6. Gurmukh Gives Everything

The Gurmukhs are the ones who give their everything to the Gur (God, the Highest Guru) and Guru (God manifested as an enlightened soul, and the word of God) become free of desires and reach the heights of spiritual worlds, such souls always live in the Dargah who follow these mandatory divine laws of the Dargah.


Give Body (Tann), Mind (Munn) and Wealth (Dhan) :


Tann :–

  • by dedicating to the Seva of Gur and Guru,
  • the Seva of the Satnaam,
  • the Seva of the Truth by serving and delivering the Truth,
  • by seeing and speaking the truth,
  • by writing and communicating truth to the masses,
  • by giving truth – Satnaam Gur Parsaad to the Sangat;


Munn :-

  • by listening and accepting the words of the Gur and Guru,
  • by listening and doing Gurbani,
  • by becoming Gurbani,
  • by leaving their own wisdom and taking divine wisdom of the Gur and Guru
  • and earning this divine wisdom by bringing it into the daily actions and deeds; 


Dhan :–

  • by giving Dasvandh (tenth) of the earnings to the Seva of Gur and Guru become nirlep (unattached) from Maya,
  • become free from the Haumai (ego) and Panj Doots (pride, attachement, greed, lust, anger).


"tann mann dhan sabh saup gur kau, hukam manio paaiaa
….sacrifice body, mind and wealth to the Gur, obeying the Command of God,
one attains self-realisation"


….Guru Amar Das Ji, Anand Sahib.


Dassan Dass  (Slave Of God’s Slaves)