3. Doubts � A Deep Mental Sickness

 aisaa koe j dhubidhhaa maar gavaavai ||
How rare is such a person, who kills and casts off duality.

SGGS 237

Most of the Sangat lacks a clear direction and guidance to achieve their spiritual goals. This is due to lack of practicing the divine knowledge – Braham Gyan of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which is the Gyan Saroop of Paar Braham Parmeshwar, in our daily lives. There is all kind of confusion, misunderstanding and doubts in the minds of Sangat– Dharam De Bharam – which divert their attention from reality presented in the Gurbani.  These doubts  – Dharam De Bharam – are serious road blocks to one’s spiritual progress – these doubts are defined as Dubidha – double mindedness – distortion of your mind, distraction of your mind, disbelief and take you away from the core of the Gurbani – away from Tat Vastoo – Tat Gyan  – deep divine knowledge and understanding and hence keep you in Dharam Khand or below it for ages.


This is the supreme reason for 99% of the people being in the Dharam Khand or even below it.  Dubidha is a very serious mental sickness- Mansik Rog – it blocks your mind and stops you from progressing on the Path to Eternity – Salvation – Jivan Mukti – Meeting the Almighty. As long as you are in Dubidha – in doubts and you are not confident that you are doing the right thing, or you are not aware of the fact that you are not doing the right thing due to the miscommunication to you by various sources, you will not be able to reach anywhere.  You need to have crystal clear direction to follow for your spiritual advancements. Please read and try to understand the following Shalok on page 238 to understand the effect of Dubidha :


gourree mehalaa 5 ||
jo eis maarae soee sooraa ||
jo eis maarae soee pooraa ||
jo eis maarae thisehi vaddiaaee ||
jo eis maarae this kaa dhukh jaaee ||1||
aisaa koe j dhubidhhaa maar gavaavai ||
eisehi maar raaj jog kamaavai ||1|| rehaao ||
jo eis maarae this ko bho naahi ||
jo eis maarae s naam samaahi ||
jo eis maarae this kee thrisanaa bujhai ||
jo eis maarae s dharageh sijhai ||2||
jo eis maarae so dhhanava(n)thaa ||
jo eis maarae so pathiva(n)thaa ||
jo eis maarae soee jathee ||
jo eis maarae this hovai gathee ||3||
jo eis maarae this kaa aaeiaa ganee ||
jo eis maarae s nihachal dhhanee ||
jo eis maarae so vaddabhaagaa ||
jo eis maarae s anadhin jaagaa ||4||
jo eis maarae s jeevan mukathaa ||
jo eis maarae this kee niramal jugathaa ||
jo eis maarae soee sugiaanee ||
jo eis maarae s sehaj dhhiaanee ||5||
eis maaree bin thhaae n parai || kott karam jaap thap karai ||
eis maaree bin janam n mittai ||
eis maaree bin jam thae nehee shhuttai ||6||
eis maaree bin giaan n hoee ||
eis maaree bin joot(h) n dhhoee ||
eis maaree bin sabh kishh mailaa ||
eis maaree bin sabh kishh joulaa ||7||
jaa ko bheae kirapaal kirapaa nidhh ||
this bhee khalaasee hoee sagal sidhh ||
gur dhubidhhaa jaa kee hai maaree ||
kahu naanak so breham beechaaree ||8||5||
Gauree, Fifth Mehl:
One who kills this is a spiritual hero.
One who kills this is perfect.
One who kills this obtains glorious greatness.
One who kills this is freed of suffering. ||1||
How rare is such a person, who kills and casts off duality.
Killing it, he attains Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success. ||1||Pause||
One who kills this has no fear.
One who kills this is absorbed in the Naam.
One who kills this has his desires quenched.
One who kills this is approved in the Court of the Lord. ||2||
One who kills this is wealthy and prosperous.
One who kills this is honorable.
One who kills this is truly a celibate.
One who kills this attains salvation. ||3||
One who kills this – his coming is auspicious.
One who kills this is steady and wealthy.
One who kills this is very fortunate.
One who kills this remains awake and aware, night and day. ||4||
One who kills this is Jivan Mukta, liberated while yet alive.
One who kills this lives a pure lifestyle.
One who kills this is spiritually wise.
One who kills this meditates intuitively. ||5||
Without killing this, one is not acceptable, even though one may perform millions of rituals, chants and austerities.
Without killing this, one does not escape the cycle of reincarnation.
Without killing this, one does not escape death. ||6||
Without killing this, one does not obtain spiritual wisdom.
Without killing this, one’s impurity is not washed off.
Without killing this, everything is filthy.
Without killing this, everything is a losing game. ||7||
When the Lord, the Treasure of Mercy, bestows His Mercy,
one obtains release, and attains total perfection.
One whose duality has been killed by the Guru,
says Nanak, contemplates God. ||8||5||

