28. What is religion?

Sat Sat Satnaam sada Satnaam   Koorh firai parDhaan vay laalo [Falsehood controls/runs around like a leader, O Lalo]   What is religion? "Religion: A general term used… to designate all concepts concerning the belief in god(s) and goddess(es) as … Read More

21. The Eternal Meaning Of The word ‘Dharam’

  Let us pray to “Paar Braham Parmesar” (Supreme Transcendent God) who is   ·         Agam  (Beyond our reach) ·         Agadh  ·         Agochar  (Beyond our 5 senses) ·         Aprampar ·         Anant (Without Limit) ·         Beant  (Infinite) ·         Param Dyalu (Supremely … Read More