2012-12 Sangat in UK

Ik Onkaar SatNaam SatGurParsaad,


SatNaam Ji, we were blessed with the divine sangat of Dassan Dass ji for six days over the Chrsitmas holidays.    We sat in there presence and just felt like we were sitting next to the sun, basking in the glory of the Guru.  Our eyes just wanted to close and go deeper within the third eye area.  First few days we tried to sit quietly for as long as possible.  It was very peaceful and powerful.  We had taken all of our tablas and vajas and shabad kirtan books, but apart from once when the children sung, Dassan Dass ji just encouraged everyone to sit quietly, with no music, and just to do silent Simran within.

Here is what we we blessed to write at the time:

28 Dec 2012:

SatNaam Ji,

Dandauth bandhna ji

with guru Ji’s beant/unparalled kirpa/grace, we would like to share the experience of the first few days of Dassan Dass Ji in the UK.


Sant Sang antar Prabh Deeta

Naam Prabhu Ka Laagaa Meeta

In the company of the Sant, ones sees God

and the name of God becomes sweet.


– Guru Arjun Dev ji



Tunn munn dhan sabh saup gur kau hukam mannio paaiaa.

Surrender mind, body and wealth all to the Guru,

follow their hukam (commad) and you realise God.


– Guru Amar Dass ji


All we can say is that just to put our head on the feet

of such a divine soul brings so much peace inside us,

just to behold their vision, our eyes wake up to Truth,

just to hear their kind words, the filth in our mind starts shaking off,

just to sit in the sangat of their Sikhs, brings thankfulness in our heart to have been also given a place in the sangat,

just to close our eyes and hear nothing but SAT SAT SAT inside our forehead  brings an immense warmth and glow to our face,

just to wash the feet of the Guru’s Sikhs sitting in the sangat with our surat/mind brings so much love and compassion in our  heart,

just to wash Baba ji’s feet and drink the charan-amrit (foot amrit)  cools us down inside,

just for them to place their hand on our head whilst we massage their feet, we fill with silence

then for us to just to place this hand on someone’s head or back, burns so much negativity in the other person with Baba ji’s blessings,

just to behold their vision, our eyes wake up to Truth

our stone heart melts,

our running mind is stilled,

our ego becomes like a dog with its tail between its legs and head bowed low,

our ego becomes ashamed of trying to be someone and to think it is doing something in this world,

all we pray is Satguru ji please keep this dog at your feet,

please place even a drop in us from your ocean of extreme, immense, endless gareebee(humility) that you reside in,

just to be in the same room as baba ji sitting quietly with sangat all absorbed quietly in simran, no music, no instruments, is to be in Mansarovar – God’s body of Light.


And all that come, wether physcially, or by phone, or even sitting at home reading this, closing their eyes, praying to satguru ji and doing their simran,

all those that take that one step towards such a divinely blessed ocean of divnie love and light called Dassan Dass ji,

all those are blessed, blessed, blessed.



Sat Naam to all

Sat Naam is all

Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam  day and night,

with every thought and breath, with every step and deed,

keep Sat Naam Sat Naam beating inside

never stopping, like our heart, for if it did stop, we are dead.


God Bless all.


3 Jan 2012:

We feel like we saw some real miracles last week in the Gur Sangat.  Not miracles that defy physical laws, but the miracle of healing the hurt and their inner transformation.   Several ladies who came to the sangat just looked like they had so much darkness around them and sadness , hurt and loneliness, locked away inside their own mind, no way to escape from their self made prison.  But as soon as they stepped into the Gur Sangat, they burst into tears, or they sat at the feet of Dassan Dass ji and he held their hands and sucked all of their poison.  He encouraged them to release all of their hurt and pain by talking, by telling the Truth of their hurt in the open sangat.   As they did so, they were freed from their pain, tears came out as they opened up.  The following days as they returned to sangat, they were completely different, they were able to absorb the amrit and we were blessed to place our hands on their heads and feel them filling up with love light and healing of Satnaam Amrit.   It was an amazing transformation to be part of, we are thankful to SatGuru ji for all of their blessings.

We also saw the miracle of selfless seva from dhan dhan Parminder ji’s family and rest of sangat all week working selflessly to make things go smoothly for everyone.

God bless everyone.