4. In Praise Of A Gurmukh

Gurmukh nadang, gurmukh vedang, gurmukh raheya samaee

The GurMukh is united with the Naad (music of the Naam);
the GurMukh overflows with the Divine Wisdom;
the GurMukh is completely absorbed in God.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Jap Ji sahib (SGGS 2)


These divine words have a very deep meaning sung in the praise of a  Gurmukh Soul.  These words are describing the very high spiritual  condition of a Gurmukh Soul. 




The Gurmukh is a Soul who is united with the divine music of Naam.  He is absorbed in the  eternal music of Naam.  The Five Spiritual Sounds (Panch Shabad Anhad Naad) , the divine music  becomes a part of his life.  He listens to this divine music on a continuous basis in his tenth gate (Dassam Dwaar) .   Bhagat Baynee Ji explains it further :


Raamkalee, The Word Of Baynee Jee:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

The energy channels of the Ida, Pingala and Shushmanaa:
these three dwell in one place.
This is the true place of confluence of the three sacred rivers:
this is where my mind takes its cleansing bath. ||1||

O Saints, the Immaculate Lord dwells there;
how rare are those who go to the Guru, and understand this.
The all-pervading immaculate Lord is there. ||1||Pause||

What is the insignia of the Divine Lord’s dwelling?
The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates there.
There is no moon or sun, no air or water there.
The Gurmukh becomes aware, and knows the Teachings. ||2||

Spiritual wisdom wells up, and evil-mindedness departs;
the nucleus of the mind sky is drenched with Ambrosial Nectar.
One who knows the secret of this device,
meets the Supreme Divine Guru. ||3||

The Tenth Gate is the home of the inaccessible, infinite Supreme Lord.
Above the store is a niche, and within this niche is the commodity. ||4||

One who remains awake, never sleeps.
The three qualities and the three worlds vanish,
in the state of Samaadhi.
He takes the Beej Mantra, the Seed Mantra, and keeps it in his heart.
Turning his mind away from the world,
 he focuses on the cosmic void of the absolute Lord. ||5||

He remains awake, and he does not lie.
He keeps the five sensory organs under his control.
He cherishes in his consciousness the Guru’s Teachings.
He dedicates his mind and body to the Lord’s Love. ||6||

He considers his hands to be the leaves and branches of the tree.
He does not lose his life in the gamble.
He plugs up the source of the river of evil tendencies.
Turning away from the west, he makes the sun rise in the east.
He bears the unbearable, and the drops trickle down within;
then, he speaks with the Lord of the world. ||7||

The four-sided lamp illuminates the Tenth Gate.
The Primal Lord is at the center of the countless leaves.
He Himself abides there with all His powers.
He weaves the jewels into the pearl of the mind. ||8||

The lotus is at the forehead, and the jewels surround it.
Within it is the Immaculate Lord, the Master of the three worlds.
The Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds,
resound and vibrate their in their purity.
The chauris – the fly brushes wave,
and the conch shells blare like thunder.

The Gurmukh tramples the demons underfoot with his spiritual wisdom.
Baynee longs for Your Name, Lord. ||9||1||

SGGS 974


The tenth gate (dasam duar) is is the place where the Supreme Light (Param  Jyot) resides in a Gurmukh Soul.  The NAAD is  the true and real music.  It  sounds like a combination of various musical instruments, for some of  the Gurmukhs this turns into Gurbani, for some others it becomes kirtan.  This is how the Gurus and Bhagats received the Gurbani.  It is a direct  music and sound connection between a Gurmukh and Akal Purakh along  with Param Jyot.   Such a condition comes only after Dassam Dwaar opens. 


What else happens when Dassam Dwaar opens? Divine Knowledge enters –




This  means that the divine knowledge – Braham Gyan starts to flow into the  Soul of such a Gurmukh. Whatever a Gurmukh says or tells is Puran  Hukam and Braham Gyan.  All his words are divine words.  He becomes a  living Granth (Scriptures) of divine knowledge – Braham Gyan.  At such a spiritual  level he becomes a completely truthful person and starts to serve the Truth.


He is absorbed in the Truth and then what happens is :




This means he is completely absorbed in the Akal Purakh.  He becomes one with Akal Purakh and all these things happen in Sach  Khand.


At such a high spiritual level he becomes a Puran Sant, a  Puran Braham Gyani and a Pargateyo Jyot.  




Dassan Dass  (Slave OF God’s Slaves)