37. Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Teaching Versus What Some Sikhs Do

Sat Naam

The self-willed manmukh babbles on and on,
but he does not understand.
One whose heart is illumined, by Guru’s Teachings,
obtains the Name of the Lord. ||3||
You may listen to the Shaastras, but you do not understand,
and so you wander from door to door.
He is a fool, who does not understand his own self,
and who does not enshrine love for the True Lord. ||4||

SGGS 492


What can you say to those people who :-


  • simply believe in bowing to SGGS but not in what it says? 


  • only want to read and recite Bani but won’t take wisdom out of it and act on it? 


  • want to wear the 5K’s to show others that they are religious but do no want to change from inside?



O my friends go read and listen to the Bani with your mind more carefully by closing your eyes. Bani is talking about YOU as an individual and NOT about the Panth or Group or Sect.


According to their own actions, some are drawn closer,
and some are driven farther away.





It does not matter the way you are dressed or look it is what you inside that counts. Bani was written to tell the world how the concept of Guru and disciple/learner/sikh works. Bani was not written for you to merely recite in the belief you are pleasing God and others.


The Great Dhan Dhan Gurus say that without good deeds, truthful living and Naam their is no salvation.


Baba replied to the pilgrim hajis, that, without good deeds
 both will have to weep and wail.

Bhai Gurdas Vaar 1

Bhai Gurdas Vaar 1


O my brother you will also cry. SGGS says:


 The True Guru gives His Sikh the wealth of the Naam.


SGGS 286


 True is that shop, and perfect the transaction;
deal only in the merchandise of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||2||

SGGS 399


So who is your Guru – the “Panj Piare” or Maya or your self-centred mind or SGGS?


Furthermore Bani says:


Spotlessly pure is his reputation, and ambrosial is his speech.
The One Name permeates his mind.
Sorrow, sickness, fear and doubt depart.
He is called a Holy person; his actions are immaculate and pure.

SGGS 296


SGGS does not do any deeds, living beings do it. The interactions with other beings decides your future life and fate. If your deeds are full of falsehood then how can you get out of the cycle of birth and death. There is no liberation without controlling the five thieves. Then SGGS goes on to say:


One who has met the True Guru, remains awake and aware.
Such a person overpowers the five thieves. ||2||

SGGS 1128

SGGS 1128


Only those who are pre-destined will meet the Guru and serve him. If one does not have a Guru then what is the use of continually chanting and singing “Waheguru Waheguru” which means Guru is Great, Guru is Great?


If one


  • does not want to go through the process of self-realization (man tu jot saroop hein) and change his deeds,


  • does not try to see God in everyone (including wife, children, relatives &  neighbors),


  • does not become a great philanthropist,


  • does not want to control his five vices


then what is the use of wearing the 5K’s. They are not going with you when you die. Only Naam (Satnaam) and your deeds go with you.


Only the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, will go along with you. ||1||

SGGS 889

SGGS 889

Fareed, only those good deeds done in the world
will be of any use in the Court of the Lord. ||100||

SGGS 1383

SGGS 1383


SGGS goes into great detail to tell us what the Naam is,  who has it and how you can get it. There is no mention of Panj Piaras being the givers of the Naam as is current Sikh belief.  Whether you believe it or choose not to it is the truth.  We are supposed to follow Truth.


One can not complain now that the divine wisdom was not available in common man’s language so he could not understand it. If one wants to ignore it or does not want to get it and change who can help him.


By attaining wisdom you will not follow the religion of rituals rather religion of Naam and good deeds.



If people could meet the Lord by their own efforts,
why would they be crying out in the pain of separation?
Meeting Him in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy,
O Nanak, celestial bliss is enjoyed.In the month of Jayt’h, the playful Husband Lord meets her,
upon whose forehead such good destiny is recorded. ||4||

SGGS 133


 – by Guru’s Grace, I am a sacrifice to my Master.
Again and again, I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice. ||1||

SGGS 157

SGGS 157


 The essence of all religion is the Lord’s Name alone.

SGGS 296


Rehat Pyari Mujhko Sikh Pyara Nahen
Rehni Rahe Soi Sikh Mera; Oh Sahib Mein Uska Chera

Your internal code of conduct is precious to me, not just calling yourself a “Sikh”.
The one who abides by the internal code of conduct is my Sikh.
That Sikh is my Master (SAHIB) and I am his disciple.


Are you such a Sikh that can be called “Sahib” by Guru Gobind Singh Ji? Look at yourself before
you call yourself a Sikh or a Khalsa.  It is unfortunate where Sikhsism has ended up now after all the hard work and sacrifices made by Dhan Dhan Gurus and the divine wisdom provided in SGGS.  Like every other religion, commercialism has taken over. People are following rituals and think they are doing religion.


SGGS says the true religion is Satnaam and truthful living every second of the day. If you do not believe and act on what SGGS says then what is the difference between bowing to it and statue worship. The great Dhan Dhan Gurus and Bhagats calling themselves lowest and  bowing to a Sikh  showed us the way. When will you do the same and become a saint or brahmgianni for who even Shiva is looking for.


Brahmgiani khojay mahesur

Even Shiva searches for the BrahmGiani



The above has been written with the blessing’s of Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmesher and my Dhan Dhan  Sant Satguru Baba Ji.