20. The One Name Is The Lord’s Command

How is the Society of the Saints to be known? There, the Name of the One Lord is chanted.
O Nanak, the True Guru has given me this understanding. ||5||
(SGGS Ji 71)



The Eternal Shabad “Hukam" is written in the Gurbani in a number of Shaloks and is very commonly used in the religious circles.


In a layman’s language it is normally understood as a will of the God but this Shabad “Hukam” has a very deep divine meaning hidden in it.  Its importance is not less than the Almighty Himself.  In fact the Shabad “Hukam” is as infinite as Akal Purakh Himself, there is no dimension, limit, depth or boundary of the Shabad “Hukam”.  It is a complete Primal Eternal Truth in itself like Paar Braham Parmesar.   It is in no way different than Akal Purakh Himself.


The existence of “Hukam” means existence of God and vice versa.  Though it is the Akath Katha of Paar Braham Parmesar and can’t be described in words.  It also can’t be understood in words, it can only be experienced and felt inside our Hirda, soul and mind with the advancements in spirituality and divinity.   But we will try to get at a glimpse of the depth of this very powerful, probably one of the most powerful Shabad Guru “Hukam”.


Please make a note that every Shabad of Gurbani is a Guru in itself.  Such as the Shabad “Gurbani” is a Guru in itself because it is the word of the Akal Purakh (Gur means Akal Purakh and Bani means words).   There is an element of Primal Truth in it and this essence of the Primal Eternal Truth in every Shabad plays the role of a Guru.


Every Shabad gives us the divine knowledge which removes the darkness from our inside and provides us with the divine light through divine wisdom.  When practiced in our daily life cleans us from the inside and brings us closer to the Almighty.   Please take it for granted that every Shabad of Gurbani is a complete and full Primal Eternal Truth.   Its practice with love, full belief, commitment, faith and trust will make you one with Almighty.


The practice of this Eternal Primal Truth will merge you in to the Akal Purakh.


The practice of the Gurbani will bring your mind under the Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh.


The practice of Gurbani will cure your soul and mind of all the mental sicknesses – Panj Doots and desires.


The practice of Shabad Guru in your life will win over your mind, the mind will become Jyot Saroop.  Your own wisdom will be eliminated.  Your own mind will be eliminated.  Only divine wisdom (Gurmat) will prevail. 


All your five senses will become under direct control of the Puran Hukam, Param Jyot, Puran Parkash, Nirgun Saroop of Paar Braham Parmesar and your Hirda will become a Sant Hirda.  Your Rom Rom will be enlightened and will vibrate with Naam Simran.  All your Bajjar Kapats including the Dassam Duaar and Sat Sarovar will be illuminated with Ilahi Jyot. 


You will enjoy the Anhad Naad Akhand Kirtan inside your Dassam Duaar.  Your entire astral body your soul will be filled with Amrit.  You will become a completely truthful soul, will see, speak, deliver and serve the Primal Eternal Truth only.   You will become Jivan Mukt and will meet the objective of your life.


Please keep in mind your spiritual progress depends upon your belief, commitment, faith and trust on the Gur, Guru and Gurbani and how much you practice (not mere reading) Gurbani in your daily life, how much you honor, respect and obey the “Hukam”, basically every Shabad is a “Hukam” of Akal Purakh.


Like the existence of a king is due to his commanding powers, the existence of any worldly position is due to its inherited commanding powers, its authority.   And whenever these commanding powers and authority is withdrawn there is an end of a kingdom or a worldly position.  In the same way the existence of the Almighty is due to His Infinite Powers, and due to these infinite powers at His disposal He is called Sarabh Kala Bharpoor (Sarabh – all, Kala – the power, Bharpoor – full off).  


His Supremacy is due to all His Infinite Powers.  That is why He is called:


Sabh Rajan Key Raja,
Sacha Patshah,
Sarbh Jiaan Kaa Data,
Palan Hara,
Janam Data,
Patshahi Patshah,
Lok Parlok Ka Raja.


All His Infinite Powers constitute His Commanding Powers, which is described as Shabad “Hukam” in Gurbani.  All His powers are standing on the ONLY AND ONLY foundation of the Eternal Primal Truth Shabad “SAT”. 


In the Mool Manter: “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam”, which signifies His Nirgun Saroop, Param Jyot Puran Parkash.  And by virtue of His Infinite Commanding Powers, which is nothing but “Hukam” His Kingdom never ends, His Kingdom is Primal & Eternal, His Kingdom has been there from the origin, from the beginning of the universe and is present now and will remain so for all ages to come, His Kingdom will remain intact for ever.


Before the creation happened Akal Purakh was sitting in Sunn Smadhee for 36 ages (Chattis – 36 Yug), basically for an unknown period of time He was in Sunn Smadhee, and first He created Himself and then He created His Naam. Then the other creations followed, so the First “Hukam” was His own creation and the creation of His Naam, that is why the Naam is as powerful as He Himself, the Naam has infinite powers, the Naam is the Origin of all Creations, and that is why the Naam is the Highest “Hukam” – Eko naam hukam Hai.  


The entire divinity and spirituality revolves around Naam:


Bin Naavey Nahin Ko Thaon:


the entire creation is based on Naam.  There is no place in the entire creation which is not standing on this foundation of Naam the foundation of Eternal Truth “SAT” which is the Naam.  The entire Gurbani is the Mahima of Naam.  Every Shabad of Gurbani takes us down to the Origin The Naam.  Naam is the Amrit, never dies, is eternal, ever present, nonperishable, eternal truth, primal truth, and with only Naam Simran we can reach the ultimate heights of spiritual world.


The entire universe operates under the infinite commanding powers of Akal Purakh, which is again called the “Hukam” of Akal Purakh.  Everything that happens with us and around us is the “Hukam.”  


Everything we do is done under the “Hukam.”  Our destiny is governed by His “Hukam.”  Like a kingdom has its own king and a constitution for running the government, the laws and policies to run the kingdom, the systems and organizations to run the government and administration, same way the King of the Lok Parlok, the Infinity, the Paar Braham Parmesar has established His own divine constitution and divine laws and divine policies to run His Kingdom of Lok Parlok.


And for all this the basis is His “Hukam”, the Eternal Truth, the Primal Truth.  And our Guru Sahibans have very kindly presented this divine constitution and divine laws in the form of Gurbani for us to follow.


The golden rule is to follow His Divine Constitution and His Divine Laws for us to remain stable, undistracted, clean from inside, calm and in complete silence, Jyot Saroop, stay above all worldly sorrows and happiness, stay above all mental and physical ailments.


Following His constitutional laws which are nothing but the divine laws given in Gurbani, the divine wisdom, the real Gurmat we can win over the Maya, we can win over the Panj Doots and all desires, we can win over our mind and be one with Almighty.


The destiny becomes clean and directed towards the Almighty when we start to follow these divine laws and divine wisdom, the wisdom of the Gur and Guru, all our deeds are turned on the path of truth, we start to conduct truthfully, we see, speak and hear the truth and only truth, we deliver the truth and above all we serve the truth and service of the truth is the highest service, and by doing so we earn the truth and we become the truth, our life becomes smooth and nice, it becomes peaceful, full of eternal happiness and eternal enjoyment, we bring complete silence, peace, sacrifice, kindness, fearlessness, single vision, humility, and all the divine qualities of the Almighty and so we become a Sikh in the true sense, we become a Gursikh in the true sense, we become a Gurnukh in the true sense.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)