2012-12 Sangat in India

SatNaam Ji, dandauth bandhna ji

pls enjoy the recordings of blessed sangat with Dassasn Dass ji in India





Satnaam to all the Satsangat ji, Dandaut bandna to all ji,

With Sat Paarbrahm Parmeshar and Satguru ji’s infinite grace, we were blessed to attend 3 days in sangat at various places in chandigarh.

We experienced only and only NAAM AMRIT and practically it was “Satsangat Kaisi Jaaniye, Jithai Eko Naam Vakhaniye”.

The mind did not wander even once and only place was there where it could go and it was Naam Satnaam and Baba ji’s feet. Our hands and arms went into various positions on their own.

Everyone in the sangat was blessed infinitely by Satnaam roop Dassan Dass pita ji. 
The sangat automatically went into naam samadhis and asans. Naam khumaari could be seen on every face.
 Those in the sangat who came with a worried face took a shining and blooming face home.

Just ‘Satnaam’ was preached. Whenever baba ji spoke the divine words, amrit was felt. Dandauts happened on their own. Baba ji showered lot of blessings. 

Blessed blessed is the house of Bhupinder ji and other sangat where God Himself came to preach Satnaam. Their seva and devotion for the sangat and guru is dhan dhan.

Baba Arvinder Singh ji also came and blessed the sangat. All the sangat was blessed with infinite grace.

Baba ji did their part. Now, it is for all of us to carry forward their blessings and bring into practice thier teachings. It is now for us to strive and consistently take out one-tenth of body, mind and wealth and surrender at their feet completely. Baba ji said kirpa will happen the moment we surrender. It is for us now to bring into practice the verse “Teri bhagat na chhodo bhaavein Lok hasse” (I will not give up your bhagti even if people laugh at me)

“Grace is directly proportional to surrender.”

Baba ji said that we should not worry about what people have to opine about us. He said that the one who want to do bhagti should keep in mind that the world will be against him as happened to Baba Nanak and other Guru sahibs, Kabir ji and even Baba ji (Canada).

Baba ji shared experiences of sangat in other parts of the world which were dhan dhan and motivational. 

Jagdeep ji was extremely blessed became a Suhagan. He was dancing, crying, jumping and singing. Jagmohan ji, Tanmeet ji and their family, Satwinder ji and Tejinder Kaur ji, their families, Taranjeet ji, Raspinder ji, Maasi ji, Aunty ji, Swaraj ji’s sister and their family  from Bombay were blessed and everyone from the sangat who came their was blessed. 

Babaji said that where a sant is sitting, even the nature, plants there are blessed and they too bloom. Where a sant is sitting, there is no need to do good, it happens on its own. Parupkaar and kirpa happens automatically where a sant is sitting or living.

Baba ji told everyone to do bhagti for themselves and said that the surroundings will also get cleaned. Negative forces will run away and the earth will become a clean place. Crime will decrease on its own.

We practically experienced the words that “Dargah is there where a Sant is sitting” and consider ourself very fortunate to be blessed by Satnaam ji Himself through His own form of Dassan Dass Satguru ji.

Kirtan was done by uncle ji, Swaraj ji’s sister and their daughter, Baba Arvinder Singh ji and sangat and amrit varkha happened. Satnaam satnaam sada satnaam.

It was miraculous to see Baba ji himself doing Dandaut badnna to the whole sangat before leaving and he himself showed how to challenge our ego and do Dandaut bandna. 

This is just a glimpse of infinite blessings showered by Satguru Pita Dasan Dass ji on the sangat, the whole of Chandigarh, Punjab, India, world and the whole universe and all the universes.

We fall at the feet of all the sangat and urge to bring into practice each and every word from the mouth of Paarbrahm Saroop Dassan Dass pita ji and also pray for this neech paapi so that we also become dog of their dogs.

Our dhan dhan Preeto veer ji and dhan dhan Jagmohan veer ji have uploaded videos and photos for Satnaam parivaar members to watch and get blessed.

Satnaam satnaam  satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam sada sada satnaam.

Dandaut at the feet of everyone ji.

Dog of your your dogs,
maha paapi, neechan da neech, kangaala da kangaal  jasdeep.