gorr mehal 5 ||j es mr s sr ||j es mr s pr ||j es mr thseh vadd ||j es mr ths k dhkh j ||1||s ke j dhbdhh mr gavv ||eseh mr rj jg kamv ||1|| reho ||j es mr ths ko bho nh ||j es mr s nm samh ||j es mr ths k thrsan bjh ||j es mr s dharageh sjh ||2||j es mr s dhhanava(n)th ||j es mr s pathva(n)th ||j es mr s jath ||j es mr ths hv gath ||3||j es mr ths k e gan ||j es mr s nhachal dhhan ||j es mr s vaddabhg ||j es mr s anadhn jg ||4||j es mr s jvan mkath ||j es mr ths k nramal jgath ||j es mr s sgn ||j es mr s sehaj dhhn ||5||es mr bn thhe n par || ktt karam jp thap kar ||es mr bn janam n mtt ||es mr bn jam th neh shhtt ||6||es mr bn gn n h ||es mr bn jt(h) n dhh ||es mr bn sabh kshh ml ||es mr bn sabh kshh jol ||7||j ko bhe krapl krap ndhh ||ths bh khals h sagal sdhh ||gr dhbdhh j k h mr ||kah nnak s breham bchr ||8||5||


SGGS 237


In this verse “ES” means “Dubidha”.  “Killing this” means “killing doubts”. Killing Dubidha is very rewarding – the person who kills his Dubidha is considered a very brave and complete person – by completeness means he has attained all the qualities of high spiritual attainment, all his sorrows are diminished, obtains the highest level of happiness – which is complete silence of mind, wins over his mind and becomes honorable in the Dargah of Akal Purakh. Such a person who kills his Dubidha – clears all doubts of his mind, follows the Gurbani in its totality and completeness will become a Raj Yogi – living a family life and a Jivan Mukt in this life – will achieve salvation in this life.


The person who kills Dubidha is never fearful, he becomes fearless, his mind concentrates on Naam, he unites with Naam, all his desires vanish and he becomes successfully accepted in Paar Braham’s Dargah.


Such a person becomes the owner of the biggest treasure Naam Dhan, he becomes very respectful, kills his Kaam and other Doots, becomes absolutely truthful and pure and enjoys a very high spiritual condition.


Such a person’s present life is considered successful who kills his Dubidha, he owns the real treasure of spirituality, he is very lucky and always in high spirits – Chad Di Kala, he can’t be shaken by any kind of distractions, he is always in control of his mind, and Maya can’t do any harm to him.


Such a person whose mind is very clear and have complete direction, and have killed his Dubidha will become a Jivan Mukt – achieve salvation, all his actions and reactions will be truthful, he will always be full of divine knowledge, the divine knowledge will start to flow inside him, the more he practices the divine knowledge in his daily life more blessed he will be, he will always be absorbed in Braham Bhagtee. All his actions and reactions will become truthful and he will see, hear and serve the truth. He will always remain peaceful and stable mind.


If we are unable to kill our Dubidha then we will find no place anywhere in the entire universe, we will be wandering aimlessly, no matter whatever religious actions we perform, as long as we are in doubts and Bharams, we will remain recycling through the cycle of life and death. It is therefore, mandatory to kill your Dubidha to achieve salvation.


The person in Dubidha will never be able to achieve enlightenment of divine knowledge, he will always live a life of untruthfulness, his mind will be covered with all kind of dirt and mental sicknesses, and he will never be able to get relieved of these mental sicknesses.


Such a person who kills his Dubidha with Gurkirpa is blessed by the Almighty and is full of divinity and divine knowledge, he can understand the divine knowledge and help himself achieve his spiritual goals.


There is an unlimited divine knowledge presented in the Gurbani about how and what these doubts – Dubidha – do to the person, there is not much need to explain these shaloks, the bottom line is that if you are in Dubidha then you can’t achieve salvation – Jivan Mukti no matter what you do.   You will never be able to reach anywhere.


 dhubidhhaa maarae eikas sio liv laaeae ||
subduing the sense of duality, they are in love with the One.



SGGS 119


You will be able to control your mind and go into meditation only if you are with out Dubidha – no doubts. And how your Dubidha will go away


 sathigur milai th dhubidhhaa bhaagai ||
Meeting the True Guru, duality is dispelled.


SGGS 153

Only Satguru will be able to relieve you of this mental sickness.


 gur sathigur naam dhrirraaeiaa thin ha(n)oumai dhubidhhaa bha(n)nee ||
The Guru, the True Guru, implants the Naam within them, and their egotism and duality are silenced.

SGGS 590


Dassan Das