36. Punishment From Akal Takhat – Truth never bows

Sat Naam

Truth Never Bows To Falsehood.


The Sant Satguru (Brahmgiani) never bows to Maya.


God is complete and infinite Truth and so are the Brahmgiani Satguru’s, because their soul is merged into God.  They have all the attributes and strengths of God at their disposal. They absolutely remain under God’s will. Their Truthful living is focused on helping the human race unite with God.


The world that we see with our naked eyes, is under Maya, the illusion. Maya is negative or shadowy aspect of God. He himself created it in his own play. Maya acts on this world to tear it apart from the God. So, other than a few Bhagats who win over Maya, by doing utmost worship and Truthful living, the rest of this world plays under the influence of Maya.


Maya acts through its five vices: Lust , Anger , Greed , Emotional attachments and Ego. These five vices influence everybody’s behavior and make people live the life of illusion. Under illusion they can neither understand the Truth (God)  nor they can understand Sant Satguru’s. So, the world is always at WAR with the Sant Satguru’s. Lives of Kabir, Namdev, Ten Sikh Satguru’s, Jesus Christ and several other Bhagats have been full of instances where the Empires, the people, the existing religions have opposed them and persecuted them. This is natural to expect because Sants live under Truth whereas worldly beings live under Maya. So, the two camps never get along.


Now how have these Saintly beings dealt with all this persecution. THEY NEVER BOW IN FRONT OF PEOPLE LIVING UNDER MAYA. Even though, they consider themselves as lowest of the low and as servants to all God’s life forms. So, TRUTH NEVER BOWS. Let us explore few example cases:


They do not care for anything else, except their True Husband Lord.

SGGS 473


·         Jesus Christ became a Sant Satguru while before that he was an ordinary carpenter. The empire at that time and the people alike, could not come to settle with the fact that Jesus was an embodiment of Truth, was God like and somebody not like them anymore. As a result Jesus was crucified. Now, DID HE BOW IN FRONT OF THE EMPIRE OR PEOPLE?  Certainly not. Such was God’s will, he did not cave in, sacrificed himself for Truth and went to Dargah with a shining face (Ujjal Mukhra).


·         Kabir and Namdev both were asked by the empires to change their ways of Truthful living. Both declined and hence were tortured. Empires wanted to kill them, but God, with his Grace saved them and their glory spreaded every where.


·         Jehangir, misinformed by Chandu and other jealous ones, ordered Guru Arjun to stop preaching Truth (Jehangir thought Guru Arjun’s preaching was evil, such is influence of Maya). Guru Arjun did not give up and instead sacrificed his life by getting roasted in red hot sand and getting cooked over a Hot Plate.


·         Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed himself by getting beheaded in Chandani Chowk in Delhi but did not BOW in front of the edicts of Aurangzeb.


·         Both Guru Hargobind and Guru Gobind Singh fought several wars with oppressive Moghul empire to protect the innocent people from oppression. They never compromised their Truthful living with the demands of the oppressive empires at their times.


Guru Gobind Singh wrote Zafarnama (Victory Letter) to Aurangzeb, mentioning therein, how Aurangzeb operated tyrannically under Maya, did everything opposite to what his religion preached and disguised himself as a religious king. He told him flat out that Aurangzeb ruled a rule of deceit and lies and killed so many innocents. Also, Guru ji educated him how Guru Gobind Singh acted Truthfully and for the cause of innocent people and for the sake of Truth sacrificed his Mother, Sons and lot of Sikhs. But he told Aurangzeb that all was done for the sake of Truth and hence no sacrifice was too big. The TRUTH HAD ITS EFFECT, AURANGZEB COULD NOT LIVE LONG ENOUGH AFTER LISTENING TO ZAFARNAMA BECAUSE OF UNCONTROLLABLE GUILT AND DIED SOON.


History is full of several examples like this and it is not possible to include every such occurrence in a brief article like this. This clearly demonstrates that TRUTH NEVER BOWS. TRUE SAINT BOWS ONLY IN FRONT OF GOD’S WILL AND NOBODY ELSE.


The worldly beings such as Preachers, Religions (because majority if not all of their dealings are under Maya), Empires, common people, all being under Maya bend over backwards when they are challenged enough or when they are afraid they are going to lose their face. In this case, as you can see, both parties are under the Maya. The judge and the guilty both actually are influenced by Maya and not Truthful. Only one under the influence of Maya, caring for his worldly reputation, will surrender and ask for being pardoned. Few cases in point:


·         Sikh preachers and others go and beg forgiveness from Akal Takhat. Now judge for yourself who at Akal Takhat is Brahmgiani like Guru Hargobind Ji ? The entire business of convicting people and then giving them forgiveness after they execute Tankhah is done under Maya and has nothing Godly or Truthful about it. Both the convict and the Akal Takhat management are just giving an eyewash to the people (“Kunchar Ishnan”) 


·         Roman church after few centuries,  admitted that Galileo was right about saying that earth revolves around the Sun and not the otherway around and the church was wrong in opposing him at that time. The church made a written apology to Galileo.


·         President Reagan apologized to the entire US Nation on the national TV for the Iran Contra affair. He admitted he was not clean on that issue.


So, the Empires Bow, Preachers Bow, Religions Bow because they operate under Maya, and do not do absolute Truth. History is full of examples of this kind also. BUT GOD DOES NOT BOW,  A TRUE SAINT DOES NOT BOW AND BOTTOMLINE IS: TRUTH NEVER BOWS.


This article is written with the grace of God and Brahmgiani Sant Satguru Baba Ji.


A humble servant.