As long as we are in (“Dubidha”) doubts and religious illusions we can’t make much progress on the spiritual path.  So at the end of the day please make a self judgment and find out if you are doing whatever  … Read More

10. Waheguru is the Naam

There is a gross misunderstanding among the masses concerning what is the God’s Divine Name(“Naam”), or what God’s Divine Name(“Naam”) means, or how and where the God’s Divine Name (“Naam”)can be obtained and what God’s Divine Name(“Naam”) should be used … Read More

6. Only Money is Maya

Most people consider Maya as money only, their understanding is limited to interpreting Maya as money only but there is a deep divine meaning behind this word (“Shabad”) Maya and needs to be understood its real meaning and how it … Read More

5. Old Age Is for Devotion

There is a gross misunderstanding amongst the masses about what age to start reciting (“JAAP”) God’s Divine Name (“NAAM”).   Most people think that the time for recitation of God’s divine name (“NAAM”) is old age.  They think that childhood and … Read More