3. Open Confession

Some messages about the power of open confession, of confessing our misdeeds infront of the sangat either in person or by email.

Fighting with the situation you are in at any given point in time and space is fighting with Hukam. Fighting with Hukam means inviting more trouble. Staying calm and composed, looking at the situation and reciting Satnaam inside you will pave your way to removal of the negative forces around you and fill yourself with Amrit. Fighting with Hukam is Ego – Ahankaar and Ahankaar gives birth to Krodh – anger.

Ahankaar is the worst of the Panj Doots and lives in your head at all times until you have become Mukt. Please keep in your mind since it is sitting right in your head, it can pop up at anytime, no matter where you are and what you are doing. Basically you are serving Ahankaar at all times until you are freed of Haumai – Ahankaar – Ego. The goal is to bring Ahankaar under your feet, so that it becomes your servant.

The root cause of Ahankaar is that you think that you are the Doer, by saying you we mean you as a physical body and not the soul. The divine truth is that you as a physical body is not the Doer, the Doer is the infinite divine power that is running this physical body along with the entire creation. Until the time this infinite divine power takes over completely and your Ahankaar – Haumai – ego is completely killed, you will continue to face this demon of Ahankaar.

Every person is dominated by one of the Panj Doots – means one is the most stronger one than others; some face Kaam, some Ahankaar, Ahankaar and Krodh are complementary, some are dominated by Lobh and some are bigger slaves of Moh or Lust – Kaam. However, all these Doots are present at all the times inside our physical body and they rule us completely until they are defeated and Maya is conquered completely.

Winning over the Maya is Puran Bandgi. Focusing on Satnaam Simran and collecting Naam Ki Kamai is the first step in Puran Bangi process. Winning over Maya is basically winning over the Panj Doots and desires. When you are focusing on Satnaam Simran the strongest of the Panj Doots that prevails inside your mind and body will bother you the most, for an example if lust is the one which is stronger in you, then your thoughts will keep on drifting towards lustful thoughts when you are doing Satnaam Simran, same way for those who are dominated by anger or Krodh or Ahankaar will be hit with those kinds of thoughts, and so on, so it is not hard to figure out which is your most strong enemy out of these Panj Doots. This will help you in focusing your attention on elimination of those kinds of thoughts.

The best way to clean yourself internally of the strongest and most powerful enemy of yours will be to pray for showing you all the sins you have committed under the slavery of that particular Doot – for example if lust is your weakest point then you should pray and keep on praying until you start seeing within your ownself all the sins committed under the influence of the Doot of lust or Kaam, when you do so you will start seeing by way of your photographic memory bringing those worst incidents in front of your eyes first and then continue until you have seen the last incident. When you see these incidents then think for a second how bad it was, what were the consequences, what and how it effected your life in the negative direction, when you focus on these kind of confessional thoughts then your Hirda will get filled with guilt, you will feel guilty of these sins, which will prompt you to confess these sins and once you accept these sins and ask for forgiveness then your Hirda will be cleansed of these sins and you will be blessed with the divine power not to repeat the same kind of sins from then onwards.

Open confession of these Karams will help you a great deal in cleansing your inside, some of you have shown some courage and came forward with the open confession, others are just fighting within their ownself against their ego weather they should do so or not, and some are not even considering it to do.

Open confession is the most powerful divine power that will help you all cleanse yourselves from inside, however, those who are hesitant to use this divine power can have a self confession, until they are blessed with this divine power to confess openly in Satsangat.

Dedicating yourself to 2.5 hours simran every day will make you stronger from inside and give you the courage to come forward with open confession. Internal cleansing is internal compliance, compliance of panj doots, internal cleansing will fill your Hirda with Amrit and super divine powers in the form of all divine qualities.

2)  This is in response to an open confession by a person drowning under drug and cigarrette addictions.

Guru Pyare ji:

God bless you with everything you need to come out of this addiction. Please don’t feel guilty anymore, your open confession is the GurParsaad – your open confession is the forgiveness – all your sins of this life have been washed away with your open confession – it is incredible and very blissfull confession, that is the key to internal cleansing, so please keep your confession always and forever in your mind and you will not repeat the same mistake again.

Whenever you feel weak inside just start reciting Sat Naam – just keep reciting Sat Naam inside you and no bad thoughts will touch you, and even then if you feel that you are still getting such thoughts and you may continue to have them for some time until they stop, just keep on asking internally for forgiveness and it will be granted there and then to you.

But stay in awareness – keep your mind open to these kinds of attacks of may – bandgi is just a war against maya – it is a war against panj doots- kaam krodh lobh moh, ahankaar and desires and Sat Naam Simran and complete surrender will help you fight maya out and win over the maya.  But you need to stay focused on Sat Naam and Sat Naam will take care of you, just keep on enhancing your trust on Sat Naam and you will keep on improving. Also go and get the blessings of Naamjivan Ji in the UK.  You should go in to the Sat  Sangat and that will also help you a great deal.

3) Dhan Dhan guru pyare jee:
Sat naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam sada sada Sat Naam
Sat Naam will protect you from everything negative – from maya.
You are very fortunate to be blessed with this divine quality of open confession – that is what is meant by being naked.  When we start working on open confession then we realize that how bad we have are and once that happens then the doors to the refinement and reforming open up – we would say acceptance of your misdeeds cleans you up of these bad deeds.


