7. Sikh Initiation Makes a Person Complete Purified Being (Khalsa)

This is the one of the biggest illusion the masses are living in that as soon as a person takes the Initiation of The Sword and puts on 5Ks he or she becomes a Complete purified soul being (“Khalsa”). The word “Khalsa”(the pure one) has been misinterpreted very commonly by the congregation (“sangat”).  Please try to understand its real meaning.  It is a very high spiritual condition  (“Atamic Awastha”)of a person that makes him a “Khalsa” (complete pure one): 
One in whom has manifested the perfect Light of God is known as (“Khalsa”) Complete Pure Being, no one else is (“Khalsa” ) Complete Pure Being. 

(“Puran Jyot Jage Ghat Me Tab Khalas, Tahi Nakhalas Jane”)


The person who has achieved the complete enlightenment, has lighted in himself a complete silence – Supreme divine light  (“Param Jyot”) & has seen complete radiance (“Puran Parkash”), light of his golden body (“– kanchan hoi dehi vich Puran Parkash”) – Body becomes pure with eternal Light, who is a complete is serving the truth (“Puran Sachyara”) , sees only truth and nothing else, speaks the truth, and lives an absolutely truthful life, whose every bit of the body becomes Truth Name(“Satnaam”), who is always drinking the ambrosial nectar(“Amrit”) truth name (“Satnaam”), is in Complete divine command (“Puran Hukum”), and who is a Extremely kind , and a Supreme stage(“Param Padvi”) , a Complete Knower of Universal wisdom(“ Braham Gyani”) – this is what “Khalsa” Complete purified being is that is why Tenth King Of Kings (“Dasam Patshah”) said:
(“Khalsa”) Pure Being is my special form,
(“Khalsa mero Roop hai khaas”);

In Complete purified being :I reside;
 (“Khalse mein hoon karo niwas”)
And that is what Tenth Father  (“Dasam Pita”)was – “Khalsa” (complete Purified soul being, and that is what he created like Himself:
(“Khalsa”) Complete pure being reaches the congregation of Supreme Guru whereas (“Manmukhi”) one who follow their own mind wisdom remain in doubts;

(“Gur Sangat Kini Khalsa Manmukhi Duhela”)


Wondrous, Wondrous” Gobind Singh” Himself is Both Guru& Disciple;
(“Wahoo,Wahoo, Gobind Singh Appe Gur hela”); 

And further on blessed the Complete pure being stage (“Khalsa”) with unlimited power and called Pure Being A Truth Guru (“Satguru”):
Pure Being is my family; Pure Being acts kind to me.
(“Khalsa Mero Swajan Parivara, Khalsa Mero Karat Udhara”)

 Pure Being is my body and life force, Pure Being is my life of Life force;
(“Khalsa Mero Pind Pran, Khalsa Meri Jaan Ki Jaan”)
Due to Pure being, My Importance and Respect; Pure Being is my Selfishness.
(“Maan Mehat Meri Khalsa Sahi, Khalsa Mero swarath Sahi”)

Pure Being is my survival; Pure Being is my mind & Breath.
(“Khalsa Mero Kare Nirbaha, Khalsa Mero Deh Or Saha”)

Pure Being is my Religion& Work; There is No difference Between Pure Being & me.
(“Khalsa Mero Dharam Aur Karam, Khalsa Mero Bhed Nij Maram”)

Pure Being Is Complete Truth Guru; Pure Being is my Brave Beloved.
(“Khalsa Mero Satgur Pura, Khalsa Mero Sajjan Soora”)
Pure being is my Knowledge & Wisdom, Always meditate on Pure Being.
(“Khalsa Mero Budh Aur Gyan, Khalse Ka Ho Dharo Dhyan”)

 Praise of Pure Being Can’t be done; even a single praise can’t be done by tongue.
(“Upma Khalse Jaat Naa Kahi, Jihva Ek Per Nahi Lahi”)

After giving so much to Pure Being (“Khalsa”), Tenth King of Kings (“Dasam Patshah”)defined some divine laws (“Hukum”) to help Pure Being (“Khalsa”) keep himself in a check:


Discipline is Lovely to me Not Disciple;
(“Rehat Pyari Mujh Ko Sikh Pyara Nahi”)
 One who is in discipline is my disciple, then He’s my Master and I his disciple
(“Rehni Rahe Soi Sikh Mera, O Thakur Me Uska Chera”)
Without Discipline None shall call you Disciple, Without Discipline one Keeps on getting hurts;
(“Rehat Bina Nahi Sikh Akhawe Rehat Bina Dar Chotan Khawe”)
 Without Discipline cannot be in peace, devoid of discipline Lord makes you poor.

