2. Overcoming The Effect Of Past Lives

How to recover from the effects of the past lives




Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji (Guru’s Beloved Saintly Society),


with the Agami Anant Apaar  (Unreachable, Unlimited, Unparalled)


and Beant Kirpa (Infinite Grace)


of Satgur Sache Patshah (True Guru True King)


this chakkar (servant)  of yours is humbly writing this. 


We are very humbly going to tell you a few ways of getting rid of the influence of your past life on your current activities.  This will make you into a truthful person – SACHYARA. 


“Kiv Sachyara hoiaa?” 

How does One become Truthful – sachyara?

   Jap Ji Sahib.


A truthful person  – SACHYARA – is one who


·         serves the truth,


·         sees the difference between truth and non truth,


·         speaks truth,


·         is always truthful in his actions and reactions,


·         and is truthful from inside and outside. 


Every experience in everyday life is being influenced by the past.   I.E. Your present is influenced by your past actions, decisions, reactions.  The way you conduct yourself  in day-to-day activities and interact with others is influenced by past experiences.   The present is being greatly influenced by the way you have behaved in the past.  Actions are what are judged by in the Divine Judge:


Karmo apo apanee ke neray ke dhoor

Our actions are our own, some of us get closer to God some go further away.

Jap Ji


Understanding the root cause of our actions is fundamental to our spiritual progress.


Actions and reactions are carried under the direct control of your mind.


The mind works under the direct control of PANJ DOOT (Five thieves)

·         KAAM  (lust),

·         KRODH (anger),

·         LOBH (greed),

·         MOH (selfish love/wordly attachment)

·         AND AHANKAAR (ego / pride). 


When you are trying to be truthful and avoid all the untruthful deeds (ASAT KARAMS), in your current life, you are still affected by your previous habits, good or bad (SANSKAARS).  Please try to understand the following sequence for your actions and reactions:


·         YOUR BODY – does the actions and reactions


·         YOUR FIVE SENSES (GYAN INDRES) – direct your body to perform these actions and reactions


·         YOUR MIND – orders your five gyan indrees


·         YOUR WISDOM – your wisdom directs your mind


·         PARAM JYOT (SUPREME DIVINE LIGHT) – which resides inside your body is the base for the DIVINE WISDOM


Now the problem is that you are under the influence of the panj doot that are operating on your mind.  You are operating under your own wisdom and you are completely separated from the DIVINE WISDOM.  This  is trapped inside you under a very powerful and dark curtain of the panj doot.


sahas seyanpha lakh howe te ek naa challe naal

Countless clever worldy thoughts – not one will go with you

Jap Ji


The task in front of you is to bring your five senses (gyan inderees)  under the direct control of  Supreme Light (param jyot).   This will give you divine wisdom (braham gyan).   How do you do eliminate your wisdom and hence your mind?


The sant and BrahmGiani (knower of God) don’t have any of their own wisdom and mind they are under direct control of divine wisdom which is the hukum.  Their brain is 100% functional where as a common man’s brain is functional only up to 8% or so.  That is why they are called Brahmgiani because they know everything in present, past and future.  However, this divine wisdom is used only for the good and betterment of the mankind, if used for other purpose, will result in loss of this Agami (Unreachable) power.


Though it is a very difficult task to eliminate your mind and wisdom, in order to bring you under hukum, but believe us it can be done.   It has been done by the bhagats, sants, gurus and Brahmgianis, in the past. it is still being done in the present  and will continue to be done in the future – that is what gurbani says:


har jug jug bhagat upayea

God sends His lovers (bhagats) in each and every Age

Asa Di Waar


You will have to clean up your inside completely in order to


·         become completely truthful

·         progress in the direction of spirituality

·         reach the level of elimination of mind and your own wisdom,

·         and obtain the divine wisdom.


How will you do it? By accepting all your misdeeds of the past. 


One thing very important to understand here is that a new born baby is completely pious and pure and truthful.  The baby is unaffected by the panj doot.  His dassam dwaar is open.  All his actions and reactions are under the direct control of PARAM JYOT – HUKUM.  But when he grows up a year or so later, when he starts to say my mommy my daddy, my bottle, my toy, that is where the panj doot start to enter his body.  The habits, his nature, and attitude he develops are influenced by his previous lives.


First clear your mind (CHITTER GUPT past memories and secrets) from the influence of your past life.  Then you will be able to clean up your soul from the effect of all the bad deeds of your past lives.  What you have to do is very simple and easy as follows


We will take one doot at a time.  Let us take KAAM first of all as it is the easiest one to handle.  Tomorrow  morning when you sit for amritvela simran do this


·         do your normal ardaas


·         do simran for 15 minutes stabilizing your mind


·         then say: 

“kirpa kar ke kaam vas kite
sadhe sare gunah sanoo dekha de,
aasi apne sare gunah kubool karne han ji”

Or in English

 “Please with your kindness show me all my sins

that I must have committed under KAAM in my whole life.”


·         then scan your entire life yourself.


Once you start doing this you will see that all your sins will start to appear before your eyes, like a film. You will probably see the most serious sin committed by you in the beginning and then the next one and then so on.


·         keep accepting your sins with whole heart, and it will be pardoned


·         keep doing this until the time you are completely cleaned and you have accepted all your sins.


It might take a few hours, a few hours every day until it is done, it might take more than a day, more than a week even to do so and clear just the kaam doot, but make sure that your inside have been cleaned completely.


The same process will be done to attack the other doots, one at a time – KRODH, LOBH, MOH AND AHANKAAR.  It might take you a few weeks before you are completely done. 


Once you are done then watch your daily actions and reactions as suggested by this sevak in one of the earlier messages – on mind control and panj doot.  If you want to make it more quick and effective you can accept your misdeeds in the Sangat (in public congregation).


This process once complete will completely change your behavior.  You will become very cautious in your daily activities.  You will start to realize the moment a bad thought is entering your mind, and will stop it right there.  Believe us, this will do wonders to your daily life.  Your spiritual journey will get on a fast track, you will feel the difference with in yourself.  Your family will see the change in yourself too.  Your family and friends will also be effected in a better way with the improvements in your character and behavior.


Please accept this much seva from this sevak of yours, and forgive this chakkar for any offenses or misrepresentations.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions if any or any difficulties you face in exercising these tips. This sevak of yours will always try to answer your questions to your satisfaction.


Dassan Das