3. Outside Compliance Is Essential

The next common illusion is about   (“Bana”) the outside compliance.  Some of the so called religious preachers and organizations put a lot of emphasis on the outside compliance such as the outside compliance  (“bana”)including wearing of 5 Ks – the symbolic materials to be worn :- 

1) Not cutting hair (“kesh”) or some say to wear a small turban ("keski"),

2) wearing steel Bracelet (“Kada”),

3)Wearing small sword( “Kirpan”) ,

4) Wearing cotton underwear made in traditional design (“Kachera”),

5) Wearing small wooden comb in hair all the time (“Kangha”)

However, they hardly put any emphasis on the internal compliance. Keeping your outside in compliance is of no spiritual value and will not get you anywhere spiritually.  The real compliance is the inside compliance and only inside compliance will bring you closer to God.
Internal compliance is the compliance of 
Winning over the five thieves – sexual lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego  (“Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh Ahankaar “)(“Tamo”);


  • Winning over all your desires,  strong desires deep , thirst for worldly things rooted in consiousness (“Asa Trishna Mansha”) (“Rajo”);


  • Staying away from Gossiping, slandering, vanity, Negative criticism (“Nindya Chugli Bakhili”) (“Tamo”);


  • Winning over distracting & cheating elements – Power(“Raj”) , External Beauty ( “Roop”), tasteful things(“maal”) ,Wealth(“Dhan”) ,youth (“Joban”),Taste (“Rus”), Smell(“Gandh”), words (“Shabad”),Touch feel (“sparsh”)


  • a complete win over Mammon (“Maya”) is the real internal compliance,


  • Bringing in all the divine qualities is the real internal compliance,


  • Complete, Supreme, Brightness of Divine Light (“Puran Jyot Prakash”), inside Heart (“Hirda”) is the real internal compliance,


  • Reciting and singing God’s Name (“Naam Japna”)  with every single cell in body (“Rom –Rom”) is the real internal compliance,


  • Enjoying Divine internal bliss (“Atam Rus”)  on a continuous basis is the real internal compliance,


  • Enjoying Five Unlimited Words (“Panch  Shabad Anhad Naad “)Coming From True Source on a continuous basis is the real internal compliance.

 So if you have not achieved the internal compliance, merely keeping the outside compliance will not take you anywhere. So more and more emphasis should be given to the internal compliance, which is very much missing from the modern day preacher’s    preaching.