(“Rehat Bina Sukh Kabhoon Naa Lahe, Taan Te Rehat Su Drid Kar Rahe”)

The Pure Being  (“Khalsa”) was created by Tenth King of all Kings (“Dasam Patshah”) under The Eternal Divine blessed command  (“Hukum”)of Love filled, Supreme Timeless Lord of All Lords (“Dhan Dhan Paratam Akal Purakh Ji”), and if The Pure being (“Khalsa”) didn’t follow these divine laws  (“Hukum”)and kept Himself in incomplete discipline (“Rehat”) then all His Spiritual Powers will be taken away:


Pure Being is army of Timeless Lord of all Lords;           

(“Khalsa Akal Purakh Ki Fauj”);
Evolved Pure Being made Supreme Lord In Bliss.
(“Pargatyo Khals Parmatam Ki Maoj”)
When Pure Being remains beloved;
(“Jab Lag Khalsa Rahe Niara”)
Till then I give him all my Power;
(“Tab Lag Tej Dion Me Sara”)

When it Goes other way round;
(“Jab Eh Gahe Bipran Ki Reet”)
I never shall never do his protection.

(“Me Naa Karo En Ki Parteet”)

And what will be the discipline (“Rehat”) for the Pure Being (“Khalsa”):
One who knows Inner ambrosial nectar (“Atam Rus”) is Truly Purified Lord(“Khalsa Dev”) .
(“Atam Ras Jeh Janye So Hi Khals Dev”)
There is no difference between ME, God & Him (Pure being);
(“Prabh Meh Moh Meh Taas Meh Ranchak Nahin Bhed”)

A Pure Being  (“Khalsa”) is the one who enjoys the Inner Soul Nectar (“Atam Rus”) – and who has been elevated to such a level that there is no difference between Him,  Guru and Timeless Lord of all Lords (“Akal Purakh”), A Pure Being  (“Khalsa”)is a King of 14 Worlds (“14  Lok Parlok”) – He rules over the entire universe –Complete Knower of universal wisdom(“Braham Gyani”) is doer of whole universe (“– Braham Gyani Sarab Srishti Ka Karta”) – He is a Living God on earth, He ties both the ends  one that of Divine God’s Court (“Dargah”) and the second one that on the earth – the Congregation  (“Sangat”) – Master of both Ends, Plays and enjoys knower of everyone’s inner self (“Dohan Sirean Ka Aape Swami, Khele Vigse Anter Jaami”), but he is a Slave of Slaves (“DassanDass”).  That is what really means when we read Pure Being  (“Khalsa”) shall Rule . . . . . (“Raj Kare Gaa Khalsa” …..) the truth will prevail, only truth will rule over the universe.  Pure Being  (“Khalsa”) has A Single Vision – Equal Vision One Vision (“Sam Darsee Ek Drishteta”), He is above all bondations of Cast & Creed  (“Braham Gyani Bandhan Te Mukta”)– Complete Knower of Universal (“Braham Gyani”) religion is Free, only religion for him is Timeless Being (“Akal Purakh”), Name (“Naam”) and Service of Congregation (“Satsangat”). Great, great, dear, beloved love filled Guru (“Dhan Dhan Hajara hajoor Guru”), Tenth Father’s (“Dasam Pita Ji”) five Beloved (“Panj Pyara”) were Complete Knower of Universal Wisdom (“Braham Gyani”).  A Pure Being (“Khalsa”) has always and will always rule over the entire universe, because what ever he will say that will happen – “Nanak”  Whatever Slave says comes true (“Nanak Dass Mukh Te Jo Bole Ehan Uhan Sach Hoe”): – whatever The Pure Being  (“Khalsa”) says the God will honor it, that is how much God loves  – The Pure Being(Khalsa”). A Complete Knower of universal Wisdom (“Braham Gyani”) is the only one who is a Pure Being (“Khalsa”), otherwise is  – not a “khalsa” (Pure Being)

Tenth Father (“Dasmesh Pita Ji”) never fought for a piece of land, he fought for truth, he picked up His Weapons to protect the people from the criminal acts of the cruel rulers of the time, he sacrificed everything he had, his Father – Great, great, dear, Love Filled Guru “Teg Bahadur” King of Kings (“Dhan Dhan Paramatam Sada sat rehan wale Dhan dhan Guru Teg bahadur ji”), His Sons, to end the crime, serve the truth (“Sat ki Seva”), to serve the congregation (“Sangat”), to serve The Name(“Naam”) – The Command (“Hukum”)
Look at Tenth king of all King’s (“Dasam Patshahan Shah sahib dhan dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji”) unlimited contribution to uplift the society, He has squeezed the Complete Wisdom (“Puran Gyan”) in these few verses, and anybody who follows this will become a Pure Being (“Khalsa”).  Please take Great, great, dear, lovefilled Tenth Father (“Dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan Shri Dasmesh sahib Pita saban ke ji”) as your role model and try to become a pure being (“Khalsa”), if you sincerely commit yourself to become a pure being (“Khalsa”), you will definitely become one like Him.
Similarly the words – Guru’s Disciple, “Gurmukh” (one who’s face is towards Guru), and “HarJan” also signify very high Spiritual Levels and have very deep meanings. So when we address ourselves and others with these words, we should make sure that whether we deserve to be called by these words or not, we should show utmost respect for these words, because these definitions are coming from Guru’s Eternal Divine word wisdom (“Dhan dhan Param Pita parmeshwar’s Dhan dhan sada sat sada hi sat Dhur ki Bani dhan dhan dhan sada dhan Gurbani”).