3. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very important deep divine quality that is a part of the personality and behavior of a Saint. A soul can’t become a Saint without a deep divine sense of forgiveness and even go beyond forgiveness. Which means even overlooking the bad deeds of others and give complete forgiveness instantaneously. This character and personality trait, which makes a person extremely kind hearted, is a very essential and mandatory divine principle.  Forgiveness becomes a part and parcel of a Saintly Being ( “ Sant Purush”). 

Timeless, Great, Great, Lover of all lover, Unlimited omnipresent, Being of all being, Supreme being (‘Akal Purakh”) has described Himself in the Primal Word (“Mool Manter”) as Without Enmity (“Nirvair”); which is one of the utmost important divine qualities of the Almighty.  Let us look at what does it mean in terms of divinity and divine wisdom.  Let us try to understand the meaning of this Greatest Divine Gift as it pertains to our day today life and how radically can it change our life. 

Devoid of Enmity  (“Nirvair”) is the One who

·         Has no animosity with anyone, 

·         Doesn’t keep any enmity with any one at all no matter who it is,

·         Is always beyond any such feeling or actions or deeds, which can bring in any kind of animosity or   enmity with anyone. 

·         Is beyond bringing any kind of anger or feeling of revenge for anyone under any circumstances,

·         Sees every one of us with a Single Vision, which means He loves us all in the same way,

·         Cares about all of us in the same way, there is no duality in His vision and actions,

·         Has provided us all with the same kind of natural facilities without any discrimination,

·         Provides us with the same kind of opportunities, (but yet what makes our fate different is our own deeds), that makes Him the one with utmost kindness. 

Even if we:

·         Do something wrong,

·         Continue to commit sin after sin,

·         Are nothing more than a bunch of millions of such sins committed over all of our previous lives,

·         Still continue sinning,

·         Commit all kinds of crimes,

His love for us doesn’t diminish.  He keeps on giving us a chance after chance to reform ourselves.  All this is due to His utmost kindness, which is why He is called “Dana Dina”.  This is called the height of forgiveness, thereby making forgiveness a very deep divine quality that Guru’s Word-Wisdom tells us to practice and follow in our real life.

Guru’s divine Love filled selfless wisdom says that wherever there is forgiveness the Almighty is present:

(“Jahan Khima Tehn Aap”)
Wherever there is forgiveness, there is YOU

(“Farida Burey Daa Bhalaa Kar”)
O “Fareed” by kind to the one who is bad to you

(“Hum Nahin Changey Buraa Nahin Koi”) 
I am not good, no one is bad

(“Naa Koi Beyree Nahi Begana Sagal Sang Hum Ko Ban Aayee”)
(“Jab Tey Sadh Sangat Mohey Payee”).
No one is enemy, no one is a stranger. 
I have made the whole world into my friend since I met the company of Saints

That is why the God is known as

  • (“Param Dyalu”)  Supremely Kind,
  • (“Bakshand”) Forgiver,
  • (“Bakshan Hara”)  One who forgives. 

He doesn’t take a second to wipe out all our sins.  Only His Divine ambrosial Nectar ,Lovable Name “ Naam”) is powerful enough and capable of forgiving and cleaning our soul from the influence of all the sins:

(“Har Kaa Naam Kot Paap Par Harey”)
God’s Name wipes out millions of sins. 

All we need to do is a full and complete commitment, belief and trust in the Supreme Master Divine Light (“Gur”) and Truth Master (“Guru”) and then one day He will for sure give us the Divine Blessed, blessed at most  humbly Lovable Gift of Truth Master (“ Gur Parsaad”) ,his  divine always Purer than Pure Name of Lord (“Naam”) –“ Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad”.  If we do Divine Love filled devotion (“Bandgi”) with

1.      (“Sachee Preet”)     True Love,

2.      (“Sachee Shardha”) True Faith  and

3.      (“Sacha Vishvaas”)   True belief 

Then we will be able to bring such divine qualities inside us and eventually achieve the objective of this human life – Freedom of Life (“Jivan Mukti”).

The worst thing is the enmity and sense of revenge. Better than that is doing justice and giving punishment.  Better than that is being kind and forgiving and to reform the criminal.  Best of all is not to even look at the wrong doings of anybody and just forgive him instantly of all the wrong doings. And to give him another chance and to keep on giving him such chances until he reforms himself. 
This is what is the real and divine forgiveness. This divine quality drives out all the anger from your inside.  It drives out the entire ego inside you and makes your inside very calm and silent. This is one of the priceless diamonds of Universal Divine Wisdom (“ Braham Gyan”), which we all should try to practice in our daily life and bring inside our soul. 

Remember that without this divine quality we will loose our this human life.  However, for us as human beings it is very hard to practice this divine quality in many situations.  But let us try it, give it a honest and sincere trial, with Guru’s eternal blessed Divine Blessing (“ Gur Kirpa”) we will be successful.
Slave Of Slaves
(“Dassan Dass”)

Question  from one Devoted Lady (“ bibi ji”):
Dear Slave of Slaves “Dassan Dass Ji” and True simple Divine congregation (“sadh sangat ji”)

Please accept our humble palm pressed prostration in your divine blessed feet. (“aap sabh de charna wich dandot parvan karo ji”).

I have a question. Question is

What do you do when you really want to forgive someone for the things they have done in the past.  Because you know that is the only way you can be at peace with yourself. But every time you reach a point where your mind is stable and you are at the point of forgiving them that they take certain actions or do things that make it harder. What do you do then?

Lowest of low (“neecha di neech”)

Reply from Slave of slaves  (“ Dassan Das”):

Forgiveness means forgiveness, it doesn’t mean one time forgiveness,  it is a continuous process.  You need to continue forgiving.  If you are getting distracted by somebody’s actions, or somebody’s behavior is making you angry then there is SOMETHING WRONG IN YOU.   It is your ego (“Haumai”) that is preventing you to exercise forgiveness again and again, so don’t let your ego take over.  Remember ego is a chronic disease and forgiveness is a divine quality.

Forgiveness will bring kindness in you; it will make you free from anger and ego.  Because ego and anger complement each other, and forgiveness and kindness complement each other. 

So you want to become kind and forgiving and not egoistic and angry. Always keep in mind; if anybody is trying to hurt you like this then he is really hurting himself.  He is sowing badly for himself and he will have to reap that bad deed one day in his future time.  And you don’t want to react the same way, instead you want to keep on and stay on with the truthful deeds and sow good by being kind and forgiving.
So bring forgiveness in your Heart (“ Hirda”) and make it a kindest heart (“Hirda”), which will take you closer to the Almighty where as ego and anger will take you away from the Almighty.

Slave of slaves

”Dassan Das”