6. Why Is Sangat So Important?

Why is the society of “Truth” within the saint (sat sangat) so important?


Because in the Sat Sangat you get to do 2 things


1) increase your naam amrit


2) decrease your ego.


With Guru ji’s kindness the following image came to mind :


Imagine a scale, on one side is naam on the other side is ego.


When you come to the Sangat the ego side is heavier.


You come in and touch others feet, do dandauth, serve others food, bring food for the sangat, you wash their feet.   All this reduces the ego.


And meanwhile you are doing “satnaam” simran.  You sit and meditate and blessings from God flow through the saints to all around.  Naam amrit increases. 


So when you leave the Sangat, the naam side is heavier.


The whole path of prema bhagati  (loving devotion) is just about replacing EGO with NAAM.


Gurbani says that  EGO and NAAM are exact opposites and the two cannot reside in the same vessel at the same time.



How is the Society of Truth to be known?
There, the Name of the One Lord is chanted.
The One Name is the Lord’s Command;
O Nanak, the True Guru has given me this understanding. ||5||




So pray to God and Gur for the gift of going to regular Sangat and empty out the ego, fill up with naam amrit.


dust of your feet