19. Satguru is inside you as your Inner Guru

satnaam sada satnaam ji

Remember everything is inside you.

God can bee seen within as the Supreme Light – Param Jyot Puran Prakash. From that Light came a vibration, a ripple on the ocean of God. From that sound Creation came into being. Another name for the sound of God is “The Word" or "Shabad" or "Naam" or "Gods Will" or "Hukam". That Supreme light is the fibre of the whole creation , everything came out of that seed. And that Supreme Light is already inside each of us as well – our power source. Inside us it is called "the inner Guru" "the inner Satguru" "the Gur Jyot energy." Inside us is also desires which feed the 5 passions. The sum of our desires and 5 passions feasting is what we call the mind.

The sense of self – EGO , results us in having a mind. But what is the essence of the mind, what is the fibre of the mind ..the Supreme Light – O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light – recognize your own origin. SGGS 441 So God, Supreme Light, is already sitting inside you as your inner Guru. Your mind, the sum of your desires doesnt let you realise it. The whole of gurbani tries to tell the MIND to realise the SATGURU sitting inside. EVERYTHING IS INSIDE YOU.

But how do you even know the above ? The one who has already realised it and completely destroyed the mind – meaning become desire free, has the full blown inner Guru – the Satguru – God’s Supreme Light shining bright. That person is called a pargatio jyot – manifested light. Like fire is locked in wood but needs someone who knows that to release it. Depending on your pre-ordained destiny , that person will come and help you realise God inside You. They even give you a spark ‘Naam’ in the form of a Word – "SATNAAM" to get your spiritual fire started. But dont think they are going to do everything for you. No, they earnt the NAAM and you have to earn it to. Meaning you have to conquor the mind too, like they did and realise the inner Guru too. And become Satguru to the next generation But by meditating on the Guru’s feet inside your mind, the Guru makes an instant spiritual connection with you. He takes away your pains and spiritual obstacles, and sends you more of God’s Light to stabilise your soul.

Baba ji said that is why when they great Sikhs were being martyred infront of their Guru Tegh Bahdur Ji, they were able to remain strong. Because while they were being boiled alive, burnt in cooton wool or sawn in half, their mind was firmly fixed on the Naam anf fixed on the Guru’s feet. The Guru was sitting locked in the cage absorbing their pain and sending them infinite amount of God’s light to keep them strong.

Dust of your feet