5. The Eternal Definition Of A Cult

Here are some attributes and qualities of an entity which is truly defined as a Cult.  A cult   can be


1.        an individual;
2.        a so called religious organization;
3.        or a religiously and communally biased media (eg an internet forum).


A cult is an entity that is engaged in :


·         the creation and spreading of illusions, delusions, doubts, distractions, rumors and duality (unable to One God in everything and everyone i.e Dubidha) that take us away from the Gur and Guru.


·         taking us away from the Gurmat – divine wisdom and


·         spreading the virus of one’s own worldy and evil wisdom (Munnmat, Sansarik Mat and Durmat) amongst the masses.


·         taking us away, through its false deeds from the Akal Purakh and His Gur Parsaadee Naam “Ik Oankaar Satnaam”


·         the business of spreading hatred and bigotry among the masses and promoting communal fighting


·         the slanderous criticism of a Sikh, a Gursikh, a Gurmukh, a Sant, a Braham Gyani and a Gursangat


·         trying to evaluate the deeds of a Puran Sant, a Puran Braham Gyani


·         slandering and abusing anybody for any reason whatsoever


·         being defeated by the mental sicknesses of the Five thieves, Hopes, Desires, Wishes and Maya


·         discriminating between a Amrit-Dharee and a Non Amrit-Dharee – that is the cult of pride (Pride) promoted by their conformance to external identity and religious practises.  That is outside compliance only (Baharli Rehat)


·         any kind of discrimination between any sects of the society


·         wearing a religious dress (Dharam Ka Bana) and then doing un-godly actions (Adharam)


·         spreading violence,


·         communicating  poisonous thoughts to others,


·         harming others in any way,


·         abusing others in anyway


·         pointing fingers at others without cleaning his own house first


·         no humility and no humbleness, no mutual respect for others.    


In the end the entity engaged in any kind of bad deeds by any means is the biggest cult.  


So let us make our deeds Gurmat based.  Let us leave the selfish mind’s thoughts (Munnmat), the worldy thoughts (Sansarik Mat) and the evil thoughts (Durmat).  Lets  realize the Almighty, develop a true and eternal love and peace inside us for everyone living on this earth and make this place an Age of Truth (Sat-Jug) once again and make this earth a Cult free place.


This is a Gurparsaadee Gurmat writing with the Beayant Gur Kirpa of Agam Agochar Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Ji and Dhan Dhan Sant Baba  Ji, a Puran Braham Gyani. Please take a few minutes to evaluate our deeds in light of the above divine wisdom ( Gurmat).  Only judge our inner self and and ask where do we stand? Are we moving on the right path?  Are we getting closer to the Almighty?  Or are we doing the actions of a narrow minded selfish entity – a cult?


By self-analysing rather than pointing the finger at others,  we will get a definite direction and motivation to move in the right path and that will help us make our life sublime.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)