3. Understanding Gurmukh

With the Agam Apaar Beant and Anant GurParsaad GurKirpa – Eternal Blessings – of Agam Agochar , Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar – "Agam Agaadh Paar Braham Sohey Jo Jo Kahe So Mukta Hoye" and Dhan-Dhan  Baba Ji , a Puran … Read More

4. In Praise Of A Gurmukh

Gurmukh nadang, Gurmukh vedang, Gurmukh raheya samaee  The Gurmukh is united with the Naad (music of the Naam ); the Gurmukh overflows with the Divine Wisdom; the Gurmukh is completely absorbed in God.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Jap Ji Sahib  page 2.   … Read More

6. Gurmukh Gives Everything

The Gurmukhs are the ones who give their everything to the Gur (God, the Highest Guru) and Guru (God manifested as an enlightened soul, and the word of God) become free of desires and reach the heights of spiritual worlds, … Read More