4. Honest Work

We had the great fortune to speak with Truth Master “SatGuru Baba Jee” last night – He is  Great Great  “Dhan Dhan”…. palm pressed prostration  (“dandout”)  forever to  Complete supreme Saint –Truth-Guru (“Puran Sant SatGuru”). “Sat Sat Sat SatNaaaam”.

He spoke about True (“Kirat”) ( Honest Work) and that it is often mentioned about  10 finger nails (“dassa nauwaan”)  Work (“di kirat”), “Baba Jee” said that sometimes people have to be a little deceitful when carrying out their daily jobs – so how can this be True Honest Work ? (“Kirat”) This can only become True honest work  (“Kirat”)  if we give  tenth of earnings (“dasvandh”) back to Truth.

He said that the True  honest work (“Kirat karni” is – to destroy the 5 enemies is the True honest work  (“Kirat”) (“Punj Doot Tud Vas Keethai Kaal Kunthak Maareyaa”). The gang of five are always waiting to pounce…….Truth Master (“Baba Jee”) said that whenever we are thinking about ourselves then we are under the influence of the thieves (“doots”) – when we think of the well being of others then we are away from the five.

We said that it is so easy to lose at this game…he said ‘You better believe it!’

Great great  greatest is our lucky luck (“Dhan Bhaag Humaarey”) that we have  True congregation (“Sat Sangat”) to help keep us on the path and remind us that we need to be constantly aware of the dangers of  mammon (“maya”)… always ready with readiness (“Tiaar Par Tiaar”). Always looking at ourselves and our  actions and see if what we have just done (and are doing) is in any way influenced by her. True Master (“Baba Jee”) says that devotional worship  (“bandagi”) is the acceptance of our sins and then asking for forgiveness then moving on, then accepting if we commit more sins and asking for forgiveness then moving on.

True Master (“Baba Jee”) also mentioned that we must ask Guru’s word-wisdom (“Gurbani”) what it is that goes with us when we die, it is not the Outward appearance  (“baana”), the 5Ks ( 5 sacred symbols in Sikhism)  did not go with Great Lovable Lord—Master “Gobind Singh” (“Guru Gobind Singh Jee”) when He left. He said that Guru’s word-wisdom (“Baani”) will tell us that it is our Truthful Deeds (“Sat Karams”) that will go with us. So we should recite lovingly with full blossomed heart and mind (“Jap Mun”)  “Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaaam…” ( truth ,truth and always, always truth is he)

True Love-filled Master (“Baba Jee”) asked us to pass on His love to everyone.

Countless palm pressed prostrations in holy feet of only one & All (“Dandout to one and All”),


Lowliest among low (“Kiram Jant”)