2. Giving a tenth is not necessary

The next illusion the masses are living in and where most of the people fail in making spiritual advancements is related to giving the Tenth Part (“Dasvandh”)  to the Guru – which means giving one tenth of your time and earnings to the Guru.
This is a mandatory divine law; this is the divine Command (“Hukam”):
 Give Body,Mind & Money all to Guru;
(“Tunn Munn Dhan Sabh Saup Guru Ko”);
Body,Mind & Money ,all is yours;
 (“Tunn Munn Dhan Sabh Tera”)

In fact Guru’s divine wisdom (“ Gurbani”) tells us for a complete surrender to the Guru; but the Guru is very generous and tells you to give only one tenth of your time and earnings.  This divine practice was established by Guru king of kings (“Guru Sahibans”) and should be followed by all.   Look at the Guru’s generosity towards you provided you follow the Guru’s word that he puts in balance 90% from His own pocket. Not giving one  Tenth (“Dasvandh”) of time and earnings to the Guru and not earning the words of the Guru is another major & more serious reason for no spiritual advancement.    Giving  Tenth (“Dasvandh”) is a mandatory divine law and must be followed very meticulously for proper spiritual progress. 
A lot of  people argue that the Guru doesn’t need money so they don’t give one tenth of their earnings to the Guru.  It is true that the Guru is beyond the three attribute of Mammon (“ Maya”) – (“Trihu Gun Tey Parey”)  and has nothing to do with money, but it is not for you to judge and question the Guru, your job is to follow the Guru’s divine blessed, blessed Command  (“Hukam”) which is to give at least  One tenth (“Dasvandh”) of time and earnings to the Guru.
By giving time your  Devotion (“Bandgi”) – Wealth of ambrosial nectar Name (“ Naam Dhan”) collection keeps on building and by giving money you will eventually be freed from the Thief (“Doot”) – (“Lobh”) – greed.  By doing both you will completely conquer over  Mammon (“Maya”), you will win over your mind, you will get  forever freedom (“Mukti”) from  Mammon (“Maya”) and you will reach the salvation. Those people who don’t give Tenth (“Dasvandh”) don’t really reach anywhere in spirituality, they stay at the same level until they start to give  Tenth (“Dasvandh”).