5. Meeting The Sangat One Is Saved

satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam sada sada satnaam ji.


Last wednesday I woke up and had this line on my lips


O my Dear Lord of souls,
one who joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, is saved.
By Guru’s Grace, the supreme status is obtained,
and the dry wood (human mind and body) blossoms forth
in lush greenery (rejuvinated with naam amrit). ||1||




I kept doing simran of this line the whole day.  I felt like calling Baba ji . I called Baba ji he was out of town. Felt very good the whole day.  Called Baba ji again.  Talked to him about lots of things. Baba ji said,  "CHALI CHAL – Keep on Going”.  Babaji also said, "people walking on the streets is sangat. People
you meet at work is sangat. People on freeways is sangat."


Now where can you get wisdom like this? And people still slander him?  


In 1999 our Pabi ji (sister-in-law) introducd us to a lady saint in India.  She asked us to come to her Gurudwara and stay there for few days and listen to the prayers (paath) the whole day.  She said that it would give me the peace of mind that I was looking for.  But, I didn’t feel like staying there but did so as I did not want to hurt Pabi ji’s feelings. But I felt no peace. I did not get what i was looking for.  I felt very depressed and felt I will never get what I am looking for.


Then in 2000 met Baba ji and immediately felt that peace of mind that I was looking for.  Now when any one says how can you call someone your guru who did this and that etc etc?  I dont argue and dont even feel like doing so.  Because what I have got inside I cant show to anyone – can only feel it. And a person who can feel the same will not ask this question?


I see God in them too because they are actually helping me to be even stronger in what I believe in. I say
thankyou to them all the times for doing so.   I love them and thank them from the bottom of my heart .


love always


neecha di neech (lowest of the low)


Bibi Ji.