4. The Company Of Saints by Bhai Nand Lal Ji

Thought you may enjoy this.  Bhai Nand Lal Ji was not even intitiated as Khalsa-warrior (what we commonly call amritdharee) but he showed us what the true spiritual path was – love for God, SatGuru and the Saint.  Once he came dressed as a khalsa warrior and requested Guru Gobind Singh Ji to join the Khalsa army and go to war.  SatGuru ji told him that was not his order in life (hukam) for he was to wield the pen, not the sword.  Realise that SatGuru Ji said that the ones who love will realise the Lord and that love is inside you.  Teach that to the masses and become the saint who Bhai Nand Lal ji is talking about and tell me who will NOT want to be in your company?

This verse is from the Sikh hymn book (Amrit-Kirtan)on pages 311-314 – transaltion is from the internet:-

The biggest gain in the life comes from the company of the Saints,
and the basic purpose of the human birth is to worship the Lord. (157)

You want to be the devotee of the Lord,
and eventually be the one to know the Lord in depth. (158)

Every human on this earth is sent to be
in the company of His saints. (159)

The best part of the life is spent in the company of the saints.
The blessings of the Lord in the human life
come from the company of the saints. (160)

Anyone who comes to the company of the saints,
gets blessed with the precious maala of jewels (naam-maala) in his heart.
Or the most precious jewel of all:
naam-amrit is attained through the company of saints. (161)

The very nature of saints is to keep happiness around them,
and by all means maintain the true relationship with the Lord. (190)

How can an individual acquire this precious wealth of ultimate bliss. One gets intimate to this unlimited wealth of his glory through the company of His saints. (191)

All this is accomplished through the company of the saints.
They have complete access to the wealth of both ends – Maya serves them
on this earth, and they are the custodians of  the most precious
jewel of all  – `Naam’. (192)

One gets the most benefits from the company of the saints. Their
company showers the worthless human (part of the soil) with the
precious fruit of His `Naam’. (193)

The saints appear as the living Lord on the earth.
Truly they are the ones to run the both worlds – on the earth, and in the Dragah (God’s Court). (230)

The saints come across as extremely humble analogous to a minute particle of dust (lowest of the lowest).
Truly, they are the most competent warriors of the Lord. (231)

They live through the worldly deeds of life,
but they are completely aloof of the effect of materialism.
They spend every breath of their life in the remembrance of the Lord. (232)

The saints consider themselves as small as an ant,
yet they are brave and powerful than the most powerful elephant. (233)

Anyone who comes across them, gets surprised with the taste of the ambrosial nectar.
Their glory flourishes at the times when someone doubts them. (234)

The company of saints is acquired only with the blessings of the Lord.
And then one does not worry about materials anymore. (235)

The saints appear to be materialistic,
but in reality, they are aloof of the worldly attachments.
They are envisioning the purest divine light of the Lord
for each and every moment. (333)

In the eyes of common people, they appear absorbed in the worldly deeds.
In reality, they are absorbed in the Lord all the time. (334)

A common person views them as very involved in the family (sons-daughters),
but in fact their true relationship is with the Almighty Himself. (335)

They appear to be lost in the greed, but truly,
they have become pure by remembering Him (or reciting his `Naam’) all the time. (336)

In the eyes of common folks, they appear as trapped in the materialistic dealings,
Yet, in reality, they are far above the materialistic attachments. (337)

They appear to be busy in accumulating the wealth (gold-silver),
but truly they are intensly absorbed with the Creator of water-earth-wealth. (338)

With the time, their real life becomes apparent,
and they bless the environment with the aroma of their holy presence. (339)

Their spiritual state goes totally transparent with the Almighty,
and one can envision the total truth in the saints.
The both worlds (Lok-Parlok) work under the total will of the saints. (340)

They remember the Lord with their tongue, and mind all the time.  In remembering the Lord, their tongue emerges as the mind, and the mind becomes the tongue.  (341)

The devotees absorbed in the Lord quote that the
saints find the total happiness and enjoyment only through the company of the Lord. (342)

The saint, whose mind is embedded in nothing but Lord,
accomplishes the highest status of all. (370)

This secret is realized only by the saints who are totally immersed in the truth themselves.
They do not like to get trapped in any wasteful conversations. (371)

If you are seeking for the company of the Lord,
fall flat to the feet of true saints (puran sant), and follow their wisdom of Truth. (372)

A true saint will make you truthful, and complete (puran) just like him.
You will accomplish whatever you wish for in their company. (373)


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