39. Sikh Controversies about meat & rag mala

Sat Naam

Part 1

Here is Baba Ji’s wisdom on these –


1. Eating Meat, Eggs or Fish


Baba ji urges everyone not to get trapped in any wasteful desires.   Eating meat, eggs or fish has nothing to do with the spirituality as  long as you do not desire for it. Or if you do not kill a bird or animal with the desire to eat its meat. If you happen to be at a place, where meat or eggs is the only thing available to eat – there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating any of these. It is perfectly fine to eat what is available. The process of  seeing holy food (vegetarian) and unholy food (meat) is duality – Dubidha – not seeing God in all. A Lord’s true devotee eventually becomes like Him, and carries a singular vision (ek drishat). You go to the grocery shop, and if He happens to take you near the meat area, and persuades you to buy it – a true devotee wouldn’t discriminate. The meat is another item like lentils or vegetables in the store.


The fools argue about flesh and meat,
but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom.
What is called meat, and what is called green vegetables?
What leads to sin?


It was the habit of the gods to kill the rhinoceros,
and make a feast of the burnt offering.
Those who renounce meat, and hold their noses when sitting near it,
enjoys flesh at night.


They practice hypocrisy, and make a show before other people,
But they do not understand anything about meditation or spiritual wisdom.
O Nanak, what can be said to the blind people?
They cannot answer, or even understand what is said.


SGGS 1289


On the other hand, if you desire for it and say that today I am going to cook and eat meat only, when vegetables or other kind of foods are already available. This is an obvious desire, and can take you backwards from the path of spirituality. Eating horse meat during the war times (at Anandpur Sahib) was completely under His Hukam as the Tenth Guru and Sikhs did.


Whatever He gives us, we eat; says Nanak, He is the True Lord.


SGGS 489




An animal or a bird or a human being is destined with a certain life time, and eventually will perish away. The bacteria in our body due to an illness itself is a form of birth. We get cured as the bacteria completes the life cycle (similar to the rest of the 8.4 million life forms). It is a part of  “Aape Ras – Rasia”.meaning God Himself is the taste and the taster.


Baba Ji himself eats meat, eggs under God’ s grace (if offered by any one). He puts the souls of those animals into God’s court as he prays and thanks the Lord before eating. The animals or birds happen to serve the rest by offering their dead meat to feed them, and in a way are better than human beings. So does the `vista ka jant’ (stool-worm), is born, lives, and dies under His will (separate from the body of the host). The vista ka jant (stool-worm) is a separate jyote (spirit), just like the bacteria in our body (eyes, ear, nose, throat and the sperm…).


2. Raag-Mala is Dhur Ki Bani – God’s Word.


It signifies the glorious music of the Lord. It is the happiness that evolves through the meeting of Nar-Nari (Lord –Devotee). This very state cannot be described, and it can be felt by the “Suhagins” of Lord. The Raag itself is the feed for the soul and the soul flourishes when it absorbs the heavenly music of the Lord.


The Raag is a medium of pure state that connects us to the pure one. The Raag acts as a catalyst (enhancer) for the spiritual seeker, and it helps in connecting with the Almighty. The true understanding of this occurs when one is moving towards the purity(true worship of the Lord).


The Lord Himself is the creator of the Raag. Raag and Raagni are the two sides of a scale – takri tol tarazu. From it came Adam and Eve in the dargah. From Him came – Sun & Moon, Heaven & Hell. Day & Night, Poem of Love – the notes in sat-saagar (seven sarovars). The whole Universe is moving under His will in a very melodious manner.


The Anhad-Naad itself as quoted in SGGS Ji is a Raag of various unique sounds blended in a harmonious manner. The baby’s laughter & cries are the true love –Raag / Raagni. The meeting of male & female in sohaag is Raag / Raagni. The Gurmukhs listen to this day and night.


The Unstruck Melody constantly vibrates within;
my mind is exalted and uplifted-
I am lovingly absorbed in the Lord.



Now, if we look back at the history of Ten Guru times – Guru Nanak Ji Himself sang the Bani in various Raagas with the music played by Baba Mardana Ji. The Gurbani quoted in SGGS Ji is Dhur Ki Bani – was conveyed by the Gurus and Bhagats exactly the way it came to them. As we notice in SGGS Ji –most of the Bani is quoted in Raagas.


The Unstruck Celestial Music vibrates for them at the Lord`s Door,
and they are honored at the True Door.



The Raagi-Kirtaniyas used to sing Gurbani in pure Raagas during the times of Gurus. The knowledge of pure Raagas has diminished over the time, yet we find few Raagis still doing kirtan in pure Raagas, such as Bhai Samund Singh, Bhai Dilbag Singh, Bhai Avtaar Singh, Bhai Jawalla Singh, Bhai Chand (from the enerations of Baba Mardana Ji).


By great good fortune, one sings the Kirtan of God`s Praises.


Guru Nanak Sahib went to Baghdad during one of his long trips (Udasi). At one time Baba started singing Gurbani in Raaga around mid-night. The venue happened to be in the vicinity of the dera of Peer Bahabul Din – A Muslim Saint. Guru Ji was opposed by the radical ones as the music is not accepted amongst radical muslims.