We are all like this in the true sense – we all are gunegaar (great offenders) and loonharami (traitor to God).  We all are maha paapi (great sinners), maha pakhandi (great hypocrites), maha kaami (greatly lustful), maha krodhi (greatly angry), maha lobhi (greatly greedy), maha mohi (greatly attached) and maha ahankaari (great egotists).  We are all Kalyugi Jeevs (beings of the Dark Age) and are swaas swaas gunegaar (offenders with each and every breath). 


We all have committed coutless sins and bad deeds in the past of this life and all previous lives, but God is very kind and there is no limit to his kindness and forgiveness.  He doesn’t look at our Awguns – bad qualities or bad deeds.  He is sitting there in your Hirda to forgive you at every moment of your life.  So please take this word for granted, “Har kaa naam kot paap par harey” which means that the GurParsaad of Dhan Dhan Sat Naam doesn’t take a fraction of a second to forgive your sins and misdeeds.


Open confession is the key to the cleaning of your soul and mind and that is what you have done and we consider you to be extremely fortunate to be blessed with this divine quality. We would also say that it requires a lot of courage and fearlessness to do an open confession and that is what you have displayed with the GurParsaad and GurKirpa.   Yes, this kind of an open confession is a GurParsaad and a GurKirpa and that is what happens when you are truly dedicated to the service of Sat Naam. So please stay focused on Sat Naam and always and forever keep in mind whatever you may do you will never be able to hide it from Sat Naam.

There are some GurParsaadee writings for helping the Sat Naam Parivaar (everyone blessed with the Naam) for the internal cleansing on the website called, “Overcoming the effect of Past lives.”  Please take some time to read them and practice them in your meditation which will completely clean you up from inside and make your Hirda a Puran Sachyara Hirda – a place for God to appear with all his Infinite Divine Superpowers.

God bless you with Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.

4) We appreciate your confession, open confession is the way to spiritual success, confession is an excellent divine power a divine weapon that helps a very fast cleansing of the Hirda, open confession is the real divine blessing, so please stay focused on open confession and your inside cleansing will bring unimaginable divine rewards to you. Bandgi is nothing but only internal cleansing, the internal compliance, and this internal cleansing is the only way to conquer Maya


5) Guru Pyari Jee please continue to accept your internal weeknesses, all negative things, negative thoughts, misdeeds, untrue deeds in an open manner as you have just done, open up yourself more and more in the Satsangat – Satnaam Parivaar, this is what we call as open confession and this open confession will do wonders to your inside cleansing, focus on Satnaam Simran and open confession will pave your way to the complete realization, all your negative energies – of Maya will disappear and will be replaced with Amrit – a continuous stream of Amrit – give your tunn munn and dhan to your Guru which will open up all your divine doors and activate all your internal sources of spiritual energies – which is what we call Amrit. Focus yourself on Satnaam Simran at least 2.5 hours every day without a break and see what happens to you. God bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.

6) Guru Pyare Jee you have done a marvelous job by His open confession, please feel free and continue to do so until you are completely cleansed from inside. Please continue to use this divine weapon of open confession more and more openly. Accepting our misdeeds openly is the key to cleansing our Hirdas of all these misdeeds. Open confession is the key to the Dargah as it will bring humility and humbleness in our Hirda and in the real divine senses we will realize that how bad we are and how bad we have been all life. This is not true for just this life but all previous lives as well. It takes a lot to build these kinds of bad habits, which are chronic mental sicknesses, and in order to cleanse them from your Hirda open confession is the best divine weapon that is available to all of us.

Look at it from this perspective – that you have been given this divine power to confess your own misdoings, to confess your own sins, to confess your own mistakes, to confess how much dirt and filth we are carrrying on us and how much filth we have been carrying on us for all these ages. We have been all crushed under the weight of all this filth and scum. Don’t you want to become weightless – by getting relieved of all this weight of filth and scum. When you go in to open confession then you will realisze how much of this filth and scum you have been carrying all along and when you are relieved from the crushing weight of this filth and scum then how much better, lighter and cleaner you will feel about it. Dedicating yourself to 2.5 hours or more Satnaam Simran will give you the strength to come out with the open confessions, which will help a great deal in the transformation of your Hirda in to a Sat Hirda. Cleansing your Hirda is the key to bring it into a Puran Sachyari  Rehat and then Maya will not be able to do any harm to you. So please pick up the courage and be bold and use your divine power of open confession – use this unbelievable divine gift that you have been born with – acceptance of your own misdeeds and sins and becoming a better person, becoming a real human being, and preparing yourself for the God to appear inside your own Hirda.

7) God bless you with all the eternal treasures. We wish everyone becomes an open confessioner like you. You are a divine lesson for the rest of the Satnaam Parivaar. We wish everyone’s preet becomes like yours preet and shardhaa, you are dhan dhan, your maat pita are dhan dhan, your kul is dhan dhan, you are a true bhagat in all divine senses, god bless you with jivan mukti and seva – parupkaar and maha parupkaar. Rajasthan will glow with your name.


Dassan Dass