4. Hopes And Desires

“Asa” means simple desires, hope of having something accomplished,
“Trishna”: means the desires which we long for fulfilling at any cost and
“Mansha” also means the internal desires, all our deeds or at least we can say that most of our deeds are directed towards the accomplishment of these kinds of desires.
Many times when we are unable to achieve these desires then we become disappointed which some times leads us in to deep sorrows, unpleasantness and unhappiness, and if certain desires are accomplished then we feel satisfied and happy for a period of time, and then again mind goes back in to same state of affairs, our mind is constantly battling to achieve or accomplish these desires, and many a times we go in to very mean and unfair means to accomplish these desires, like bribery, dishonesty, cheating, stealing, lying, misbehavior, hurting others, killing others, and so on to fulfill our desires.
The entire life of ours is spent being deeply involved in this never ending spree of meeting our desires through fair or foul means. Infact we don’t know how many such human lives we have spent in just being lost in meeting our desires.
These desires are categorized as a part of the Maya, the desires fall under the Rajo Guns (qualities) of Maya the other two are:
Tamo: Kaam Karodh Lobh Moh Ahankaar Nindya Chugli Bakhili,
Sato: Dharam -religion, Dayaa – kindness, Santokh – contentment and other such deeds)
and we are being constantly influenced by this quality of Maya in our day today behavior and deeds. Obviously operating under this quality of Maya doesn’t do any good to our spiritual life or divine advancement of our soul, these desires divert our Karni – deeds in a direction that is opposite to the divinity, the desires take us away from the Almighty, they keeps us involved in the loop of Maya forever, it is a never ending cycle of Maya in which the entire world is revolving from ages, from the beginning and will remain doing so for all ages to come, it is a never ending process.
The soul, which wins over these three qualities of the Maya (Rajo, Tamo and Sato) merges in to the Almighty, such a soul will come out of this loop of Maya and go back to the Origin – Ik Oankaar Satnaam. 
Such a soul will achieve the Param Padvi, will reside in Sach Khand, will become a walking and live encyclopedia of divine wisdom – a Braham Gyani, and will also be known as or respected as a Puran Sant, a Satgur in the Dargah of Akal Purakh. Such a soul will become beyond the reach of these three qualities of Maya and by virtue of being so will become a part of the Param Jyot and so will become a Pargatyeo Jyot, will go into complete silence, and will completely merge in the Almighty.
Dassan Das