Guru Patshah gave this godly wisdom to the muslims including the Peer that Raag is the creation of the Lord, and singing His praise in Raaga only creates bliss.If you attach the same Ragga with a wrong doing of lustful dance, and get absorbed in it. This can be the source of the hell for you. The Raag itself is pure, and adulterating it with evil deeds only creates the ill results.


Raag-Raagni is God’s own desire to know Himself by unfolding His Samadhi after 36 Ages, and to glorify Himself in the dance of meeting, separation and then meeting again. He created this play of Love Himself. Raag was deaf mute (pingla) at creation, and Raagni was the first sound.



Meeting her Husband, the soul-bride sings the songs of joy,
and celebrates her Lord and Master

SGGS 499


That is why to Him, a true devotee is dearest than even the very self. He serves His devotees. The child is the father of man.


A Humble Servant



Part 2


Raag Maalla provides a brief description of various Raags and Raagnis. It is a part of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is an index of various Raags & Raagnis as such. One can truly understand these definitions in the true Samadhi abhias with His blessings. All the notes are married in a pure rythemic state in a pure raag. The raags are embodiment of pure feelings or states of pure emotions blended with various parts of day and night. It is true that all the Raagas listed in SGGS Ji are not enlisted in Raag-Maalla. What do we know about this, and should be engage in any such accuratic assessments?


The soul purpose of a Lord’s devotee is to enlighten the very self. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Dhur Ki Bani – the godly wisdom communicated through various Brahmgianis (Gurus & Bhagats). One ought not to indulge in getting in the nth degree details and any such backgrounds of this brahmgyan. The Lord is infinite – beyond explanation, and so is His wisdom. In fact we have to break our scaling abilities, and empty up ourselves like a little baby. Daas can try describing one of the personal experiences here. Daas was casually sitting down in the living room (of course with His company) one day. A quote from SGGS Ji came in the thoughts, and the urge was there to analyze, and understand it completly. A trace of ego was building in. A set of meanings and explanation walked through the mind. The meanings of the very quotes kept on changing every few seconds, everytime the mind tried going a bit deeper into the Gurbani.  Daas went through this process for couple minutes, and then the Lord conveyed the message – “I am beyond description, and no one can understand Me, My Bhagats, and My Divine Wisdom in complete”.


No one knows Your limits.

SGGS 268


Daas apologized before the Lord, and begged for nothing but His limitless love. Daas is greatful to the Lord to clarify this bharam sooner.


A similar situation occurred with Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji many years back. He was engaged in writing the translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji over few years of his efforts. Bhai Sahib Ji got into severe depression as he was coming closer to the completion of this task. He isolated himself completely from everyone, and instructed his sevadar not to let anyone come to his room. The sevadar was asked to keep log entries of all the visitors so that he could communicate with the visitors later on. The Lord sent Brahmgiani Baba Harnaam Singh Ji Rampur Kheda Wale to visit Bhai Sahib Ji. Baba Ji had never physically seen or met Bhai Sahib Ji before this (yet they were soul mates).


As Baba Ji was talking to the sevadar, Bhai Vir Singh ji realized (through his anbhav) this. He asked sevadar in a loud voice (from a deep room) to send Baba Ji in. Upon asking by Baba Ji, Bhai Sahib Ji explained the reason for his depression  – He was occupied in writing the translation of  SGGS Ji for quite sometime. Now that he is almost near the end, he is realizing that the translation he did in the earlier days is not accurate anymore (the meanings now are lot different), and this is worrying him a lot. His biggest worry is if this translation gets out to the public, it is going to do a disservice by locking the finite explanation of infinite brahmgyan. It can mislead many spiritual seekers. This was the reason for his depression. So, the point here is that the meanings of the Gurbani for an individual relates to his or her spiritual state. The meanings take a different turn as the level of purity in devotee’s mind is elevated,. “Karte ki mehma varan na sakoon””Ooche apaar beant soami”


The Gurbani is the most precious jewel of all. The mind itself is analogous to a mirror. The clarity in the mirror goes up as it gets cleaner. SGGS Ji quotes –


Their minds become pure, and they remain immersed in the Lord;
they are honored in His Court.



If you want to know more about Him or His wisdom, seek for the company of His saints or Brahmgianis. Do not get trapped into the illusion of deh-pooja though. You have to serve the Guru selflessly, and get his blessings to accomplish the salvation as was done by Bhai Lehna Ji. Bhai Lehna ji saw the Lord in Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Bhai Lehna ji was destined to get the salvation through Guru Nanak’s blessings. With his total surrender, utmost faith and service, he eventually became the Naanak himself – “Guru Angad”. The Lord Himself does not take birth, or has any shape or color. Yet, he becomes apparent through His bhagats. SGGS Ji quotes –


When this soul and that Lord are blended, then, having been blended,
they cannot be known separately.

SGGS 342


We ought to read or listen to the Gurbani and act on the brahmgyan. The meanings will come out as the spiritual state elevates.


Those Gurmukhs who have tasted it remain intuitively absorbed in the Lord.



We cannot conceal the Infinite Lord, who liberates us. We should simply engage in a selfless prema-bhagti (devotional-love), and get out of any scaling ideas. He is beyond any of our imagination, and He Himself is the scale of Total Love (self).


God Himself is the balance scale, He Himself is the weigher,
and He Himself weighs with the weights.


SGGS 605



A Humble Servant