7. Yearning for the Sangat

Trying to get to a place where all is love and all is truth.  To a place where no one is a stranger even when meeting for the first time. Is there such a place where all walk, meet and greet in harmonius love?


Fear is not known in this place.  Ignorance is outcasted from this place. Truth is not hidden, it is open and free to all – it is all there is, it gives birth to a cool breeze that is love.


This air current of love is used as transport to go to where one yearns to be. This truth gives birth to the flowers of compassion with their delicate velvet petals with all the beautiful colours and more.


To sit in the presence of a flower with utmost reverence and humility, to watch it move to the current of love and to learn on how to do the same. To learn that even if a petal should fall to continue to keep moving to the current of love with no sorrow, just love.


Oh to gaze at a soul who sits in this awe of a flower one feels emancipated. Every place one looks one sees each soul sitting, standing, walking, laughing, dancing, playing and singing in their own perfect peace.


How beautiful this community is, this company lives in the heart – when one recognises this, it becomes so on the outside…


…Dhan Dhan SatSangat jee,


forever yearning to be at your feet


Kiram Jant