cozy, soft bed is waiting, just put on tape, and sleeeeeeep….  By not giving in, fighting, tricking, by whatever method, staying awake, after few days the mind forget sleep and start to love Simran, Gurubani etc. Then can’t wait to jump from bed!


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