5A. The Power Of Dandauth Bandhna

By Harmeet Singh:

I would like to share this experience with the sangat.  I’ve always had feelings of doing Dandauth Bandhana in open public, Gurudwara etc but I’ve always had this fear in my head of people’s reaction and opinion towards me and I’ve always failed. I have had no problems doing it in the MK sangat and to my own family members but I’ve always had a fear of doing it in front of public / any stranger.

When I went Canada, SatGuru Baba Ji who knows all, knew my weakness and gave me hukam to do Dandauth when I go back to UK. But I struggled again for a week or so, but it was the hukam of the Guru and until it was done, it would constantly stay in my thoughts telling me to do it but I still wasn’t doing it, so I got fed up and rang Baba Ji and prayed "O Sache Patshah, I am just an illusion, I am just a witness to your play, everything that is being done through me is being done by you, How can I do everything, O Fearless Lord, you come and do it and destroy my ego and pride". Baba Ji in response said now you will do it, I will do it! and then BOOOOM! the very next day, it happened in Vaisakhi in Nagar Kirtan!
Everything Baba Ji said happened to me! He told me when you do it and you will feel like a lion, you will feel like if a mountain has left your head and it all happened Baba Ji, I dont care anymore about what people think or say, I have my back towards this illusionary world and my face towards you and I can openly say and express in front of the entire universe that I am the dog of Paar Braham Parmeshar, I am the dog of the infinite divine power, I dont care anymore, Satnaam has made me his lion who doesnt care about anything but him.
Hahahahaha, SatGuru is setting Harmeet freee now!!!! Actually, He’s setting his ownself free! Who’s harmeet? Nothing! Its all the creator’s play, where he sits in the Guru and gives grace and sits in the disciple and recieves grace. Oh Lord, you yourself do everything, Servant Harmeet is now just a witness to your play! Servant Harmeet watches the Lord play through this body now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!