4. Just Reading And Listening To Guru’s Word Wisdom Is Enough

The next common illusion among the masses is that just reading Guru’s word wisdom  will help bring the spiritual progress. Only reading and reciting Guru’s word wisdom doesn’t bring enough and noticeable difference in the spirituality of a person. We all know that a lot of our own family members have been doing so for decades together without much of a spiritual progress.  We know our own father (now 90+) has been doing “Recitation of Five prayers” and Great,great dear beloved “Sukhmani” prayer since the day we became in our senses as a child (57 years ago) and a few years back we heard him saying: “my mind doesn’t settle”  What is that suppose to mean ? If after reading Guru’s word for almost 75 years at least you say “my mind doesn’t settle”, then there is something drastically wrong.
Another example in our own family is that of our older sister.  She is 65 years old took “Khanda Ki Pahul “(Ceremonial baptism of masses where “Five Beloved” baptize one by letting him drink sugar mixed water ,stirred and made using two edged sword called “Khanda”)about 20 years back.  When she visited us a couple of years back she mentioned the same thing: “the mind wavers, the mind doesn’t settle”.   Asking her why she had no answer.
Both these incidents in our life have proved to us that just by doing repeated reading of Holy scriptures  nothing much is going to happen. How the mind can become stable unless you don’t follow the Guru’s divine wisdom command? How can your mind  become stable if you don’t follow the mandatory divine laws?  Your mind is being run by the illusion “Maya” and how can it become stable under the influence of illusion .  The mind has to go beyond this illusion to be stable and that is not going to happen when it is operating under the influence of illusion.    Only reading and reciting Guru’s word wisdom is good but doing Guru’s divine word wisdom is the best, accepting Guru’s word is better and then doing Guru’s word will bring the best results.
Guru Nanak King of Kings, has very clearly stated in “Asa Di Vaar” prayer: Donkey keeps on increasing his load by reading more and more ………  which is a Guru ‘s Divine command which states that just reading is not going to take you anywhere.  Unless you earn the Guru’s Divine wisdom  you are not going to reach anywhere, unless you do “Earning of Word” you will not go anywhere in the spirituality, unless you listen to the Guru’s Divine word, accept the Guru’s word  as an absolute eternal truth and practice it in your daily life you are not going to reach anywhere.
Practicing Guru’s word will bring in all the divine qualities inside your heart and fill it with the divinity and make it a Saint Heart and not just mere reading and listening will be of much value.