5. Behavior Of The Gurmukhs

The Gurparsadi Naam is not merely the name of God; it is his invisible form that pervades in the people who are on the path of God realization. It is the Satguru who is alive in the Hirda of a worshipper.


The Satguru (Naam) residing in the Hirda communicates back and forth with the worshipper and keeps the worshipper apprised of their state of mind at all times, in numerous ways.


The Naam, like God, is independent of the religions and is obtained from the Brahmgyani Saints who have been authorized by the God to distribute it. Only the people who are destined by the God (before they got in their mother’s womb) can get Naam. So the whole thing about God realization, meeting the Saint Satguru, obtaining the Naam and later on completion of the Bhagti under the surveillance of the Saint is because of the destiny written by God in the Dargah (The supreme court of Truth). The people, who have Gurparsadi Naam in their hirda, exhibit the following types of behaviors:  


·         They live life free of desires and are contented with what they have


·         They are always full of gratitude to God regardless of the circumstances  


·         They live a life of total surrender to the Gur, Guru, the Paramjyot  


·         They realize that all living forms and things are actually the God himself dressed in the robes of Maya  


·         They realize that God acts in all, and hence, every circumstance is according to God’s will. It is indeed his song and dance being performed in front of your eyes


·         They realize that all the universes and all physical forms are just one entity, that is God himself. This awareness then guides them to shatter the wall of illusion (Maya). Once you know that all beings are God himself and that all actions are happening because of only God’s will, then, why would you indulge in the five vices (Uncontrolled Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachments, Ego). The God realization liberates them from the feelings of jealousy, praising and slandering of others and judging others.  


·         They live with God in all their actions and thoughts  


·         They are not doubting types.


·         They are very self assured  


·         They are never melancholy but always in a state of delight and even ecstasy  


·         They are free of worries and they take the happenings as they unfold in front of them. Nothing is good or bad.  


·         They are well wishers of every body naturally, because they see God in every body  


·         They are attached to nothing. So, loss of belonging does not bother them.


·         The birth or death of some body neither makes them happy or sad. They are emotionally in a neutral state of mind  


·         They realize that the God, The Saint they obtained the Naam from, and the Naam itself, all are the same, the Param Jyot. All their strength comes from the Param jyot. God is their parent, friend, their relative, and the basis of their very existence. They do not have anything in their life that is independent of God.  


·         What ever they do, they realize that the action, the product and creator of that work is God.


·         They have no feeling of guilt, because everything is done under God’s will   


·         They have no fear of anything  



This article has been written with the blessings of the Gur, Guru, and Gurparsadi Naam.


A Humble Servant.